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~Hibirds everywhere~

Tsuna groaned a little as he woke up. He rubbed his eyes as he sat up looking around the disciplinarian chairman's office. It took him a moment to remember what happened, before his face flamed with a heavy blush. He noticed Hibari working at his desk; it seemed that he hadn't acknowledged him yet. He tried to stand up but immediately decided against it as his lower back was on fire.

"Hnn, ouch…." Tsuna mumbled as he rubbed his back trying to sooth the ache radiating from the area. Hibari looked up from his paperwork to the brunette who was disturbing him. Tsuna heard the scuffing of a chair being pushed back as he saw Hibari make his way over to him. He wanted to get up and run to the door but that would be impossible in the condition he was in. He watched as Hibari got closer and closer, his panic level rising. The prefect simply smirked at the others expression as he stood in front of the herbivore. Tsuna couldn't even look at him because he was so embarrassed, and Hibari obviously knew that.

"Herbivore." Tsuna turned his head, afraid of the consequences if he didn't. Hibari was now sitting on the coffee table that occupied the space in front of the couch, his face was calmer, his eyes appeared to be searching the other for something. Tsuna faced Hibari but every few moments his eyes would drift off somewhere from the intense gaze. Suddenly Hibari stood up, making Tsuna flinch a little, closing his eyes waiting for something to happen. He felt something soft graze lightly over his forehead. Tsuna realized that Hibari had kissed him, yet again. He looked up blushing from the strangely gentle gesture from the other. Hibari had already walked back to his desk, not seeming to care about the predicament the other was in.

Tsuna decided that Hibari actually wasn't going to hurt him for once and decided to stagger his way over to the desk which the little eggs and Hibird were resting on. It looked as if Hibari changed the nest while he was asleep, the lamp was still present, however there was now a blanket wrapped around the nest, Tsuna brushed his hand against it, finding it warm, it must have been a heating blanket. Tsuna ruffled Hibirds feathers a little as the bird was asleep, he smiled down at the cute scene as he petted Hibirds head, causing it to coo in its sleep a little. Hibari watched his Herbivore interact with Hibird and liked the way he was treating the other, especially when he smiled down at them contentedly.

There was a quiet knock at the door before Kusakabe entered the room carrying a small box that appeared to be a bento. Hibari nodded as the dark haired man set the meal on his desk before leaving just as quietly as he had entered. Tsuna stood, a little leaned over from his back hurting, wondering why Hibari wasn't eating. The prefect knew what was going through the others mind. In reality he had ordered it for his Herbivore since lunch was over. The brunette had slept right through it, which he knew he would. So it wasn't surprising when Tsuna's stomach made a noise of protest from not being fed. Tsuna blushed as he put a hand over his stomach, trying to sooth the noises. Sadly Tsuna hadn't realized the food was for him.

"I'm sorry-y, Kyoya-ah-ah I mean Hibari." Tsuna looked down afraid; he had said the prefects name accidently. He peered at the raven haired youth who didn't seem to mind. He let out a sigh of relief. "I-I'm going to g-go get some lun-nch." Tsuna managed to get out the simple sentence as he started to turn. He felt something grab his sleeve. Hibird had captured his sleeve in his beak, tugging a little on it to get his attention. Tsuna didn't understand what the little yellow fluffy bird wanted.

"The bento is for you." Hibari didn't look up as he continued to work studiously. Tsuna was shocked that Hibari had gotten him lunch, Hibari had never given him anything before except some bruises. He stepped over to the blue box and opened the sealed lid.

The bento was immaculate. Tsuna's mother had always made great bento's but they were usually leftovers and not freshly made. In the box below him were onigiri with furikake sprinkled on it, which appeared to be sesame seeds. Just below them was some curry in its own little divider. On the other side of the bento was two umeboshi, some broccoli, baby corn and baby carrots. There was also a hardboiled egg, some sushi rolls, and some teriyaki chicken. It looked as if it was just put together because the sides of the bento were still warm. The lunch smelled great and made Tsuna all the more hungry.

Tsuna picked up the bento wondering if he was allowed to eat in the office. He noticed Hibari staring at him seemingly satisfied. The prefect smirked as he pushed his chair back a little before patting his thigh. Tsuna's eyes widened slightly at what he knew was being asked.

"Um Hibari is t-there another chair?" Tsuna fidgeted as Hibari didn't say anything. He made his way over to the opposite side of the desk, hesitating, however Hibari pulled him onto his lap making the decision for him. Tsuna sat still for a moment slightly afraid that Hibari was going to do something but the prefect went right back to work, with his free arm wrapped securely around the brunette's waist. A little dejected Tsuna began to eat with the chopsticks that we're provided with the bento.

"Itadakemasu." He grabbed the onigiri first, taking a small bite. The food was unbelievably good. With his inhibitions gone Tsuna ate a little less unnerved by sitting on Hibari's lap. Half way through his meal Tsuna felt bad that he was eating all by himself. "Would you l-like some Hibari?" Tsuna glanced at the other who put down his pen before sitting a little straighter. Hibari leaned in before licking a little bit of sticky rice off the brunette's cheek.

