Ronald's tiny feet crept through the blackened hallway of his new home as he made his way to Grell's room. He had been trying so hard to sleep, but it was hard when all he could do was replay over and over in his mind what had happened in that office, and the terror he had felt at watching William be taken away in an ambulance. He had been glad that Grell had taken him home, but no matter how much time had passed, he still hadn't been able to stop thinking about what had happened.

Never before had Ronald tried to seek out someone else's comfort, but he couldn't help it tonight; he was scared, and he just didn't want to be alone.


Ronald stopped just outside the door to Grell's room; Grell was crying.

"Y-you don't understand... I-I… I can't lose Will… You don't understand!"

The boy cocked his head to the side; Grell must have been on the phone with someone because he couldn't hear anyone else talking. He stayed outside the door, not sure if he should go in or not; would he be in trouble if he were to go inside…?

"Eric… Eric, that's besides the point…" Ronald could hear the man sniffing back more tears. "And now, Ronnie might never be able to trust us… What if I lose them…? I don't want to be alone, Eric… I-I'm so scared of being alone…"

It was then Ronald decided he knew what needed to be done; he pushed the door open and made a beeline to the bed so he could climb up onto the mattress and hide his face against Grell's chest.

Grell was frozen in shock; how could Ronald… still trust them after what happened…? He blinked back tears and slowly threaded his fingers through blond-black hair as he whispered into the phone, "I'll call you back, Eric; Ronnie's here…"

It wasn't much, but for what it was, the two of them fell asleep easily that night, despite the heaviness weighing on their minds.

"Are you okay, Ronnie?"

It was the first thing Ronald heard when his eyes opened the next morning. He looked up, just making out the blurry image of Grell reaching to the side to take his glasses from the bedside drawer. He moved closer so he could lay his head against the man's thigh. "…W-william…"

Grell wrapped his arm around the boy's shoulders. "What's wrong, hon?"

Ronald licked his lips as he recalled the way the man had put himself between Ronald and danger. Even now, he still couldn't wrap his head around it; did that mean… William really wasn't a bad person, after all…? "…He… protected me…"

The redhead gave a sad smile. "Yes, that is the kind of person my William is, after all. We both care about you, Ronnie; that's why we adopted you. We'd both do that for you."

Ronald sighed softly. He closed his eyes as thoughts ran through his mind. "Can I… stay with you, Grell…?"

"Honey, of course you can," Grell promised. "I would never leave you by yourself. We're going to go to the hospital and see Will today so make sure you bring something to play with so you don't get bored. We'll get lunch after that. Okay?"

The child nodded. He mumbled what had been bothering him for a few months now. "…I can't see very well… My eyes always hurt, and it's hard to see anything properly…"

"You might need glasses like we do. I'll take you to get your eyes tested, sweetheart. Now run and get dressed."


Grell watched as the boy left the room before he, too, got out of bed and moved to get his clothes. From what the nurses had told him, William was going to be okay, but he still couldn't abandon the paranoia that something was going to happen, and he was going to lose William. He fought against the tears that threatened to fall; what would he do without William by his side?

Ronald hated to see William at the hospital. It wasn't that he hated the man, rather he couldn't stand to see the bandage and all of the drips connected to him; the boy felt as if it were his fault this had happened, and he didn't want to see anymore.

William, however, seemed pleased to see them both as he closed the book he had been reading before their entrance. "Hello, Ronald."

Ronald didn't know what had taken over him as he found himself pulling his hand from Grell's and running to William's side so he could wrap his tiny arms around the other. The man winced as his wound was disturbed, but he didn't push Ronald away; in fact, he was just glad to see the child behaving just like any other.

Grell came to stand behind Ronald, and he threaded his fingers through his adoptive child's messy hair as he heard tell-tale sobs coming from where the youngest had hidden his face against William's chest.

"I think you've just made a new friend, Will." Grell fixed his frames as William sent him the warmest look he had ever seen the older male wear.

William didn't respond; he moved his arm to carefully wrap around Ronald's shoulders and hold him close. He had never been one for affection, but he needed to show the boy he did care. "Ronald, as long as you are happy, I will be fine. I give you my sincerest apologies for what happened; I only want you to be happy."

Ronald lifted his head to meet William's gaze. His tear-stained face donned a bright smile as tears continuously flowed down his cheeks. His voice was soft, tender, as he said, "I-I… I am happy… G-grell said he's… he's gonna… take me to get my eyes checked… And we can have lunch today… And now… you're gonna be okay, too… So I'm happy…"

There weren't many times William had smiled, but now was one of them; his lips twitched upwards as he raised his free hand and ruffled Ronald's hair; maybe… Ronald had just needed someone who wasn't going to fail him.