"PLEEASE, PLEAASE DON'T LEAVE ME!" Gale sang after Johanna as she left the bar. Peeta looked at the failing Gale. Gale continued to sing to her as she left.

"Don't go!" Gale stopped singing. Marvel looked up at the two former tribute.

"SHUT UP!" Apparently Peeta wasn't the only one annoyed. Gale continued to sing as Marvel and Peeta grew more and more furious. Katniss walked into the room and found Gale charming Johanna.

"You belong with meeee, you belong with me," Katniss's smooth voice sang. Gale thought about this for a moment- Katniss, or Johanna? They were both strong and powerful. They could both kill him.


"SHUT UP!" Everyone yelled at Gale for picking the most annoying song in all of Panem. That's it, thought Marvel. He has gone too far. Marvel grabbed Glimmer's spear and chucked at Gale. Katniss jumped in front of the spear to save Gale,

"See I would catch a spear for yaaaa!" Then Katniss went limp.

"NOOOO! SHE'S DEAD!" Gale screamed- yes, Gale can scream. In fact, he has a very girly scream, you should hear it sometime. At the word "dead" Glimmer naturally came out of the bedroom without Prim. Her hair was messed up and she had a devilish grin on her face. At the word "dead" Clove naturally perked up along with Cato.

"Aw, oh well. At least now it isn't so packed in here!" Clove said cheerfully.

"why you gotta be so heartless, ya, ya, why you gotta be so heartless?" Gale looked at the smiling Clove sadly.

"I can't be tamed!" She cackled evily.

"You got that right babe!" Cato smirked.

"Haha Cato your sooo funny!" Glimmer squealed.

"Uh, thanks"

"Come over here Cato, there's plenty of room!" Glimmer patted a spot next to her. Cato moved over as Clove looked at him in shock.

"Sorry Clove, I'm with other people now, we should break up"

"SING!" Finnick yelled at the Careers.

They all ingnored him and continued with their conversation,

"Fine!" said Clove.

"Okay." Said Cato.

"So.. we're good?" he asked

"We're fabulous," said Clove. Yes, Clove said fabulous. All of the Careers stared at her with disbelief.

"Clove… are you sure you're okay?" asked Marvel.

"Yeah, I'm fabulous bigger and better and best!" she said it again!

"Um.. I should… go…" said Cato.

"Me too" Marvel left very quickly.

"Yah, me too. Cato wait for me!" Glimmer called. All of the Careers were anxious to get away from Clove. She never says fabulous. Never! She must be going insane! Well, that is… more insane than she already was.

Meanwhile Gale was taking Katniss's dead body into her room. He tried to open the door, but it was locked.

"Glimmer did you lock the door?"


"Well can you unlock it?"

"Fine!" Glimmer got up and smiled sweetly at him. "There ya go!" She opened it. Inside it reeked! Gale wanted to leave the room, but he didn't. There was something wrong… what was it… he looked on the walls. Something about them was suspicious. Oh that's it! They're covered in blood!

A moan came from the corner of the room. Prim!

"Prim! What happened?"

"She cut me open and I keep bleeding, I keep, keep bleeding…" her voice trailed off.

"Who?" Gale asked.

"Glimmer you idiot!" Gale nodded. He set Katniss's dead body on the bed and looked down at poor Prim. Would she live?

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