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Au Paire

Chapter 1: It's What's Best for You

            Draco Malfoy was pacing his first floor library. How could he have let his mother make him do that? He was twenty-three now! Doesn't that mean that he shouldn't have to do her bidding?

            He had moved out years ago after his father, Lucius, got him on of the top jobs at the ministry. Now he was living in his own mansion: three stories high, fifty bedrooms, sixty bathrooms, five living rooms, a drawing room, a coat room, three libraries, a ball room, a pool, and his own personal quidditch field in his backyard. A very big house…er mansion, but it was only a smaller version of his parent's house, to him at least.

            Voldemort had been defeated three years ago by Harry Potter (A/N: No big surprise, eh?). So there were no more Death Eaters. Lucius never talked about the Dark Lord but was still fairly active in the Dark Arts.

            Still, Draco wondered how he could have ever agreed to such a preposterous idea…oh wait, he didn't. Him, Draco Malfoy, being in charge of a four-year-old, NEVER!

            Just that morning Narcissa Malfoy Apparated to Draco's breakfast table, "Hello dear," she had greeted him, smiling suspiciously.

            "Mother," Draco acknowledged nodding his head and taking a sip of his black coffee. Mrs. Malfoy clasped her hands together.

            "I've just heard the most wonderful news!" Narcissa said eagerly. What? Draco thought Father's finally jumped off a bridge and killed himself? "You're cousins, Nick and Jade, are going on a trip this summer, on special ministry business, and they can't bring their four-year-old daughter, Raven."

            "What's so wonderful about that?" Draco asked silkily.

            "Well, I being me," Mrs. Malfoy beamed, "I volunteered you to watch little Raven for this summer!" A sip of coffee that Draco had just taken was now spurting out of his mouth.

            "WHAT?" He raged. "Me? Take care of a four-year-old? Mother, what were you thinking?" Draco was now standing up muttering a spell to clean the coffee from his robes.

            "Well actually, I think I'm doing what's best for you." Narcissa stated calmly.

            "What's BEST for me?" Draco bellowed walking towards his mother.

            "Yes, you're twenty-three now, and still not married," Draco rolled his eyes. "So when you do finally get married, I want you to have some experience with children. I want you to be a better father than," she heaved an impressive sigh, "Lucius."

            "I'll never be like Lucius." Draco said quietly.

            "Well then, I trust you'll do fine with Raven! She's arriving here in two days!" Narcissa smiled and with a faint 'pop' disappeared from the dining room.

            Draco mumbled under his breath, "A four-year-old?" He sat back down in his chair and just put his head in his hands.

            "Master Malfoy? Are you done with your breakfast," Inquired a spiffy looking house elf.

            "Yes Hopkins, please take it away." Hopkins looked startled, 'please'? "And prepare the bedroom two doors away form mine for a four-year-old girl. Pink, dolls, whatever, and I'm sure Miss Wells in the kitchen will help you if you told her that I said she was to."

            Hopkins was confused, but didn't ask any questions. He took Draco's plate and coffee cup and started for the kitchen. "Oh! And Hopkins, prepare the bedroom in between mine and the other one that you'll be preparing…across the hall. Prepare it for a guest…a female guest." Draco added. Hopkins even more confused just shook his head and walked into the kitchen.


            "Ooo, look at this honey! The perfect job for you," Molly Weasley said looking at the Daily Prophet.

            "What is it?" Ginny Weasley asked putting her coffee mug in the sink, she liked her coffee with lots of cream and sugar.

            "I'll read it," Mrs. Weasley said brightly. "Young woman needed to au paire for a four-year-old girl. Must be able to entertain her, will pay plenty. If you are interested, arrive at 104 Windy Dr. tomorrow at two in the afternoon. Interviews will take place promptly at two, don't be late." Mrs. Weasley finished grinning. "You'd be perfect for the job. You handle Ron and Hermione's Robert very well, and we all know he's a handful." Mrs. Weasley handed the paper to Ginny. "And besides dear, you really need to get a job."

            Ginny bowed her head, "Yes mother, I'll go to the interview tomorrow. I wonder how old the parents are."

            "It doesn't say, but that house is in a very wealthy area, so I'm sure you'll be making lots of money." Ginny snorted. "WHAT? You will! And then you can move out and be on your own just like everyone else!" Ginny rolled her eyes.

            "But I like living at home with you guys," Ginny said quietly.

            "Ginny, you're twenty-two, and single, you aren't going to get hitched if you stay home." Mrs. Weasley said bluntly, and shooed Ginny from the kitchen.

            Ginny stepped into the front hallway, 'pop'; Harry Potter had just apparated inches from her. Harry smiled down at her, "Hullo Gin." He leaned down and gave her a peck on the cheek, Ginny blushed.

            "Hullo Harry," she mumbled.

            "Where's your mum? I really need to talk to her." Ginny's mood fell a bit.

            "In the kitchen," she sighed.

            "Thanks Gin."

            Harry was still not married. Right after he got out of Hogwarts he became an auror, and after he defeated Voldemort he went on to play professional quidditch, with the Chudley Cannons; Ron was proud. Ron was working at the Ministry of Magic and Hermione worked during the day as a librarian at a muggle library. Ginny didn't have a job, and she didn't really want one. But her mother wanted her to have one…so she was looking, resentfully.

            Being an au paire didn't exactly appeal to her to much, but it was a job, and it would get her mother off her back. She just hoped this little girl would like her. She walked up to her room. Ginny stood in front of her floor length mirror to look at herself. Short, she thought, I'm very short. And she was. It seemed that she had stopped growing length-wise her fourth year, she was only 5'1. Her long wavy red hair fell right to the small of her back; her brown eyes were large and doe-like. She stomped to her desk to write her resume.

            Now that she was thinking about it. She did need a break from her family; she was tired of all her tall brothers calling her 'little' Ginny. If it wasn't for her breasts she'd look like a twelve year old! Or at least that was what she heard Lavender Brown telling Parvati Patil in her sixth year. Ginny was rather…well endowed.

            Why didn't the person hiring the au paire have their name in the advertisement? Were they beastly people?

            When she finished her resume she walked over to her mirror again. She pulled a silver chain out from under her shirt. On it was a pendant in the shape of a heart, and on the back it said passionem. She had bought it a long time ago and wore it so much it was practically part of her; without it she'd feel naked. Ginny tucked the pendant back under her robes and started downstairs, she walked into the kitchen and was greeted by a very hard-set Mrs. Weasley. Who looked like she was going to say something that she didn't want to.

            "Ginny, I need you to listen to me." Ginny nodded," You're twenty-two now and well, I just really think that you should take that job, you love kids. And as much as I hate to say it, I think that your getting to be a little too old to still be living at home."

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