Hey there! Well, I haven't been on here for a while, a lot has happened, but I'm back! Hopefully for good. Well, I hope you like this story… took me a while to get a good plot. This happened in one of my dreams, but it wasn't with Brick and Blossom, but I noticed that this would totally for with them, considering the fact that they are so adorable together!

Brick's brother owns over half of the companies in the United Stated. His name is Boomer. Boomer really… loves his brother, even though they've had some differences. But, Boomer wants to be a better brother for Brick. He proposes a deal, to get married in a week. His love life is so… desperately in need of some help, and brother Boomer is to the rescue! Who will he meet? What kind of hearts will be broken? What kind of hearts will be loved?

Well, that's about it, now off to the first chapter to this story.

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Oh! Yeah, almost forgot, the characters may be a little different a bit, to make it seem a little bit normal. You did notice I said "A little," right? And in this story, they're undercover superheroes; so pretty much like ninja's, Spiderman, and Batman. Their identities are unknown.


Brick's POV

I groan, my headache getting worse by the second. I shouldn't of drank that much alcohol last night. But, I think I needed it. I needed it, because I had nothing better to do. 25 and sill lonely… I hate this. I'm still lonely, but I'm the manager to most of some really good companies. No, I don't need love!

I don't need it! Work… work is my love and life! I want this!

I start typing and writing, a little this and a little that, wanting the day to go faster. I just need some rest. I think to myself, something to get me more awake. I take some headache pills and start typing even more.

After a couple minutes, my headache disappears and I hear a knock on my door. I take a moment to stretch and rub my eyes, making my vision a bit more visual, and I carelessly mutter, "Come in," loud enough.

I head of blonde hair caught my eye when the door opened. I look up to see my brother, smiling. Okay, something was up. He irritated the hell out of me, yet he still talked to me, after the awful comments and remarks I make.

"Brick," he smiled, sitting across me, "I want to talk to you."

"What do you want?" I ask, sitting back.

"Well, I'm concerned. You know, ever since Bubbles left me… I don't want you to end up like me. I miss her, and I'm heartbroken, but… I have a proposal for you. A deal, that you would want to open your ears up for more," I look up at him, straightening my back and sitting up, "Do you know those buildings in Washington DC?"

I move my red hair through my eyes, flipping it to my back. I didn't wear that red cap anymore… It started to get annoying, and it wasn't quite a dress code for where I worked at.

"Yes. And?" I ask.

"Well, you can be the owner of that, and manage all of the buildings in Washington, on one condition," Said Boomer.

"Eh? You do know that that could make me millions every month, right? Do you even know how many buildings there are in Washington?" I ask. I knew I would take the offer, but I wanted to make sure he was completely sure. The last thing I wanted to do is take advantage of my brother.

"Yes." he nodded, getting up and looking at a family photo, "But… You have to do something in return."

I hesitate for a moment. He must want something big. "Sure."

He looked back at me, and started talking, "Get married by the end of the week."

It caught me by surprise, but I didn't have to hear it again. I heard every word he said loud and clear.

"W-what? No, I can't do that! You know I don't have anybody right now! And I can't have someone falling in love with me in a week! That's impossible!" I yell.

"Brother, I could give you more time if you'd like. I can give you two weeks… or a month. But, I do not want you to end up like me… all alone."

"But I am alone! Don't you see? I have enough already with my brothers and my work. I am alone and would like to keep it that way!" I say, a bit calmer then before.

Boomer smirked and murmured, "It seems like you don't want the millions of dollars raining on you."

For a moment, I looked down, thinking about it. Rolling up my sleeves, trying to chill and stop sweating from the nerves he was pulling on, I finally croaked, "Fine."

Boomer smiled and turned to face me, his tresses blazing and fluttering. "That's all I wanted to hear. I have up to this week to at least give me full updates on how you are doing. If I see no enhancement in your love life—and trust me, I'll know—I'll give the spot to Butch."

Boomer know I hated Butch, and I would never let him win on purpose. "I'll do my best."

He knew I was going to do my best, after all, he hated Butch also. He lost us as brothers with his uncontrollable temper, and we don't have the patience for this.

I worked for the rest of the day, but my mind kept wandering. It all started as this; How the hell was I supposed to find a date? I am 25 years old and… well… never had a girlfriend! So I was completely lost at this sort of stuff.

I will not let Butch win.

Blossom's POV

"No, no… I miss him, that's all," Bubbles wandered off in her minds and twisted emotions about Boomer.

Ignoring her, I turned towards Buttercup, playing with her food.

"Let's go," I say, after a while, boredom killing me. "Movie time."

Buttercup and Bubbles look at me, and smile. "Leave it to sis to kill the silence and the boredom."

I smile at the response and leave off a tip at the restaurant we were currently in.

We walked to my red car, all new and shiny. Since the pink one was getting' old and the color… I wasn't feeling anymore. Red was more slick and it meant something. I don't know… I just felt pulled towards it.

Buttercup went in the passenger seat as Bubbles went in the back.

It was already past nine, and the only movie they wanted to watch was "Ted" so, they went to go and watch "Ted".

It was 40 minutes till the next one started, so they went to the small gaming center.

"Look!" Bubbles squealed, pointing to a photo booth.

I look at Buttercup as she looks at me. We shrug and decide to take a couple pictures.

Only 30 more minutes.

