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Perfectly Perfect chap 2

Chad's POV

We'd been married a month now, and we hadn't been home once. For weeks now our life together had been midnight buffets on the sky deck, tanning on the beaches of the Bahamas', Costa Rica, and St. Thomas, and, of course, plenty of time for ourselves. One morning I'd surprised my new bride with breakfast in bed and a dozen roses sent right to our cabin. She always tells me I don't have to go out of my way to do all of this romantic stuff, but I know she adores it secretly. So I never stop.

I have to admit, I'm getting a little tired of honeymooning, but I know Sonny could spend her entire life on a cruise ship, so I do it for her.

I was up early this morning, because I couldn't sleep. We'd spent the entire day in the sweltering heat of the Caribbean and I was so badly sun burned it even hurt to pull a shirt over my head. I stared back at my reflection in the mirror, noticing a few more blisters had appeared on my arms. Getting ready took twice as long today as it would on a normal day. And when I accidentally bumped my shoulder on the TV, I had to slap my hand over my mouth to keep from moaning in pain.

Sonny was such a light sleeper, she stirred, opening her eyes a few moments later. "Chad?" she whispered, sitting up against the pillow.

"Hey, Baby," I smiled, coming over to her and gave her a quick kiss. "Sleep well?"

"Yeah. You?"

I chuckled. "Not so much. My sun burn is really bad."

"You should go get something to put on that. I bet they have Allovera at one of the shops onboard."

"Yeah, I think I'm going to grab a quick breakfast, then go pick some up. Do you want anything?"

Sonny's smile disappeared from her face in an instant, and she simply looked back at me with pleading eyes. She didn't need to say anything, though, because I knew exactly what she wanted.


"Just one last test. Please, Chad."

"Sonny, it will happen when it's when it's time," I assured her gently. "We've only been married a month. Let's give it some time."

"Just one last one. I'm late this month. I think it might have happened this time."

I sighed, giving in. How could I say no? "Alright, Baby. One last one. After this we have to be pretty sure."

Sonny smiled beautifully. "Thanks."

Sonny's POV

I braced my hands on the counter in the bathroom, counting down from 10 in my head. I don't know why I kept doing this; getting my hopes up so high, believing it would actually happen this time, only to look down at the test and see that it was just another negative. Chad must have thought I was nuts. Being an only child though, I couldn't help wanting to start a big family as soon as possible. When I was a little girl, the only thing I ever wanted for my birthday and Christmas was a little brother or sister. It was at the top of my wish list every year. I was just one of those people who never gave up hope, even if it killed me.


I gasped, looking down at the pregnancy test.

No way.

Could this be accurate?

Sometimes they weren't…

"Chad!" I screamed breathlessly, running out of the bathroom. "It's real this time! It's real! I'm pregnant!"

"Oh my gosh! Are you serious?" Chad smiled, coming towards me.

"Yes! Look at it. It's positive!"

Chad didn't look at it, just swept me off my feet, rejoicing with laughter. "I can't believe this!" When he set me down, he shook his head in amazement, covering his mouth with his hand. "Oh, wow. This is incredible."

"I know! I can't believe it happened so soon! We have to tell…like everybody!" I ran to the phone next to the bed, and began to dial my mom's number, when Chad cupped his hand over mine.


"Don't you realize what today is?"

I slowly shook my head.

"Happy Mother's Day, Sonny," he whispered, leaning in to kiss me.

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