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~So many Hibirds, so little time~

Tsuna was not being dame-Tsuna.

Many of the student body was scared as to why suddenly the dame-est student in school suddenly paid more attention in class, stopped being a ditzy person, etc.

Although he paid more attention in class, his grades didn't improve much sadly.

What was probably stranger was that Tsuna willingly went to the library every day. He always rushed out after school, and then went somewhere else. Not even his guardians could keep track of him. Reborn wondered if Tsuna had actually learned something from him.


Nana had noticed that a few blankets and towels had gone missing over the past few weeks. Her son would rush home, finish his homework early and then leave again. She vaguely wondered what he was doing, but she hoped her son was having fun.


Over the next week, Gokudera was worried about his Boss's health. Tsuna looked extremely haggered, and had dark circles under his eyes. The brunette disappeared at lunch, when he usually ate with them on the roof. However he wasn't the only one worried about him.


Tsuna huffed as he rushed out of school again, diverting from Yamamoto and Gokudera. He felt bad he really did, but he didn't want to get in trouble, or hurt the little one's he was protecting.

A couple of weeks ago Hibird had perched on his head, chirping, 'park' over and over again. Tsuna wondered where Hibari was because Hibird was after all his. When he went to the park which wasn't more than a few blocks from school, Tsuna looked around to see what Hibird was so upset about. Hibird flew off his head and went to a tall, rather mature tree. Tsuna followed the fluffy little yellow bird, who was hopping around the base of the tree.

Tsuna noticed a small heap of twigs that suspiciously looked like a nest. He looked up at the tree thinking that maybe it had fallen. He knelt next to the fragile nest noticing that there were actually a couple of little white eggs inside, it looked like they were safe but the mother was nowhere to be seen. Tsuna didn't want to touch it in case the mama bird came back.

Tsuna watched as Hibird hopped into the little eggs and ruffled his feathers so he covered them better.

"Have you been taking care of them?" Tsuna petted the bird's soft head. "I wonder where the mama is." Hibird flapped his wings, taking flight and sat on Tsuna's shoulder.

"Mama! Mama!" Tsuna looked around thinking that the mama bird had come back. Hibird jumped up and down on his shoulder, "Mama! Mama!" Hibird then fluttered down to the nest and repeated the action one more time. Tsuna thought Hibird couldn't possibly be saying what he was.

The brunette pointed to himself, "I'm Mama?"

"Mama! Mama!" Hibird flew delighted around his head before resting by the nest again.


And so began Tsuna's routine of looking after the little eggs.

Tsuna didn't know anything about taking care of baby birds, and thought about going to the school library but then people would wonder why he was checking out books. So he went to the local library but that seemed to cause more of an uproar at the school. He had learned that baby birds were hard to take care of.

He borrowed some of his mothers blankets and towels to wrap around the nest to try to keep it warmer, he made sure he got up early every morning to see that Hibird was resting on the nest, he smiled at the cute picture. He checked and stayed with the nest for an hour or two so that Hibird could go eat, or whatever it was he did. However Tsuna never knew how taxing being a step-parent was. He would be lying if he said he wasn't excited to see them hatch. He had debated with himself in taking the nest home with him but he worried that Lambo and I-pin would accidently hurt them or something else.

So he opted to keep them at the park where Hibird could also watch over them. The only problem was keeping the little nest a secret, and so far he was proud of himself for doing so. It wouldn't be too soon until they hatched. In a book he read it said that if the eggs lost heat for more than half an hour the baby chicks would be irreversibly damaged and may not even hatch. Luckily he had Hibird but he hoped that the blankets and the towels also helped. In another article it said to rotate the eggs daily so that the little embryo's didn't get stuck to the side of the egg.

But honestly Tsuna was more worried about what would happen after they hatched, the article said that without "Wild bird parents" the little one's wouldn't know how to fly, find water and food, and many other things they needed for survival. He hoped that Hibird would take care of them once they hatched. Tsuna knew the only thing he could probably do was feed them in the morning, afternoon, and at night.

Speaking of the afternoon, leaving school at lunch was nerve racking. Students weren't allowed off-campus at lunch. By some miracle he had managed to avoid Hibari. Tsuna knew if he ever got caught, it would be the end of him. He always climbed up a tree that was near one of the school walls so he could hop over quickly, he had put a wooden box on the opposite side so he could get back into the school.

He also bought some bird feed for Hibird so that he could have a snack while Tsuna ate his lunch under the tree. Tsuna enjoyed the quiet time he shared with the small bird. He vaguely wondered if Hibari suspected anything with the yellow bird's absence. He knew that Hibari feed Hibird, but Tsuna knew that the bird didn't leave the nest unless he was there.

And so went on this routine for the next couple of days.


Tsuna was really worried, last night on the news a storm was said to move in overnight. He had on a sweater-vest over his usual uniform as it was cold outside. He had checked on Hibird that morning and he seemed to be doing fine. Tsuna was worried that it was going to rain. The sky was dark and it didn't look very friendly. He only hoped that the rain would hold off until school was over.

Sadly fate was never on his side.

About two hours before lunch, it had started to down pour. Tsuna fidgeted in his seat looking out the window with worry etched on his face. He didn't notice but Yamamoto and Gokudera were watching him. Minato-sensei had noticed as well but left the brunette alone as he had been paying attention to his lectures the past few weeks. Tsuna jolted slightly in his seat raising his hand, his face looked panicked.

"Can I use the restroom please?" Minato-sensei let Tsuna go. He walked as he normally would out of the class room before running down the hall way startling some of the other classes that were going on, but in his rush he didn't notice that he ran by the disciplinary committee's room.

