Once upon a time…

There was a guy.

And he was in love.

He was so in love that, after graduating from Washington State with a degree in music, he packed his every possession and moved to Seattle. He enrolled in graduate school at the University of Washington. And because their love story is a modern-day fairytale, he found an off-campus apartment, got down on one knee, and begged the love of his life…

To live in sin with him.

It wasn't as if he didn't want to marry her. They'd talked about it enough that both knew it was inevitable. But, they'd also discussed it enough to know that they just weren't ready. They wanted to finish this chapter of their life together before moving on to the next.

Today, that same guy is sitting in a college library, trying to concentrate on the biography in his hand. But his mind and body are restless, because standing behind the check-out counter is a pretty girl…with big brown eyes and a bouncing ponytail. She's wearing the Tom Petty t-shirt he loves so much, and against it, he sees his necklace. Dangling from the chain is a tiny starfish—a small reminder of their second date on the beach. It was a gift for their first anniversary, and she never takes it off.

He loves her.

At this point, you're probably wondering why I'm referring to myself in third person.

It's because I'm nervous.

And excited.

And horny.

What we've planned…is dangerous. This is a college library, and it would be so easy to get caught. But Bella has a fantasy, and I made it my mission in life to make all her fantasies come true.

Even if it lands me in jail.

We'd never had the chance to fulfill my sexual fantasy in our library that summer…the summer of Bella's sexual awakening. Saying goodbye to each other had been painful, but with Skype and texts and frequent weekend trips between Pullman and Seattle, we'd made it work.

It's Bella's senior year, and she'd needed to complete some work-study hours to fulfill her scholarship requirements. She'd chosen to work in the campus library, and now, our roles are reversed. She checks my library card (now a student ID), and I pretend to read while gazing at her as she works behind the counter.

Tonight is especially difficult, because I keep looking at her, and she keeps looking at me. Her eyes are wide and burning and full of need.

We want this…so much.

Mondays aren't busy nights at the library, and it's nearly closing time. I hear another student worker announce that the upstairs is now closed for the night, and Bella thanks her, telling her she can go on home…that she'll finish up down here… and to please lock the door when she leaves.

That's my cue.

I rise from my table and walk up and down the aisles…just to double-check and kill some time. Satisfied that we are, indeed, alone, I continue walking around until I finally make my way to the deepest, darkest corner of the library. It's filled from ceiling to floor with gigantic volumes of anthologies and encyclopedias, but I don't even glance at the spines.

All I can see is her.

Standing next to the ladder.

The ponytail is gone, and her hair flows down her back. She's in a pair of heels and a tight black skirt that leaves nothing to the imagination, even from behind.

My very own sexy librarian.

Bella's pretending to work—lost in concentration as she gazes at the spines of the books. I brush her hair aside before slipping my hands around her waist. She gasps, but I know she's not afraid.

She's excited. She's eager.

She loves me.

I dip my head, sliding my nose along her neck. She smells like tangerine and books and sex. My hand cups her breast as I press my erection against her ass.

She groans. Loudly.

Our breathing is harsh as I flex my hips against her bottom. It's torture, but the pain is exquisite.

"Please," she begs.

"Climb the ladder," I whisper against her ear.

I quickly lower my pants while she steps onto the rung of the library ladder. Bella hitches her skirt, and my hand finds her…wet, warm, and...

"No panties. Fuck me…" I groan, letting my fingers slide against her.

"No," she whispers against my mouth. "Fuck me."

It's hard and fast, with desperate groans and loud whimpers and hungry kisses. One of her hands fist into my hair while the other holds onto the bookshelf, and when we come, and she screams my name, it's my every fantasy come to life.

She is my every fantasy come to life.

Libraries are secret keepers.

On the shelves.

Between the covers.

Sometimes, it takes a lot of searching to find exactly what you're looking for. Sometimes you choose a book, spend some time with it, and decide it's really not for you. You return it to its proper place, leaving it just as you found it, and continue on your way…in search of the perfect characters in their perfect world.

And then you find it.

And this book…you don't know how you ever lived without it. The cover instantly attracts you, but it's what you find between the pages that consumes your heart and soul.

Books are a lot like love in that way.

I found my perfect book.

I found my perfect world.

With Bella.

And now, we're writing our own story.

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