Part 1 - 764

The girl with the straw-colored hair twirled one of her pigtails around her finger absently while she listened to the conversations of those around her. Weekend plans, shopping, parties, clubs. These were the usual subjects talked about during class on a Friday afternoon.

Maka wasn't exactly an outgoing person, so while all this was going on she would probably be at home reading, or studying, or brushing up on new scythe techniques. Basically, her days off from school consisted only of preparing herself for more school. It wasn't that she wasn't popular, because the group invited her everywhere. Instead, this girl's separation was caused by her declination of every offer she was given.

It wasn't that she didn't like her friends either, because on the contrary she liked them a lot. But she knew how these things went. If she tagged along to all those weekend outings, she would end up alone and neglected in the corner, nose buried in a book. So she simply rejected all their invitations, telling herself that if she didn't she would only end up being the one rejected in the end.

That weekend, however, was different. Later that night, Black Star and Tsubaki would be leaving on a week-long mission, not to return until Sunday morning of the next week. Kid's mansion, Gallows Manor, was being renovated (God knows what for, the damn place was big enough already) so Liz and Patty were also leaving for the week, travelling to Europe for some sort of spa trip. As for the rest of the group, that left Kid, Soul, and Crona. Maka doubted the three of them would try and go anywhere fun themselves; after all, Black Star sort of was the life of the party, and without him or Patty things probably wouldn't get very interesting. Crona wouldn't be much fun to party with, much less anything else, and if Soul attempted to pick up chicks Kid would ruin it for him due to his obsession with symmetry. "Her breasts are asymmetrical," he would cry, a horrified expression on his face. Then he would either slap Soul and drag him away, or have a symmetry fit. Either one wouldn't be much fun for Soul, or the poor girl he was hitting on.

So upon this scenario, Maka assumed Soul would be staying home with her for the weekend, and she would cook for him, and clean up after him, and all those things she usually does when slobby men are around. But Maka liked a challenge, so she challenged herself to do all this without complaint. She was making a mental list of what needed to be done at home, when a conversation between Soul and Kid caught her attention. She opened a book and pretended to be reading while she eavesdropped.

"Yes, I'm afraid the renovations won't be done until Monday," Kid sighed, while arranging all his rings in symmetrical positions on his fingers. "Meanwhile I need to find someplace to stay…I suppose staying with my father is out of the question, since he's here all the time anyway."

"Anywhere else you're thinking about?" Soul asked aloofly, kicking his feet up on the desk and tucking his arms behind his head. He looked sideways at Kid, who was now stretching his hands out in front of him to admire the symmetry of his jewelry.

"Not really, no." Kid frowned, withdrawing his hands and instead folding his arms across his chest thoughtfully. "I suppose I could stay with Stein…"

Soul laughed. "Stay with us."

Maka stiffened. Soul was inviting Kid to stay with them at their apartment that they shared, without even asking her permission? She withheld herself from Maka Chopping him on the spot, telling herself it would be a dead giveaway that she was eavesdropping.

Kid, wide eyed, shook his head quickly. "No, no, that is completely out of the question, I wouldn't even dream of intruding—"

"Don't be silly, Kid, you're my bro!" Soul slung his arm around Kid's shoulder and continued, "I'm sure Maka won't mind. She hardly does anything other than read and clean, anyways."

Maka couldn't hold herself back any longer, and the four-inch-thick book she had been "reading" went crashing into the back of Soul's head.

"For your information, I do mind," she corrected matter-of-factly, ignoring Soul's cries of pain. "But I'm going to allow it, because Kid is a friend in need." She picked up her book and turned away. "Kid, you may stay with us until your renovations are done."

"Why, thank you, Maka—"

"—But there will be conditions."

Instead of chapters like the usual story, this one will have Parts. Each part will be anywhere between 300 and 1000 words, but I will try to keep it short because that means for much more updates.

I don't like to leave long author's notes, so...stick around, things should get interesting.(;

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