Breaking down the randomness wall

Chapter 3 Part 1



Calvin and Hobbes are owned by Bill Watterson

Transformers is owned by Hasbro/ Taraka

Inside a Movie theater adjacent to the WAL MART, was closed for the night. All of the patrons had gone home and the employees had locked up the theater for the night and went home. All was quiet and all was silent. Then around midnight, the door handle rattled. Then, voices came from the other side. "Come on Hobbes, Matt said to be in here at Midnight." "Well okay YOU TRY unlocking the door." "I think I will." BAM! The door shuddered as though as if it had been kicked. "YEOW!" Cried one of the voices. "See why you should let me do this now let me just put my claw in here and." A snap echoed in the night. "AUGH!" "Hobbes stay quiet." "I BORKE MY FREAKING CLAW!" "SSSH!" Then the sound of a gun being charged up was heard. "OH CRAP EVERYONE OUT OF THE WAY!" KABOOM! The door and part of the wall exploded in a ball of fire. Sunstrom, stepped through the hole, followed by Astrid, Calvin, Hobbes, Gunslinger, Thunderstorm and Crimson Angel. "Wait, weren't we supposed to do a rock star chapter?" Asked Calvin. "Yeah well, matt said that he needs more songs to suggest so we are doing THIS chapter which is supposed to be chapter 4 in order to get more views." "How?" Asked Calvin. Astrid just walked by holding a flail. Both Calvin and Hobbes stared at her. "Yeas' she is MADDER than last time." They entered a viewing rom. Sunstrom sat down and then crushed several seats. The Other seeker clones did the same. Calvin sat next to Hobbes and Astrid sat next to both of them. Sunstrom then firs up several popcorn energon bags and then passed them out top the other seekers. Hobbes then passed out popcorn to the humans. Astrid crushed her bag into dust. Hobbes groaned. "I JUST HEATED THOSE UP!" Astrid hit him with her flail. Then Matt walked in front of the audience. Here we are ready to begging another pointless chapter." "THIS WHOLE STORY IS POINTLESS!" Yelled out Calvin, who matt then threw a brick at. Calvin ducked and then stared at Matt. "I'll be good." "thank you." "What we will be showing tonight are a bunch of trailers for my (major) upcoming stories here." "WHY are we doing this you may ask.. because until this story gets done these will not come out." SO enjoy the trailer and remember." "SEND ME DISNEY DONG IDEAS!" Matt then ran off stage as the Demo real played. The first trailer began

(Over panning shot of a destroyed cybertronian city)

(A group of Decepticons attacks a group of Autobots. Megatron, leads the troops into battle and then fires upon the Autobots)

(Optimus Prime extends his ax and then charges)

When their world is dying.

(Shockwave transforms, and then launches' a bunch of missiles

And the Decepticons have launched a secret energon seeding process)

(The missiles crash into earth, in the 1880's, in un populated areas, like deserts and Forests)

They will go to war, on another planet

They have only one lifeline…. Themselves and their allies

(The Autobots ship, primon breaks up over the planet)

A race again time

(The Nemesis, crashes and then breaks into two halves then explodes)

Or our planet, will fall to the Decepticons

(Devastators hand explodes from underground, then crushes part of a Military hanger)

(Screen goes black)

Only the strong will survive

"Autobots, (Engines rev) Transform and ROLL OUT!"



Summer 2013

The entire, theater sat in silence. Then Astrid, spoke up. "That was cool." "Then they all started to clap. Calvin started to cheer. "Wait why are you clapping Astrid, you barley even like Transformers.. or know About them." "It was a greatly executed trailer guys." Both Calvin and Hobbes stared at her. "Are you brainwashed?" Then the next trailer came on

(Calvin runs down a darkened ally way)

Music: God help me get away Break the chains and set me free

(A shadow moves after Calvin)

Music: Form the other side of me, I am my own worst enemy

(Calvin, runs back into a brick wall and then turns around)

(Evil Laughter, then something attacks Calvin)

Music: (Cut to Chorus) God help me get away, break the chains and set me free.

(Calvin is tossed against a wall, then falls over groaning, then is grabbed again.)

Music: Break the chains and set me free, form the other side of me, I can't fight this fight alone

(Calvin is pressed against a brick wall)

Music: I'll never make it on my own, Lord Jesus rescue me,

(The figure attacking Calvin steps out reveling blank white eyes, Sharp teeth in a nightmarish grin, and Blood red eyes with black slits)


Calvin and Hobbes 2

Simi Positive and Mr. Negative

A sequel to the Imagination War

Spring 2013

Calvin shook with fear at the sight of this evil clone. "M, M, M, M, Me…in a thriller movie fic, whatever, I always wanted to be in a H Horror movie." "IT IS NOT A HORRER FIC!" Cried Matt, as he appeared next to him. "It is as story about an evil clone from the duplicator." "How did the duplicator create THAT monster?" asked Astrid. "SUSH, no spoilers." Said Matt NOW WATCH!

(transformers Animated logo appears)

(A Decepticon ship goes down burning)

(A younger red animated sideswipe being launched in a stasis pod screaming as a damaged Sunstreaker watches and then is attacked b oil slick)

(Half of Sunstreaker's face is torn off)

(The Decepticon ship crashes and Explodes)

(Black Screen)


(Current Day)

(Sunstreaker leaps from a prison cell and then lands on Spittor and then shots an arrow into his chest)

(Sunstreaker crashes onto earth)

(We see his point of view of Optimus Prime's team greeting him but he see's Decepticons instead)

Sunstreaker (aims bow) DIE YOU CON SCUM!

(Sideswipe, leaps through a space bridge and then lands in front of Optimus)

Sideswipe; I am here for my brother

(Sideswipe, races around traffic as it explodes)

(Sunstreaker, fights Sideswipe, shooting him in the shoulder with an arrow)

(Oil Slick, sticks a vat of Cosmic rust, into a gun)

(Shot of Ambassador Bridge starting to decay and rust)

Sunstreaker, fires his arrows from a bridge girder)

(Sideswipe reaches out for Sunstreaker's hand as he falls)

(Blank screen)

Sideswipe: This time brother, I will not leave you behind.



Winter 2012

Matt, grinned, and the final trailer for the night is a special One. He turned to Astrid. "This one I have built up with you in PM messages." Astrid gasped. "YOU don't mean its THE TRIALER, do you?" Matt's grin grew wider as the finale trailer showed itself

For years he has watched the night

For years he had protected the streets of St Canard.

And now after all of this time,. He is getting his due .

(Shot of some criminals robbing a bank, as they steal money from the vault smoke fills the room)



(Figure jumps out of smoke and then kicks one of the crooks)


(Dark wing attacks criminals)


Coming winter 2012

"SSSSSSSSQQQQQQQQQQQQQQUUUEEE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Cried Astrid, breaking the walls and shattering everything glass related within 500 ft. She then fainted, As everyone was trying to recover from he squee Matt, turned a round.I hope you have enjoyed this roundabout. And next time we take a Look at some of wherever girls work's next, so BE PREPAIRED! For part 2". "what?" Asked Hobbes

Yes folks and this is to show you what is yet to come for both collaborating authors. And the chasing the sun story will be here..AS SOON AS THIS ONE IS DONE! SO send us some Disney songs...or Astrid will squee again if I show the OTHER Dark wing duck trailer I had planned. SO until then this is Fantic97 saying..SPAMMERS CAN GET FRAGGED!