Hey guys thank you for reading my other story for starters and now I am starting on one so updates may be farther apart. Anyways I was reading garth's story by Humphrey loves Kate and well when he announced Kate's story I was wondering why he didn't do any of the older couple much more room to make stuff up so I figured I would do Eve instead of letting him do it and thank you triple xxXOwnge for the input I will break up the paragraphs more. Let's start with eve's puppy days.

A young tan wolf woke up. She felt safe and warm next to her mother. She couldn't tell what they looked like but she knew they would be what she always wanted. Her eyes had yet to open and she had just learned how to walk a week ago. She took a moment to try and open her eyes. She could see light out of the corners of her eyes as they had begun to split in the corners. She felt the familiar tearing sensation when she tried to force them open. It hurt, but it was worth being able to see things in their full color. The smells had their own distinct difference, but one gets tired of smelling everything.

The tearing grew more and more painful until she felt a small jerk and light flooded her eyes for the first time. The pain was great and she quickly closed them again and pressed her face into her mother's pelt. Once the pain subsided she opened her eyes again. This time she saw white fur and pink skin underneath. She smiled. She now could open her eyes and see the world as it was meant to by her race. Her excitement grew when she took her face out of the chest fur as she got her first glimpse at her parents. They had matching tan coats with white under bellies. Her mother had a white stripe running from both ears down her sides to her rear legs and her father was larger than her mother with black socks on all of his paws and black ear tips. She nearly burst from excitement as she ran over to a puddle in the back of the den. The crystal clear water provided a some-what accurate picture of her; as she studied the reflection she noticed her large ears and her tan fur all over her body. She couldn't believe how much she looked like her parents.

Behind her, her mother stirred from the world of dreams. When she noticed her bundle of fur was missing from the little family circle they had a momentary panic spread over her. She stood waking her mate as she looked around frantically in the den. When her eyes settled on a small figure in the back she trotted over and found her daughter. Her brown eyes sparkled with joy. Her tiny frame showed a new found proudness as she took in the world for the first time. Her mother smiled as she leaned in next to her daughter.

"Mom!" she exclaimed with her tail wagging furiously. "I can see!"

Her father now joined them. He stopped when he saw his daughter look up at him. She ran to him and muzzled his front legs. A smile broke through his hardened exterior at seeing his pup finally open her eyes.

"Eve I think it's time we take you outside." He said plainly.

His daughter just smiled up at him and ran to the entrance of the den. She waited politely for her parents as they made their way to the entrance. When they got there she couldn't wait any longer and she burst out of the den into the dawn.

The view was breath taking. She could see the whole valley from her position on the small cliff. The forest was just now beginning to shake the hold of winter. The snow was scattered in small clusters throughout the valley. A great scarlet disk was set between two mountain peaks casting its tint across the valley. The snow reflected its fiery waves making the ground sparkle like rubies. The wild flowers had begun to bloom mixing the orange and blue together into an odd shade. A small pond to the left made a mirror image of the dawn sky as the morning star faded. The moon kept its hold on the world, but was losing its battle with the sun. It looked as if winter and spring and morning and night had collided to produce a unique portrait of Mother Nature's best and worst.

Her mother and father watched her bewilderment from behind. "We did right Karen." Her father suddenly said.

"I know we did Garret." She paused and looked at her pup. The sun made her a burnt orange with a light orange under belly. Her eyes caught the moon making the brown slightly silver. "I know we did."

Well that's my first chapter. I mainly wanted to focus on the coming of eve into this world. I also wanted to introduce her parents. So nothing that will affect the plot here just the introduction. I think I may skip all the way to alpha school next.