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Eve stirred herself awake in the dark den. She took a moment to look around the moss covered room and tried to process what happened the night before. She remembered following Lillicoy into the cave that she assumed she resided in after that though she only remembered seeing Henry lying next to a wall before she blacked out.

A small amount of movement to her left betrayed the hiding spot of another creature. When she traced her eyes over to it she saw a sleeping Lillicoy. She looked completely innocent with her belly facing the ceiling and her head cocked to the side; she rolled around a little more before settling back down into a comfortable position.

Eve tore her gaze away from the slightly comical sight and scanned the room for an exit. She found her destination just a small walk to her right, and without hesitation she exited the tunnel. As she neared the end the light was the first thing she noticed. It was bright, fearing she had over slept she ran out of the hollow in a half panic.

When she got outside she did see that she had over slept, but when she arrived at the root that Henry usually sat at no one was there. Intrigued, Eve decided to wait for a bit to see if anyone would show up. As the minutes ticked by the snow slowly began to numb her paws, and she soon decided to walk around the tree to help keep them warm. After her second revolution she stopped and noticed a dark shape in the snow next to the root.

She cautiously walked up to the lump of black. As she neared it began to take shape, first a tail, then a red streak across the top, then finally a pointed ear and a muzzle. Despite the appearance of a young wolf what Abdul said rung in her mind, 'Don't take me!' That one sentence caused her worry, what could have gotten close enough to a wolf pup for it to be taken. When eve was only a foot away she stopped and stared at the body dread pulsing through her veins causing her heart to stop.

Daniel was lying there with blood running down his side. "Daniel!" she tried to scream. But the voice was not her own. Suddenly she was pounced on and pinned from behind, when she faced her attacker the sun kept their eyes hidden though from the voice she could tell it was a female.

Acting in self-defense Eve slashed her throat causing the metallic blood to pour onto the bleached snow staining it with the red impurity. After the attacker bled out Eve, shocked and scared, ran out from under the body and toward Daniel. When she got there she could see he was already dead. Heartbroken she turned to leave, but stopped when she heard sobbing.

With her own grief already crushing her, she looked back toward the sound of the noise. What she saw brought her back to earth as she walked over to the small bundle of fur. It was a male pup crying and nuzzling Daniel's body. When she tried to approach him he simply looked at her with tear filled eyes. It was a young pup not more than a few weeks old. Why it was with Daniel she didn't know, but she couldn't just leave him here. She walked the rest of the distance between them and laid down in front of him to look in his eyes. He scrambled back when he noticed her and ran underneath the roots. Eve followed though a little more cautious. She tried to speak again, and again the voice wasn't hers even though it emanated from her throat.

"Shhhh. I won't hurt you." She tried to be as soothing and comforting as possible. She scooted a little to the opening provided by the roots. She could see him huddled into the back of the structure shaking from fear, crying, and possibly cold.

"Now tell me…" her voice breaking from the tears she was holding back. "What's your name?"

The pup opened his mouth, "EVE WAAKE UP!"

Stunned by the voice and the volume eve's world began to fall apart leaving her to stare as the pup faded into darkness, his brown eyes full of fear.


Eve awoke in a puddle of her tears. That horrible dream… she opened her eyes to see the concerned looks of Matt, Lillicoy, and Henry. She dried her eyes as she sat up and walked past them without giving them a glance.

Matt could tell that what she was dreaming about had really disturbed her, but knew that she wouldn't talk about it. Despite that he walked over feeling at least obligated to try to comfort her. He sat next to her after she had chosen a spot to lie down and rest again. He just sat there and let her think it through and to let her know that she wasn't alone.

When Eve spoke it wasn't much more than a whisper, "It was about him, I dreamed that he was dead." She plainly stated.

Understand her pain and guilt he just nodded. When she leaned up against him he was taken aback, but slowly relaxed himself as she started to sob into his fur. Henry walked up a moment later and informed him that it was almost time for her to leave. Reluctantly, he told eve the news and stood helping her up he walked her outside where the class was in view. He watched her walk into the crowd accompanied by Lillicoy and she slowly disappeared.

Matt turned around and began to head to his class when another Head alpha from one of the northern packs ran up to him, "Rose, Karen, and Ricoh are gone!"

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