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6. Strangelove covered by Bat for Lashes

Glenn was willing to take anything that Daryl was willing to give, as long as Daryl was willing to do the same thing. All the crap that they throw each other was perfectly worth it if it ended with them kissing in post coitus. Sometimes, the things they did may seem unforgivable. Like when Glenn kissed Maggie (but it didn't go any further than that.) Or maybe the time that Daryl ran off when Glenn tried to make their friends-with-benefit relationship more.

You make think that they had had enough of both their faults. But then you'd be wrong. In fact, they would more than a handful of those moments. It how their love worked and if that's how it goes, then let it be. It's always give and take of this pain. It will keep happening.

Sometimes, they would stray away. There was one point that their sex got so boring, they went off to find more from others. And when they mean by others, they meant Rick and Shane. Despite his strong hate for the bastard, Daryl would admit that Shane was the best sex he'd had in a while. He did something that Daryl hadn't even known existed. And it was fantastic.

When Daryl propositioned Shane, they were hunting. There really wasn't any conversation, all Daryl said was that Glenn and him had been having lame sex and that he needed his fix. Shane just hoisted Daryl up against a big oak and proceeded to have rough sex with him. It was perfection.

Glenn, obviously, went to Rick. The whole Lori/Shane situation made Rick cringe and it disgusted him to no end. He basically moved out of the tent and used Glenn's old one. And he would admit, he was dying from the lack of sex. But he wasn't ready for Glenn.

"What about Daryl?" Rick said between suckling kisses to his neck, being administered by the Korean. The younger man just smirked and shoved his tongue down Rick's throat. He cupped Rock's erection and gave a shit eating grin when the other man shuddered.

"It was his idea. You see, our sex went down the toilet and the best sex we had was when were angry. So, I need something to brag about. And from what I'm feeling," Glenn gave the erection a squeeze that ripped a moan from the married man. "- I think I have got a lot to brag about. So, what do you say?" Glenn said moaning into a kiss.

Rick didn't say anything. He just pulled Glenn into a clearing and pounded into him. No one heard them, which was a fucking miracle considering how vocal they were. Like Daryl and Shane's sex, it was rough, but longer.

The next day, Glenn and Daryl went "hunting" and fulfilled the purpose of their "cheating", yelling about how big the other men were. But not without catching Shane and Rick in the act.

They could take each other's pain and they could dish it out themselves. And if that's what keeps them going time after time, so be it.

Well that got dirty real quick. I interpreted the song a little different. I thought it was about giving each other pain in the worst ways but still willing to push that away, even if you know that it was going to happen again. But yet you can't judge each other because you both have faults. And that's Strangelove.

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