I groan, boredom filling me again. The only day I have off, and I am completely off. Work is pretty much I have left.

Finally, people started coming out, as if movies were over. We waited a couple more minutes and then we gave the tickets to a beautiful brunette. "Straight, 3rd one on the left." She smiled.

Ever since we were kids, we'd sit completely far from each other. So that's what we just did. A flashback popped in my head, Bubbles being clumsy and all, she almost gave out our family secret.

We were going to watch "Beauty and the Beast", a new movie that recently came out.

Bubbles skipped gracefully. She seemed so happy with her new haircut she had just gotten.

When we entered the huge movie theater, I sat in the middle, where the good seats usually were. Bubbles and Buttercup sat not to far away as usual.

Throughout the movie, Bubbles screeched, squealed, laughed and cried. In the end, she crossed her arms and shot a blue energy ball at the screen. Good thing nobody was looking at her, but people screamed, running out of the movies. Professor sent daggers, not wanting his little girls to be exposed and took away.

I smile at that memory. The row that I was sitting at only had 4 seats, and then came the walking pathway. After that, about 20 seats were in a row and then it repeated with 4 at the end.

Knowing nobody would sit with me, I put my purse on the seat next to me.

As time passed and trailers came along with advertisements, the theater was starting to get filled up. I had to admit, "Ted" seemed seriously funny when it came on the trailer I saw on TV.

So I wouldn't be mad if anyone would like to sit with me. Well, a girl and her boyfriend sat next to me. And the seat next to me seemed to be the only one that was "empty", and so I offered a red-head my seat. I saw him looking around for one, and it would be mean if I hadn't offered.

He silently thanked me as he sat next to me. I only nodded.

Halfway through the movie, I drank my soda and then I heard him chuckle and tap my shoulder. I turned to him and instantly knew who he was. Brick Jojo, Brother of Boomer Jojo, who owned more than half of the U.S. companies. Of course, I have never met Boomer, even though Bubbles told me—still tells me—that she's in love with him. But it was a real honor.

I saw his lips move, but no sound. I shake my head and blink a few times, "What?"

"I'm sorry to be a bother, but… well, that's my drink." I looked down at the soda, and remembered, When did I buy pop? Damn, I'm so stupid.

"Ah! I'm so sorry, let me buy you an other one!" I stood up, speed walking out of the theater. I stopped by the woman, letting her know that I had already purchased a ticket. She nodded and waved me off.

There was no line, and there weren't a lot of people.

"Uh, can I get a large coke?" I ask, noting the flavor I had tasted and the size Brick had gotten.

Not knowing Brick had followed me, I was surprised to see him behind me. "You're fast," He stated with a grand winning smile.

I would normally hear people behind me… I was practically trained to hear every footstep, considering my super hearing.

The cashier gave me the pop ad rung it up. "4.99," he affirmed.

I gave him a 5 dollar bill and he smiled, not waiting for me to say, "Keep the change."

I gave Brick his pop. He only looked at me with something in his eyes. "You know," he started off, "You didn't have to do that."

"Yes I did. It was completely rude of me."

"Well, you didn't know."

"Ah, yes, but I do know now, and the only way I could think of forgiving myself, I bought you a replacement."

"Makes sense, but I think I owe you," He said.

"Don't worry, please."

"I won't worry, only as long as you let me buy you breakfast tomorrow morning," He stated. Brick was asking me out on a date! Well, is it? I don't know… I'm only 25 and I've never been on a date! I'm going to try and act as normal as possible.

"Eh… sure. If you'd like. Just tell me the time and place and I'll meet you there."

Surprised that I reacted so calmly, I thought I was only going to just make a fool out of myself afterwards.

"What about that café called 'Le Café Del Rosa' at Little Rock Avenue?"

That was basically around the corner where I lived, so yeah, I'd make it on time for once.

"Yes, that'll do!" I smiled.

"Well, uh, it's far… It's in a suburban area out of town, so… I can pick you up if you'd like."

"I live around there. It's basically around the block from my house, so I can go walking," I said, explaining.

We finally reached the movie and sat down. When it was finally over, it was considered my most favorite movie. Although I say that everytime I see a movie at the movies, I think this is the one.

I got up and put my purse over my shoulder, making sure I had my phone. "Hey," Brick said.

I looked up and smiled. "Hey."

"Well, here," He said, handing me a piece of paper with numbers scribbled on them. "That's my number. If by anyy chance one of us are late, well, You call me."

I nod, agreeing. Bubbles came behind me and hugged me, not noticing the red-head.

"Did you like the movie?" She smiled.

I nod and turn to Brick. Bubbles also turned to Brick and smiled.

"Brick, how's my very good little brother? Well, you're not my brother, but you seem like it. I miss your brother you know, tell him I said 'Hi,'," Bubbles started. That's right! She use to date Boomer! Makes sense that she's know him. "You've met Blossom! This is my sister."

"Well, I never knew… what a small world." Brick smiled. "Well, I have to go. I have to get ready for tomorrow."

And with that, we were off home.

The parking lot was half empty—we are the slowest sisters known to man… well, Buttercup got us use to it—And we walked faster when we noticed three men come out of no where.

I ushered Buttercup and Bubbles in my car and I locked the door with a button. Knowing the men wanted to influence with us, I smiled. No one was around, so no need to dress up to keep my identity hidden. They came closer, and I only smirked in what a surprise they were in.

"Want to play?"


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