Radiant, golden beams rained upon Misaki's half-clothed body. Each ray made him shine more so as the water-droplets that covered him mirrored each one, sending their own beam towards others' eyes and the Heavens above. He reached down towards the smooth, yet rough, sand. It was pleasant to feel every grain slip through the spaces between his thin fingers, and it made him smile to see each one, though in groups, rain down to their own place beneath him. He wondered if everyone had a place to go to like each grain did. 'No, not me,' he thought to himself.

He decided he would get out of the crisp, refreshing water and go searching for Usagi. Knowing him, he probably found a spot to relax. Maybe he was eating or sleeping? 'Probably both.' Misaki chuckled. He stepped out and reached down swiftly to pick up the cream-colored towel he'd placed on a rock in a disfigured heap. He wanted to keep himself hid since he had on the swim-shorts Usagi had picked out for him. They were short, but not too short since Usagi didn't want anyone else to see Misaki's 'parts' but him, but he made certain they were short enough for him to fantasize about him even though he did already. Misaki groaned at the wonder of what Usagi had going through his mind, but he pictured it being something along the lines of sex, and lots of it.

He felt beads of sweat roll down the back of his neck, slowly at first, then faster as they hit his shoulders, which were still bare; he'd only covered his bottom portion with the towel, thus leaving his narrow, but well-shaped, upper portions exposed for the world to see. He slipped on his sandals, which, again, Usagi had picked out, before he took off running towards the rocks nearby where, it seemed, all the shade could be found; that would be the perfect place to find Usagi.

He came to a sudden halt when he saw the man's broad chest and slightly rounded stomach on a tan beach towel. He swallowed hard. He'd never seen him like it in full daylight, not in the three years they'd been living together, at least, that he could remember. His leafy eyes focused on his handsome face, which had a few spots covered in stubble. Somehow, it made him look more refined than he did naturally. Something about Akihiko radiated with sophistication, wealth, wisdom-Misaki figured the wisdom aspect arose to him from the sterling silver locks that pointed out like blades on the back end of his head-and even a tinge of a romantic element; he just had that face that drew people in and the air to compliment it. But, Misaki knew the true 'dark side' of the Lord Usami Akihiko, and that side wasn't reserved or sophisticated, but filled to the brim with perversion.

Misaki watched Usagi's stomach rise and fall with each soft, silent breath he took. It was hypnotizing, really. How rhythmatic it was truly couldn't be bested by a metronome or anything else. Not really for how repetitive it was, but how it seemed to entrance Misaki as it belonged to Akihiko. He felt a pang hit his heart as he looked at him. He felt...saddened? His eyes seemed to suddenly fill with tears as they kept locked onto the face he so adored. He wouldn't tell him he loved him that often, yet Usagi seemed to tell him at every opportunity, even when they would be in an awkward place with people everywhere around them. But, he didn't mind, but he rather enjoyed hearing those words. They made his heart warm and beat faster.

He adored that lighthearted attitude that Akihiko seemed to posses, and he sort of felt envious of him for that. Though, it seemed he never felt jealous of him for anything else, but of others for holding his attention. He would be frustrated, no, angered, at anyone who took his attention away, but he wouldn't admit that. No, he couldn't admit that or else Usagi wouldn't let him live it down. He didn't want to face that fact head-on. Well, it wouldn't be the fact he'd face, but it would be close enough. The entire thought process made him uneasy.

He lowered himself in a sluggish way, wary of waking Usagi. Misaki took a deep breath once his bottom touched the warm sand. He exhaled the deep breath he'd held in out of worry for waking him, but, seeing as he didn't, he felt content to release it, thus relieving a bit of the pressure and burn in his lungs. He allowed his eyes to shut. One of his hands seemed to move on its own towards Akihiko's chest where it fell upon his beating heart, something his own heart soon syncronized with in the slow, steady pace that Usagi's had. Though, when he thought about it, a person typically feels when they're moving their own body part, right?

"Good morning, Misaki." Misaki nearly jumped out of his skin as he heard the smooth, familiar voice speak to him in a lazy manner. Though, he would admit, that tone seemed to melt his heart, but heighten his defenses.

Misaki hissed through his teeth, a wicked look crossing his face and shining forth from his eyes. "Don't scare me like that!" His voice rose to a high pitch, one that made Usagi chuckle.

Akihiko sat up, rubbing his gorgeous eyes, ones that Misaki compared to shimmering Amethyst stones that had been freshly polished and never soiled by human hands. He placed one of his hands tenderly upon Misaki's shoulder, which only managed to make him act more upset, though he really wasn't. "Misaki, look at me," he requested in that sensuous tone that always drew him in. To Misaki, he was the moth with Usagi's voice as the flame.

Misaki scrunched up his nose, making himself look silly instead of mad like he'd hoped. Akihiko put a hand to his own mouth to try and stifle his chuckling that escaped anyway. Misaki, much like Akihiko, was laughing on the inside, but he didn't let it show. "Shut up you old man," he spoke darkly, shooting him the evilist look he could possibly create in those clear, emerald-like eyes.

Akihiko shook his head while he moved the hand that held in his chuckles to let them go free, and to find a new position for his hand to rest, which came to rest on his head and ruffle his hair; that always got under Misaki's skin. "Oh, you love me and you know it, don't you? Say it," he whispered directly into his ear.

Misaki shuddered as chills raced up his spine and covered his flesh. He bit his lip and almost immediately tasted something like salted iron. Blood? No, just a bit of skin or something. Maybe he'd bitten too hard? He didn't care about anything else besides Usagi, so it quickly faded from his mind as his tongue quieted about reminding him of the taste. He felt Usagi's arms wrap protectively around his smaller body, and he sank into him, still without a peep coming from him. "Say it, Misaki," he pleaded again.

Misaki scowled as he planted his palms against Akihiko's chest, shoving a bit to escape the suffocation ensuing in there. "No! ...Well, maybe at home..." The way he spoke almost resonated with the same sound as a whimper. The simple logic of Misaki's told him that, if he were to act cute, Usagi would give in and let him alone. Though, at a long, hard, serious thought about it, that only seemed to get him in bed. Still, he weighed the risks and decided to try, however stupid or hopeless it seemed.

Usagi didn't buy it like Misaki had hoped. Instead, he tsk-ed him. "Now now, Misaki. Either you say it, or we stay here. If we stay here..." He paused and narrowed his eyes into devilish slits. "If we stay here, I'll just make you all mine right here in the sand. Take your pick." He grabbed a cigarette from the satchel where they had carried their towels and things. He lit it up, his eyes rarely leaving Misaki's vibrant face.

Misaki flushed brightly as he weighed the options set out before him. Either he could say it and risk everyone hearing him, or he could show himself to everyone nearby with Usagi devouring him. Either way, he figured he would lose. His lips trembled slightly as he fought to get the words he had, and wanted, to speak loose from their captivation in his throat. "I-I..." He paused and drew a deep breath as he looked at the expectant Usagi. He coached himself on. 'They're only words,' he repeated. But, no, they were more than that since they held great meaning behind them. He drew another breath, this one somehow managing to calm him. "I...love you...Usagi-san," he spoke very softly and hesitantly.

Usagi grinned and stood up, reaching down to lift him up. He picked Misaki up bridal-style and carried him, along with their things, to the car. He sat Misaki in the passenger seat and he got in the other side. He smiled. "Thank you, Misaki. I love you, too." He said not another word as he reached over and kissed him on the lips before taking off towards home.