"H-hiba—hmphhh!" Hibari continued to the sweet mouth open to him. Kissing deep and slow, Tsuna struggled to hold the bento in his lap. Hibari carefully plucked the box from his hands, setting it on the desk and then grabbed a umeboshi from the bento. He pulled back for a moment licking his lips before placing the tart treat in his mouth and went back to kissing the brunette. Tsuna's eyes closed as he felt Hibari's tongue swirl the small plum in his mouth. It wasn't long before the plum was devoured by them. Tsuna gasped for air as he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He gazed at Hibari whose lips were stained a little from the plum. He didn't know if it was the mood or if he was fulfilling some deep desire he had but he leaned in a licked at the prefects' lips before trying to initiate a kiss on his own. Hibari hummed as he stroked the brunette's stomach causing him to squirm in his lap.

"Ahh—! Hib…Kyoya!" Tsuna cried out as the hand teasing his stomach wormed its way into his pants. It didn't take long before his back arched as he came for a second time by Hibari's hand. He panted as Hibari sucked on his ear before trailing down to his neck and leaving a dark hickey.

"gochisosama" Hibari breathed into the red ear in front of him before lifting his dirtied hand to his mouth and licking off the remnants of what they just did. Tsuna was mortified and hid his head in his hands. Hibari chuckled a little causing Tsuna to peek through his fingers. The chairman simply went back to work as Tsuna sat, not knowing what to do.

The rest of the day was just as interesting.


For the next couple of days Tsuna could be seen entering and leaving the disciplinarian chairman's office much to everyone's surprise. The dame-student was not covered in bruises and not bitten to death as many thought he should have. It took a lot of haggling on Tsuna's part to stop Yamamoto and Gokudera from trying to snoop. He was actually being followed by most of the student population trying to get the dirt on why Tsuna seemed to be a special exception to the rules as of late.

Gokudera wasn't very happy about the situation but was glad that the dark bags under his boss's eyes were gone.

Yamamoto was happy with the situation as long as Tsuna was happy, although he noticed that Tsuna sometimes walked a little strange.

Tsuna still wasn't sure of what his and Hibari's relationship was but he hoped that it would last. He liked seeing Hibari's more gentle side even if it –ahem- led to some less than innocent happenings. He was getting more excited as Hibari had told him that the little eggs would hatch soon.

It wasn't but just a few days later that Hibari interrupted the morning classes to pull a more than eager Tsuna out of class. All of the other students and even Minato-sensei were shocked to see the dame-student excited by the disciplinarian chairman's appearance. Tsuna said bye to his other two guardians before leaving quickly. He trailed close behind Hibari too excited to think that all his work had finally paid off and he could see the babies.

As Hibari opened the door to the office, Tsuna was already squeezing past him to see if the chicks had hatched yet. Hibird was on the desk hopping around the nest, seeming just as excited as the brunette. Hibari came up behind amused by how happy his herbivore was. A couple of the eggs already had cracks in them, and they were wriggling around in the nest. After a few moments a little fluffy head popped out of one of the cracked eggs. And then another until they all hatched. Tsuna couldn't really help but make little noises at the baby birds. Hibird seemed to be more in a parenting mood and flew out of the open window, to what Tsuna supposed, was to get food. Hibari stood next to the brunette secretly proud that all the babies hatched and none seemed to be deformed in any way.

He snaked a hand around Tsuna's waist pulling him towards his chest. The brunette was still embarrassed by how Hibari would freely touch him but he had gotten over the acute nervousness he always seemed to have around the prefect.

"Congratulations." Tsuna heard Hibari speak into his hair. He smiled as he pulled back a little.

"I never had a chance to really say this, but I couldn't have done this without you K-kyoya." Tsuna fumbled with Hibari's name as it was a recent request that he say the prefects name in private. "So thank you and congratulations!" Tsuna stood on his tip toes and gave Hibari an innocent kiss on his lips. Hibari held the kiss for a moment before returning a light bite, playfully.

Tsuna pouted but didn't say anything as Hibari released him to take care and clean up the little birds.

Hibari hadn't been this content in some time.

However it didn't take long for the student population to figure out that, he, the disciplinarian chairman had been taking care of little chicks with Tsuna because Hibird would still call Tsuna mama and Hibari papa in public. Gokudera was less than pleased and on numerous occasions would antagonize the cloud guardian. Yamamoto however thought it was funny, as he always did, but he did enjoy seeing Tsuna laugh more.

The brunette actually brought out one of the chicks when it was old enough to show it to Chrome who wanted to see them. Needless to say Tsuna was captured by a not amused Hibari sometime later.

But Tsuna was glad that he had found and taken care of the baby birds with Hibari because, after all, it's what eventually brought them together and Tsuna couldn't be happier with the outcome.



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