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Blossom's POV

I tried the soup that the maid brought out. I smiled at her kindness. So sweet and everything.

She was the first woman I met to not hit on Brick. She was probably hire to do so.

My phone started ringing in my purse. I grabbed it to see it was Buttercup.

Buttercup's POV

Answer, Blossom!

Butch looked at me with sweet, tender eyes and smirked, placing wet kisses all over my cheek. I only blush even more.

"Honey, maybe you could tell her the good news later? Over phone is not the best way to go."

I look at him and smile, ending the call.

I kiss him, not wanting to let go. We were getting married. Moments ago replayed and replayed in my head.

"My little green cup, I need you in my life. I want you. You're like air to me, and you are so special. I love you so much, so so much, I can not describe how much I love you!" Butch got on his knees and pulled out a white box. "Will you, Buttercup Utonium, marry me?"

I started to cry, and smiled. "YES! YES! I will!"

He slipped the ring on me and I jumped on him, hugging him. "I can't wait till we make our babies!"

"Actually… one's already on the way."

Nothing could ruin this moment.

Bubbles' POV

"What are you doing?" I ask Boomer, tugging my hair.

"I'm trying to figure out how to braid. You should teach me!" I laugh and look at him, smiling.

I take a strand of my hair and start braiding, Boomer watching closer. He kept on getting closer and closer until his nose was brushing my cheek. Before I knew, he had attacked me, kissing me.

He smiles when I kiss him back. After I kiss him, he stops, and starts braiding.

"Making out isn't part of our braiding lesson."

"Just shut up and kiss me!" I say, pulling him into a big kiss.

I loved him so much.

Blossom's POV

After ignoring Buttercup's call and finishing the delicious soup, we head towards the living room. The living room, was also know as a movie room, but not what you'd think movies look like. It had two largest chairs I had ever seen. It looked like 3 fattest people can lay side by side on that couch, and it had this gorgeous splatter paint design on it, and then the thickest blanket you could ever see. It was purple.

"Well, I thought we could snuggle while watching Ice Age 4."

Before I knew, I ran up to him, and kissed him. Not because of everything he had, because of hid effort. And I just loved him that much.

Well, that is my story of me and Brick. Today, we live married, we still haven't found Brick's mother. Buttercup's 3 year old is the newest part of the family. Butch and Brick get along no matter what these days, and the girls and I live a happy life.

And that's my life.