A/N This one takes place in modern day London and is an AU. There will also be yaoi, though probably nothing too graphic.

To say that Grell Sutcliff was excited was an understatement. He had been up all night, doing God-knows-what in between waking his partner up in order to talk his ears off.

William sighed as the two sat at the breakfast table. Grell was humming and bouncing his leg up and down to a tune that only he could hear.

"Grell, will you please calm down?" William tried in the nicest tone he could muster for such an early morning – he had eventually given up on trying to sleep after being woken up for about the seventh time by Grell.

"But, Will…" Grell pouted and put his half-eaten toast down on his plate.

William sighed again. He pushed his glasses up, mainly out of habit, before he fixed Grell with a cold glare. How anyone could be so cheerful at five-thirty in the morning after an entire night of activity was beyond him.

"I swear if you don't calm down, Sutcliff, you can go by yourself." William threatened.

Grell winced. He knew that William never made idle threats. He picked his toast back up and bowed his head in submission. "…Sorry, Will…"

William's tone softened as he spoke again. "It's fine, Grell. I'm just not a morning person. You know that."

A smile returned to Grell's face at these words. "I know."

William glanced at the clock that hung on the overhead wall. He swore that the pointers had not moved at all since he had gotten into the kitchen with Grell. He stood up and tipped his coffee out in the sink. He kissed Grell's cheek before he headed back upstairs to go and get ready for the day.

William couldn't deny that he was just as excited as Grell – okay, maybe not as excited, but still. He was looking forward to going down to the orphanage to find a child to adopt. Grell had been begging for a child ever since he was young, and it had only grown worse since he had gotten together with William five years ago. The raven-haired had decided that Grell was deserving of a child after having managed to keep such a steady relationship.


When the two arrived at London orphanage a few hours later, Grell could hardly believe that he was not dreaming. He gripped William's hand painfully tight as they walked in through the door, forgetting that his lover hated displaying affection in public more than anything.

"Oh, Will, I can't wait!" Grell spoke in a hushed whisper as he wrapped his arms around the elder. They were currently following one of the workers through the halls, on their way to see the kids. "Thank you so much for agreeing!"

William remained silent but he squeezed Grell's hand to let him know that he had heard him.

When they stepped into the room where the kids were currently held, they were almost overwhelmed by the amount of children that they could pick from. Grell let out a squeal of excitement before he pulled away from William and stepped into the middle of the room, looking around in eagerness.

William, however, stayed calm as he walked to Grell's side, the orphanage worker just behind them. She pointed out two children in one of the far corners of the room.

"I think one of them will make a lovely addition to your family." The woman smiled. "They're very sweet and well-mannered children."

Grell and William smiled at the two children who were currently playing with building blocks.

"We would like to have a look at most of the children here before we make up our mind." William exclaimed.

"Oh, of course." The woman smiled. "Almost all of the children here are very happy and will be good for first-time parents. As all children, they all have their perks and downsides. The good thing is that most of their downsides are not too troublesome and can be worked upon with patience."

"Oh, Will, we're gonna pick a lovely child!" Grell smiled and buried his face in William's chest.

William's eyes scanned the room. So far, all he had seen was children laughing and smiling as they played together, but a lock of blonde hair soon caught his attention. He looked closer, finding one boy hiding away in the corner. He had hair that was blonde on the top and black on the bottom, styled in a wavy manner. William couldn't help but notice that the child was sitting against the wall with his knees drawn up to his chest, staring at the ground.

"Who is he?" William pointed to the boy.

The woman looked over before she frowned. "…That's Ronald. I would not recommend him to anyone…"

Grell's eyes had wandered over to the child. He lifted his head from his lover's chest and glanced at the lady. "What's wrong with him?"

"No one really wants him." The lady explained. "People always bring him back saying that he's too hard to handle. He's got… Problems."

"What, like health problems?" William questioned.

