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"My, my if looks could kill." Stark said hiding his smirk behind the menu as Teddy directed her glare from the blonde waitress to the billion-dollar man. Steve Rogers tried to do another team bonding and Fury not wanting to deal with a team of super deadly adults that acted like moody teenagers quickly agreed with Steve and allowed him to do what ever he thought would be good for the team, And the first thing he comes up with was to go to an old 90's restaurant and eat a breakfast together.

Stark being completely bored just shrugged and agreed, grabbing the closed in Bruce Banner and coaxing him and Thor with the all you can eat pancakes. Clint being himself went along with it with a nod, Natasha however…

Teddy glanced over at the doors of the restaurant and watched Clint either bribe or blackmail the black Widow Natasha into coming in and joining the team. Teddy shook her head and turned away and remembered why she was also here.


"Hey Teddy I was wondering if you wanted to go ea-"

Steve froze when he saw the team's very own convict slam her leather heels down onto the oven, it was smoking and Steve could see electric wires coming out of the holes teddy was putting in it. Her face was blank as she continued to kick the oven like it was something she did every morning.

After a few minutes of Teddy kicking the oven and the wires starting to spark she stopped and turned to Steve.

"It's broken."

She said simply ready to kick the oven again but Steve quickly grabbed her and almost carried her to the restaurant, giving himself a mental note to tell someone of the hazard teddy and the oven was togather.


She sighed, rubbing the back of her head while swirling the large amount of sugar in her coffee, Glaring at the waitress again through her bangs and Tony gave a chuckle.

"You know he's going to notice the two burnt holes in the woman's face if you keeping doing that."

Tony said and Teddy snorted, not even looking at him as she replied.

"Aren't you suppose to be on your knees with a ball in your mouth for Logan somewhere."

Tony chuckled, placing the menu down and giving Teddy his usual smug look.

"Its Tuesday. It's my day off from being sexually molested by my darling bunny."

Teddy looked at Tony with a raised brow before shaking her head; making sure no sudden images appear.

"I don't want to know." Teddy mumbled, feeling a headache when Tony's smug smirk grew as he leaned closer. "Besides he's only talking to the girl to get a jealous reaction out of you."

Teddy snorted again, putting another sugar pouch in her coffee before glancing over at the two blondes to see them wrapped up in a conversation that made Steve's eyes glow, it made Teddy sick.

The chick was too close for my liking, her hand was resting on his arm and she hovered over him and letting him a good look at her chest not that Steve noticed; he was such a boy scout that he wouldn't notice an easy woman that was currently in front of him.

Are you one of them?

Teddy shook her head and quickly looked away when she found herself still staring at the two while lost in thought. She almost groaned when she turned to see Tony grinning at her.

"And it seems its working. Its a little ironic though, our bad girl is liking the little goody soldier."

"Shut up."

He just rolled his eyes before scooting closer to her and Teddy had the sudden thought of Tony Stark being the closest thing she had to a gay friend which made her give a groan and hide her face in her hands.

"You know it's your fault for him talking to that girl. If you didn't continue to glare at him while he was talking to you he would still be here talking to you and not that girl."

Teddy peaked through her fingers at Bruce Banner who was reading the newspaper with a stack of pancakes beside him. For a man that was afraid of human interaction he was taking being in public very well, making teddy believe he had a split personality; and being psycho was her job.

"Never though you were one for advice when it comes to people."

Teddy murmured drinking her no cold coffee with distaste and Bruce rolled his eyes and Tony continued to grin, enjoying the 'outing' more then he thought he would.

"He wanted this outin' so he shouldn't be talking to dat' chick, he should be hangin wit' us."

"You mean with you?"

"Shut up Stark."

"Just admit that you care for Rogers."

"Shut up Banner."

"Going back to using last names again?"



Teddy jolted and turned to look at Steve who was smiling at her from his seat with the waitress looking at her, a shy smile on her face as she eyed up teddy; noticing the blazing red hair and the glare she had in her eyes even when they were looking at Steve in question and not in anger, at least not at the moment.

"Can you come here?"

Teddy blinked quickly in surprise, ignoring Tony's snickering as she awkwardly got off the stool and walked over to the blonde duo. Steve quickly got up and stood beside her, he beamed down at Steve.

"Laura, this is teddy the one I've been talking about?"

Teddy's lip twitched as she turned to look at Steve with a fierce frown and a raised brow, confusion written on her face.

"You've been talking abou' me Rogers?"

"Good things!"

Laura said stepping in when she felt the heat of Teddy's stare on Steve; this woman obvisouly did not like herself being known. Laura smiled big; clutching the many menus in her hands as she remembered all the things Steve said and warned her about.

1. Don't keep eye contact with her if her glare is full on.

2. Don't lie to Teddy or you will have no hope for her trust.

3. Don't piss of teddy.

Laura chuckled when Steve told her those rules but now that she was standing in front of said woman she fully understood.


Teddy's voice was a little deep but it was smooth at the same time and Laura's smile grew and she quickly nodded her head to teddy before looking to Steve.

"She is just like you said; I never knew someone could have such blaze hair."

Laura said with an awkward chuckle and Teddy tilted her head, her face still blank as Steve moved closer to Teddy.

"I was hoping that you could give some of your famed cheesecake to teddy, she has a very big sweet tooth."


Steve just chuckled while Teddy just scoffed but quickly took the plate of cheesecake when presented; glaring at Steve when he took the first bite.

Teddy sighed, nibbling on the cheesecake keeping the fork in her mouth as she slightly leaned into Steve glad that this woman wouldn't become future competition; not that she cared!

Tony smirked watching Teddy but most importantly watching Steve watch teddy.

"Ah the awkward faze~"

"You think those two will finally get together."

"Maybe. It will be interesting when teddy starts calling Steve her bitch when around other woman."

"You don't honestly believe tha-"

"Why is black willow climbing up that tree?"

Thor said making both Bruce and Tony look out the windows to see Natasha climb up a tree with an annoyed look and Clint quickly following her.

"Well Thor. That's what you would call…bird mating."

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