This is my second Covenant story and hopefully much better then the first. After watching the Sorcerer's Apprentice again I got the idea. The first chapter is always the most awkward, I guess is what you could call it, for me. So please bare with me and tell me what you think.

From inside a small shabby hotel room, a girl was curled up in one of the beds watching the storm brewing outside intently. Every crack of thunder making her flinch. She knew it was time to move on, but she couldn't leave her spot on the bed as she concentrated all her energy into keeping watch on the trackers flashing though the sky.

It took some powerful magic to cause a lightning tracker of this magnitude. Each light that shot across the sky moved closer it wouldn't be long before they had a good reading on her and Lyre.

"Will you knock it off? You staring at it is starting to freak me out." Lyre said from across the room as she finished packing her things, zipping up the small black duffle bag, "And why aren't you packed yet?"

"I am. Packed while you were in the shower." Felicity replied rubbing her face with her hands. She grabbed the remote off the bedside table and turned to the news.

"Tonight on CBS News; The normally mysterious Founder of De Cloud International has stepped into the press light to talk about the resent explosion at the DCI HQ. Morgan De Cloud though dismissing the questions on what was happening inside DCI at the time, did state that it was not a malfunction, but a attack on her company. De Cloud already says he has a pretty good idea who planned the attack on his company and asks that the law enforcement-

"Great Morgan already has the press and police on her side. Not that those basters need their help anyway." Lyre scoffed pulling her medium length blonde hair into a tight ponytail, which was the complete opposite from Felicity's long chesnut brown. "Grab the crystal. We gotta find a location and fast." laying a wide map onto the Felicity's bed. Felicity grabbed the chain of her necklace and uncliped it, pulling the bright blue stone hanging from it out of under her shirt.

Closing both there eyes as Felicity began to swing the crystal over the map, "So what am I looking for this time?"

"We can't keep going from one side rode hotel to the other. Look for anywhere with a stong energy spike. It may be just what we need to cover out tracks."

Nodding Felicity took a deep breath the dropped the cysital. Both girls opened their eyes, "Ipswitch. It's a days drive."

"Doesn't matter we need to get going. The lightnings getting closer." Lyre said rolling up the map and slipping it into her duffle. Felicity fallowed suit grabbing her own bag and moving out the hotel room.

Icy rain pored hard onto the two girls as they ran the Lyre's black Dodge Charger. "You okay to drive, Lyre? You hardly slept last night."

Starting up the car, Lyre nodded and began to back out of the parking lot. Felicity smiled slightly at the blond then moved to grab her journal and pen out of her purse.

Felicity POV

Dear Journal. pg. 1

I should probably explain, huh? I'm Felicity Jane Masters. I would first like to say i'm not really the writing down my feelings type, but Lyre thinks it would be a good idea. Get everything that's happened out of me, you know? Lyre Chamber is my bestfriend, my only friend really. We grew up in the compound together. Lyre and I well were both sorceress. Humans call us other things warlocks, witches, mages, but they are all wrong. Witches and mages need magic books and incantations. Warlocks are pretty powerful, even more so after they reach there eighteenth birthday. Though, warlocks aren't exactly ALL powerful there magic is addicting and can cause rapid ageing. Us sorcerers, are basically as dangerous as you can get in the magical world. Once warlocks now a hybrid of both the warlock and demon blood lines thanks to the experimenting of Morgana Le Fay the founder of our lines. Of course the lines of Merlin had there own thing going on, but have mostly been wiped out. Determining from which demon's blood created your line also determined the height of your status and power. That's also why Lyre and I are running away. We are the last of the lines of Astraroth. Now we are hunted by the ones we had called family, The Hellfire Covenant. Long story shot the Hellfire Covenant are dying and they nee-

The honk of a truck horn jerked me back from my thoughts. Looking up a huge eighteen wheeler came hurdling toward us. I looked over the Lyre whos hands were still firmling planted on the wheel, but her eyes were closed. Placing both my hands on the roof of the car with just a seconds notice as the car glowed slightly yellow as it smoothly fazed through the on coming truck.

When we came out the back of the trailer I flicked my wrist causing the brake to come down and turning the engine off. Taking a deep breath leaning back into the seat. Looking back over to Lyre, I reached over and smacked her hard on the back of the head.

Lyre jumped up, her head snapping toward me and looking around assessing what had just happened. Her hazel eyes glaced back to me sheepishly when she realized what had happened. I simply glared back placeing my hand on her shoulder and in a flash we had switched places. "I think it's best I drive from now on."

Lyre nodded back feeling guilty, before turning on the radio and begain to look out the window at the strong storm fallowing slowly behind us.

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