I have piercings of my own and I was sitting with my friends and we were discussing about piercings and tattoos back when Steve was just Steve Rogers so I decided to make it into a humorous fic.

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It is T-rated and has some cursing.

Teddy had a habit of biting her bottom lip or playing with her fingers when she was bored or concentrating on something.

It was her thing and it never bothered anyone so when she started nibbling her bottom lip when eyeing the engine to her bike she caught Steve staring and raised a brow.

"Something wrong Cap?" Teddy questioned turning to look at Steve who sat up straight on his stool, a bike also in front of him. He gave an awkward cough, glancing from his bike and to Teddy before answering her.

"Did it hurt?"

Teddy gave him a questioning look, eyeing the super soldier's scrunched up face, looking like he didn't want to be in the room and teddy laughed.

"Cap, if you goin' to do some lame ass flirtin with me I'm goin' to have to kick your ass."

The captain gave her a confused look before realization hit him and his face went red, he shook his head furiously.

"I meant your piercings!"

He blared and Teddy made an 'oh' sound before shrugging and going back to checking out her engine.

"It all depends on how you take da' pain Cap. The eyebrows didn't hurt but the lip one hurt a little bit."

Steve stayed silent, eyeing the fiery red head as she worked on her engine. The first thing he noticed when he first met Teddy was the piercings on her face, and the glare in her eyes.

She had two piercings on her right eyebrow and a lip piercing which he always caught her playing with when she didn't notice his staring. At first he was disgusted, who would allow a needle to go through their skin on their face!

He's gotten use to the piercings after Teddy purposely played with them or cleaned them near him just to annoy him, which she would defend herself by saying she was getting him use to the piercings.

Steve was still uncomfortable with them and believed she would be much prettier if she didn't have them, not that he would admit to her.

"Don't they hurt?"

Teddy stopped and turned again to the captain before sighing and leaning back on the workbench beside her.

"In the beginning when I firs' got them it would sting when they brushed against anything but otherwise no. People think it hurts like ell' when you get them but not really. Its just the fear of actually getting a piercing that makes people afraid."

Steve nodded, his back to her as he thought about what she said, he never had a piercing so he shouldn't really judge her about them. He rubbed his brow in thought and didn't notice Teddy smile at him.

"Why so curious? Is our captain wantin' to be a bad boy?" Teddy asked before laughing at Steve's face when it turned white.

"Why would I want a piece of metal stuck in my face?" Steve said, frowning at the woman and Teddy just laughed and walked over to the sitting man and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Come on Steve, you know I'm jus' messin with ya. I know the Avengers can't have their little poster boy do anything reckless." Teddy teased, enjoying Steve's go from white to red as he turned and glared at her.

"I am not their 'poster boy' and for your information back then I was as wild as anyone!"

Teddy snorted, giving Steve a mocking look.

"Yea. Littering and staying after curfew aren't you a bad boy."

She muttered; her smirk turned into a full on grin when Steve refused to look at her.

"I'm right aren't I?"

Steve gave a small grunt, his face still red as he turned to his bike, working on its lights and ignoring Teddy's arm wrap around his neck and place her chin on top of his head.

"Don't worry big boy, I'll play baddie for both of us."

She muttered and kissed the top of his head before grabbing the wrench from his hand and moving away while he got up and glared at her.

"I hate it when you screw with me."

Steve said, rubbing the top of his hair and covering up the back of his neck with his jacket, knowing it was glowing red because of the vixen woman in front of him. Teddy just smirked and walked closer to him as he took a step back, his eyes trailing the curves on her body before looking at her grinning eyes.

"That's why I do it, your reaction makes my day." She said, placing the wrench back into his hand.

"I suggest you hurry fixing dat' bike Cap, you don't want to be unprepared." She said smacking his ass when he turned back to his bike and snickering when his face turned even redder.

Steve turned to yell at her but saw her walking to the exit and glared at her back.

"You know that's not very ladylike!"

He yelled to her and she turned and gave him a coy smirk, her eyes turning back to their usual glare.

"I'm a convict Cap, I don't have time to be a lady."

She said before leaving and Steve tried to calm down before turning back to his bike, his face still red.

"Woman today are so strange!"

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