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AJ sat in shock. Her eyes flooded with tears as she held a lifeless Punk in her arms. She slowly dragged her fingertips across his eyelids to close them. She couldn't believe that he was gone. It was so quick, she didn't even have time to stop it. If she could turn back time, she definitely would have already.

This was it. Her knight in shining armour was defeated. AJ cried silently as she wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. She looked at her fingertips to see the red on them.

"You promised, Punk. You promised you would take care of me." She whispered, the salty tears flowing down her cheeks and into her mouth. AJ placed her hand on his cheek and gently rested it there.

She drew in a deep breath and reached up to her face to wipe away the fresh tears. "I'm gonna miss you so much." AJ said, closing her eyes. She was going to have to face the world alone from now on.

"Wake up! AJ! Wake up. Come on!"

AJ's eyes shot open as she sat up in bed. She found herself panting and her cheeks wet. She looked beside her and found Punk, alive.

"Punk!" AJ chirped, shaking him until he was awake. Punk groaned and raised his eyebrows at AJ. "What's with you?" Punk yawned, forcing his eyes to stay open.

The brunette snuggled up to him and wrapped her arms around him. "I love you." AJ said, placing a kiss on his chest and smiling up at him.

Punk pulled her closer to him, slightly surprised at how she was acting. "I love you too." Punk said, letting his tongue run over his lip ring.

AJ dragged her fingers lightly across his chest, sending chills up and down his spine.

"I just wanted you to know, that's all." She said, batting her eyelashes at him.

Punk sat up and reached over to his sweater. AJ also sat up, wondering what he was up to.

"Well, there was something I wanted you to know too. But I guess I can't wait until later to tell you." Punk said, turning around to face AJ.

"What is it?" AJ asked, tilting her head up at him to admire his features. Punk smiled timidly at her before taking in a deep breath.

"Will you marry me?"

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