Gerard stomped off of the bus and walked over to the engine. Stupid piece of crap, he thought bitterly. He looked over at the rest stop that held a Dunkin Doughnuts, a McDonadales, a Burger King, an arcade, and a Subway. It was heaven. He could see the tail end of Frank's leather jacket going into the building. Knowing him he'd go to get some juice and change then hit up the shooter game. It's how he deals with anger.

Gerard walked in behind him and was greeted by the smell of delicious awesomeness. Also known as grease and coffee. Frank was waiting for coffee. Unfortunatley, he was at the back of the line. A very long line. Well there's no time like the present. Gerard sighed and walked over. Frank turned slightly to see who was behind him then stopped and turned back around quickly. He crossed his arms.

"You can't ignor me forever, Frank." Gerard said quietly. He stared down intently at his boots. Gerard let go of his anger.

"Watch me, Gee. I'm pretty good at tuning out noise." Frank said threateningly.

"So, I'm just noise now? And to think you actually liked how I sounded." Gee gave an incredulous laugh. Frank just hunched more into himself.

"Frank, this isn't like you. Usually you're open to this kinda shit. What happened?" Gerard put a hand on Frank's shoulder and turned him around. Gee was shocked to see that Frank's eyes were glassy with tears. "Frankie?" Gerard murmured softly.

"You don't understand, Gerard." Frank had a whiney tone. "You just really, really don't. You never do." Frank pulled away roughly and much like a teen girl, ran into the bathroom. Gerard sighed. Well, at least he's talking to me, Gerard thought. He got to the front of the line and got 2 coffees and walked towards the bathrooms.

"Frankie? You in here?" Gerard asked. Frank sighed turned around.

"Do you have to sound so Gay when you call my name?" Frank asked. Gerard arched an eyebrow.

"Do you have to be so homophobic about this?" Gerard countered.

"I'm not homophobic! It's just..." Frank trailed off. He looked at his bruised reflection. Gerard winced remembering the sound of skin against skin. It was a large circular bruise.

"What is it?" Gerard handed Frank a coffee. Frank just stared at it blankly. Eventually he took it. He wouldn't look Gerard in the eye. A man came out of the stall and went to wash his hands.

"Well?" Gerard asked again as Frank sipped the scalding coffee. The man walked by and (the nerve) actually upturned his nose at them. Gerard threw him a dirty look. the man scoffed.

"Faggot" he muttered. Gerard took a deep breath and was about to lecture the man to death when Frank grabbed Gerard's shoulder.

"Sir?" Frank got the man's attention. The man turned around. "Just trust me" Frank whispered to Gerard, then kissed him passionately. Like he's been waiting to do that for awhile now.

"You are sick!" The man jeered.

"And-" Gerard started. Frank leveled him with a glance.

"We aren't sick." Frank said evenly.

"You are defying the lord's law. A man shall not lie with a man." The man was 2 seconds away from giving them a damn sermon.

"Frank, I don't care for my public image so...You sir need to step off your high horse and come face to face with the real world. This shit happens everyday. And ain't no preacher gonna save my soul cause I love this man and you, frankly, cannot stop me." Gerard sneered. The man looked in awe.

"You defy the lord so openly. You will burn in hell!" The man ran out.

"See you there!" Frank laughed. Gerard faced Frank again.

"Please tell me that kiss was so not just to piss someone off." Gerard begged.

"It..." Frank started. He backed away. Damn, this boy just knew all the ways to smash his heart.

"Nevermind. Just drink your damn coffee." Gee lost all glee. He turned and followed the man.

"See you there..." Frank mumbled