Hey everyone! Sorry it's taken so long. School is so fucking annoying. Anywho since MandaWWE dedicated a story to me and has a story about me, I shall have this dedicated to her and Relly's Gurl a.k.a. my girl Kira! Love you both! This story is officially dedicated to you both! You guys have no idea how much of a difference you've made for me! A good one for sure! (: And also thanks codelly for reviewing!

Kelly sat on the edge of the bed. It was the only bed in the room, which meant her and Cody would have to sleep next to each other. She sighed to herself and knew that she thought of him as nothing more than a friend.

She gently rubbed her swollen eyes and picked up her phone. She looked and she saw that she had a message from Alex. Her heart skipped a beat, but instead of opening the message and reading it, she pressed the delete button.

Kelly bit her lip as she felt Cody lay down next to her. "Are you okay?" Cody asked, his light blue eyes glancing into her sad ones. Kelly sighed and put her phone down on the night stand. "A little bit better than before." Kelly whispered, slowly getting under the white sheets.

Cody reached over to turn the lights off and glanced over at Kelly, whose back was turned to him and shivering against the thin sheets. He knew it wasn't right for him to do anything, but he did anyways. He pulled her body closer to his and felt her stop shivering. He really missed her, he missed this. Just holding her and having her presence right there in front of him.

Kelly closed her eyes and thought about how hard it was going to be. Seeing Alex everywhere was going to be far too much for her to handle. She knew what she had to do, and it had to be done soon.

Kelly sat on one of the benches at the arena and looked up at the TV. It was Alex against The Miz. She smiled as she saw Alex pin Mike for the three count. She got up from the cold bench and walked around the arena, wondering how she was going to come out and say it.

The blonde walked over to Mr. McMahon's office. She stood in front of the big oak office doors and took in a deep breath. The diva knocked on the door and it immediately swung open, revealing a smiling Vince.

"Mr. McMahon, can I please talk to you about something?" Kelly asked, her voice cracking. He nodded and stepped aside for her to come in, noticing the discomfort in her voice.

"Well, what brings you here Kelly?" Vince asked, sitting down in his black leather chair. Kelly felt her eyes watering as she opened her mouth to speak.

"I want to be released from my contract.." Kelly mumbled, her breathing getting rapid.

Alex laid down exhausted and realized that he only saw Kelly for about five seconds today. He felt his whole body aching. He ran his fingers through his brown hair before looking over next to him. The other side of the bed was empty. And maybe it was going to stay like that for a while.

He rolled over in bed and took his phone out from under the pillow. He checked his Twitter and noticed that something was wrong, but he couldn't catch on quite yet. A few moments later, he decided to go on the WWE website.

He felt a chill run up and down his spine while the page loaded. When the website finally showed up, it hit him. In big, bold, and bright letters it said: Breaking News: Kelly Kelly has been released.

Alex's jaw dropped open as his phone slipped out of his hands. He felt his heart racing and his blood pounding harder and harder through his veins. It couldn't be true. He was probably never going to see her again.

Alex shook his head as he stared at the glowing screen. She couldn't just leave without telling him. He needed to find her before she left. He needed to change her mind and show her how he felt.

His hand was shaking as he looked through his phone, scrolling through the contacts. His thumb hovered over the green button as he pressed it.

"Hello?" Maryse asked, her French accent making it sound like something else.

"Okay, I know you probably hate me right now. But I need to talk to Kelly before she leaves. Please Maryse, do you know where she is?" Alex asked.

"Well, she's in the lobby right now. I think she's checking out, she has all her luggage with her." Maryse said, a bit puzzled.

"Okay, thanks Maryse!" Alex said, before hanging up the phone and running downstairs to the lobby.

Kelly whistled and got a cab to pull over for her. The man smiled and took her bags for her putting them in the trunk. Kelly frowned and looked back at the hotel through the doors, Alex wasn't even there to stop her at least.

Kelly felt her heart make a shart pang as she saw the taxi driver open the door for her. She smiled gratefully and slipped in the back seat. Kelly felt a tear fall from her eyes as she knew that this was her last week with the company and probably seeing Alex. Her dream of getting married to her knight in shining armour was ruined.

The taxi started to pull away as she saw the hotel doors fly open. Kelly's eyes widened as she saw Alex scanning the parking lot, until his dark blue eyes met hers.

Kelly started to cry as she saw Alex standing there defeated, his arms limp and his eyes full of hurt. She looked away as seeing him made her heart break even more.

Was this the end for both of them?