The woman shook her head. "No. Well, he has some health problems, but otherwise it's all mental. He keeps to himself so we haven't really been able to look at his behaviour, but most people say that he's a whole new kind of anti-social."

"But he looks so adorable!" Grell said. "Will, I want him!"

"Grell, no." William frowned. "We've never had a child before and we don't know anything about him."

Grell whimpered before he turned his attention to the worker. "He's been abused, hasn't he?"

The woman's eyes widened before she spoke. "…Excuse me?"

"Someone's abused him." Grell stated. "I can tell."

"And what gives you that idea? I'm sorry, but his background is confidential unless you're willing to take him on board."

"Please, Will…" Grell turned his puppy-dog expression back onto the elder. "I really, really want him…"

William sighed. He ran a hand through Grell's hair. He knew what the problem was. He placed a kiss on the Sutcliff's forehead before he turned to the worker.

"Okay, listen." William started. "If that kid has been abused, we'll take him. If not, we'll take him anyway."

"I-I really don't think…"

"Grell wants him. Grell always gets what he wants in the end."

"That kid has been through more foster homes and adoptions than any other kid in this place. I don't think you're ready…"

Grell shrugged. "I was a problem child, too. I went through homes like I did shoes. I was abused. But then a family came along and took me in and they never gave up on me. Why would I give up on another kid?"

"Grell…" William placed his hands on the younger's cheeks. "Grell, we're going to take him, okay? Don't get worked up."

Grell nodded. He buried his face back into William's chest.

"I see." The woman nodded. "I'm sorry to hear that, Mr. Sutcliff."

"Miss!" Grell hissed.

The woman raised an eyebrow. William quickly intervened.

"It's Miss… He insists upon being a woman. Don't question him."

"…Right… Just come forward and talk to Ronald and make sure that he's the one for you, okay?"

William nodded. He pulled Grell over to the corner where the boy was hiding from everyone. They knelt before the child who only tensed at their proximity.

"Ronald, this is Grell Sutcliff and William T. Spears," the woman introduced in a gentle manner. William was quick to notice that she was speaking slowly and kept her hands in the boy's sight at all times. "They're interested in adopting you."

"…" Ronald's wide eyes watched the two males in suspicion. Grell watched as his right hand moved and started scratching at his left arm.

"Hi, Ronald." William said. "I'm William. This is my partner, Grell. We would be really happy if you would like to come home with us."

"…" Ronald's scratching only increased.

Grell reached out, intending to grab the boy's hand. "Don't do that."

Ronald cried out and flinched when the red-head's hand came closer. He scooted backwards, slamming himself against the wall.

Grell frowned. He pulled his hand back and looked to William.

"He's afraid of physical contact." The worker explained. "Please do try and refrain from touching him."

Grell nodded. "Ronald, I can't help but notice what you're doing to your arm. May I ask what's wrong?"

Ronald shook his head and stared down at his lap. His scratching started back up again, but this time with more ferocity. Grell tried to act oblivious to the blood that was now dripping from re-opened scars on the boy's arm, but it broke his heart.

"Sweetie, you shouldn't do that." Grell whispered. "Scratching yourself is a sign of anxiety. You hardly need to be afraid of us."

Ronald shook his head again, refusing to speak.

"Does he speak?" William asked.

"He does – rarely. This is what I was talking about earlier – he needs lots of love and patience."

"I can give him that!" Grell cried. "Honest, I can!"

William nodded. "I do agree with him. And it's not like we'll be doing it on our own – we have friends who can help once he settles in."

The woman looked extremely hesitant but she nodded anyway. "If you'll follow me, I have forms in my office that will need to be filled out."

Grell grinned excitedly. He wrapped his arms around William's neck and placed a kiss on the elder's cheek.

"I love you, Will."

Before William could scold him about his statement in public, Grell was gone. He shook his head as he got up and followed behind the woman.

"I'm sorry about Grell." William muttered. "He's a hyperactive idiot at times, but he's just really happy."

"It's not a problem." The woman smiled. "I'm just glad to see someone serious about this."