Shaylee Moves in

It was Mid-July in Springtun, Missouri. Erika Wakefield sat on her porch licking an orange pop she recently purchased from the daily ice-cream truck that passes her street everyday around 3:00pm. She sat there on her porch for about an hour waiting for her dad to return with her cousin Shaylee whose mother recently died. Her father was dead also from serving his country the year earlier. Mr. Wakefield decided to take Shaylee in since no one else would.

Erika pulled out her notebook planned and made plans for every single day on the calendar for them to do together. Erika was so excited about Shaylee moving in… but what she didn't know was what Shaylee was capable of. "Hey Erick!" Mr. Wakefield yelled. Ericka looked up and saw Milton, her father, approaching from his car holding the bags Shaylee couldn't hold herself. Ericka felt a little jealous when she saw how pretty Shaylee was compared to her. Shaylee had strawberry red hair that shined in the beautiful July sun. Her smile was so white and beautiful and her dimples were so fair and exact. Ericka put her notebook down and looked up at Shaylee.

"Hi I'm Ericka!" Ericka said smiling brightly at Shaylee. Shaylee nodded "I figured" she replied. Ericka felt awkward around her. Ericka was always the pretty one the center of attention. But when she saw Shaylee she knew everything would change … "Umm earth to Ericka!" Mr. Wakefield said loud enough that Emma Stewart across the street looked up from the book she was reading. "Oh yea!" Ericka said smiling she picked up one of Shaylee' strawberry purse. "I umm … like your purse!" Ericka said forcing a smile on her face, hoping she could break the awkward silence. Shaylee's face went dull. Ericka instantly thought 'she hates me, she really hates me' Shaylee remembered how her mother kissed her forehead and handed her a wrapped gift. "For my little strawberry" the tag said. "ya my mom bought it for me… she always called me her little strawberry" Shaylee said.

Ericka opened the door "I can see why, your hair" Ericka said putting the bag on the kitchen counter. " hey I gotta go get my notebook" Ericka said leaving Shaylee in the kitchen. "sure" Shaylee replied. Ericka lifted her notebook, someone had written in it. Back off Daddy's girl from: Shaylee Ericka closed her book and ran into the house. Ericka gave Shaylee a weak smile " What?" Shaylee asked. Ericka gave her a dirty look. " you know what!" She yelled ….