Tsuna rushed outside, covering his face from the onslaught of rain, he really wished he had brought a umbrella with him to school that day. He looked around the front of the school where he had seen Hibird struggling against the wind and rain. He found the little bird, wet and shaking a little on the ground next to the school gate. Tsuna tucked Hibird inside his vest the best he could before running down to the park, not noticing that a certain prefect was watching him.



Tsuna knew why Hibird had come to the school, a tree branch had fallen near the nest. Tsuna carefully pulled the debris away from the nest. The towels and blankets he had wrapped around the nest were soaked, he really hoped that the eggs weren't too cold for too long. Luckily the tree provided some protection from the rain but not near enough. Tsuna shivered as his own clothes were soaked through, but he wasn't worried about himself. He pulled the wet towels and blankets away from the nest and sat down in the dirt at the base of the tree, gathering up the nest in his hands. Hibird that was still tucked in his vest popped out, ruffled his feathers and sat back on the eggs. Tsuna leaned over the nest, keeping the wind and rain off of it. He brought his knees up to his chest keeping the nest covered in his lap. He blew hot air onto Hibird trying to dry him off.

His hands were cold but Tsuna just curled around the precious cargo, he hoped the rain would stop soon.


Hibari grabbed his Tonfa's before leaving the school and following Tsuna out of the school. The Herbivore had been causing more uproars than usual in his school. The chairman of the school was happy that the lowest student in school was doing a little better. Hibari was still thinking Tsuna was a Herbivore. The rain didn't bother the prefect as he followed the other who was wholly unaware of his presence.

He was interested in what the Herbivore was up to since he had the nerve to skip out on school. Hibari watched as Tsuna ran into the park. He watched as Tsuna began to panic over something on the ground. Hibari came up behind the other, who had curled into a tight ball, shivering.

"Herbivore." Tsuna's body jolted as he looked up to see a drenched prefect in front of him. Tsuna couldn't read the others face. Hibari noticed Hibird in Tsuna's lap, who was looking up at him with a gleam in his eye. Hibari placed his Tonfa's behind his back before squatting down looking at Tsuna's body.

Tsuna wanted to run. He wanted to run so badly, but he knew he couldn't leave the eggs. He watched scared out of his wits as Hibari squatted in front of him.

"H-hibari-san…" Tsuna's teeth chattered from both fear and the cold. "I-I can-n expl-lainn!" Tsuna shied away as the prefect took out one of his Tonfa's. Tsuna's eyes widened at the thought of Hibari hurting the eggs. "STOP!" Hibari's eyes narrowed at the command.

"Do not order me around, Herbivore." Hibari reached his hand out to grab the brunette so he could see just what he was hiding.

He never expected for Hibird to bite him.

"Mama! Mama!" Hibird chirped as he ruffled his feathers to make himself look bigger. "Mama!" Tsuna looked down at Hibird shocked before he looked back at an amused Hibari.

"It seems you are in need of discipline, bird."

"W-wait Hibari-san please!" The prefect was not amused with being interrupted. Tsuna uncurled his body showing the nest to the other, Hibari looked over the nest, piecing everything together. As soon as Tsuna showed the fragile thing, he curled back around it. "I-I've been taking c-care of t-them."

"You call this 'taking care of them?" Tsuna was angry that Hibari was being sarcastic.

"P-please, if I don't keep them warm, they'll—" Tsuna chocked a little as he began to cry. "I d-don't want them to die!" Hibari was surprised at the others resolve. "I-I won't let you h-hurt them, Hibari-san." Hibird chirped in agreement. A small smile ran along the prefects face, startling Tsuna, who rarely ever saw such a gentle look on Hibari.

Hibari placed his Tonfa away and stood up. Tsuna looked up in question.

"If you stay here, they won't get any warmer."


"Let's get them back to the school, Herbivore." Tsuna stood up shaking from being so cold; Hibari pulled his jacket off and placed it over Tsuna's head to keep the rain off. The brunette blushed as Hibari's white undershirt was completely see through. He turned away, causing Hibari to smirk at the naïve reaction.

Tsuna followed Hibari back, staying close behind him, instinctually because Hibari's body was blocking the wind. When they made it back inside the school and into the disciplinary office, Kusakabe was shocked at both of their appearances, he rushed out to get dry clothes for the both of them. Hibari took the nest from Tsuna who was reluctant to let go. The chairman placed the nest on top of his desk, where he placed he desk lamp very close so that the lamp acted as a heater. Tsuna stood awkwardly and tired not knowing what he was supposed to do. Hibari shuffled around getting some newspaper and wrapped the eggs in it. Hibari turned around to the other who was swaying on his feet slightly. His face was flushed with what looked to be fever. Hibari walked over, snapping the other out of his daze. Tsuna flinched as Hibari took his jacket off his head and put in on his desk.

Hibari proceed to help Tsuna take off his wet vest, who didn't fight it. Tsuna blushed at how gentle Hibari was being, he wondered why.

"Sit." Tsuna looked over to the couch where Hibari had pointed to. Hibari left a moment later leaving the exhausted brunette sitting on the comfortable couch. Tsuna laid down on the couch closing his eyes for just a moment. Hibird landed on his chest and nestled down.

When Hibari came back in with dry clothes on, with Kusakabe following, he noticed the other sleeping on the couch. He told Kusakabe to leave the clothes on the table before he left. Hibari ran his hand along Tsuna's head feeling the heat that radiated off of him. The touch awoke Tsuna from his slight slumber. He noticed Hibari hovering over him, but could bring himself to care as the couch was so fluffy and warm.

He was so comfortable that he didn't notice Hibari starting to undress him.


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