Several years had passed by since Ronald had been adopted by Grell and William. It was his fifteenth birthday that day, and he was rather excited, having been promised that he would get a wonderful present.

Currently, the boy was sitting at the dining table, waiting for William to finish cooking their breakfast. Grell was in town with Alan and Eric, helping them decide on their presents for Knox.

"Are you excited, Ronald?" William asked as he placed a plate of pancakes in front of his adopted son.

Ronald smiled brightly and nodded. "Yes, William. Will I get a cake again?"

William allowed one of his rare smiles to grace his face as he nodded. "Of course. That's what happens on birthdays, after all."

Ronald giggled as he fiddled with the fork in his hand. He then looked down at his plate, licking his lips as he smelt the delicious aroma of pancakes wafting from in front of him. He made the first slice through his food and lifted it to meet his lips, eating it happily.

Things had changed ever since William had gotten out of the hospital all those years ago. Ronald was more open and affectionate, and he trusted them, knowing that no one who would throw themselves in front a bullet for him was a bad person at heart.

William sat across the table from Ronald, sipping at his coffee as he read the newspaper. Things were quiet, but both of them liked it that way; the boy liked being around William because it was usually in comfortable silence, and he liked Grell because the flamboyant man was so outgoing but knew the boundaries.

Spears put his paper down when he felt a small tug at his sleeve. He looked at the black-blond haired child and smiled. "What is it, Ronald?"

Ronald smiled shyly, pulling himself off the table and sitting back in his chair. "...When will I get my present?"

"When Grell gets back. He is picking it up for you today."

Ronald nodded, excited to find out what he got. The last birthdays he had spent with Grell and William, he had gotten lots of things he liked, like his own TV and some movies and even games. He wondered what he would get this year.

Alas, the two didn't wait for long before Grell arrived back home, accompanied by Eric and Alan who had their own presents in their arms. The redhead made a quick stop in the living room before he rushed into the dining room and wrapped his arms around his child, hugging him tightly.

"Ronnie~!" the male squealed excitedly. "I have the best present for you! You'll love it!"

Alan and Eric stepped forward, offering their gifts with wishes of a happy birthday. Ronald eagerly tore open the wrapping paper, finding a book from Alan and a set of DVDs from Eric.

"Thank you." Ronald smiled up at his elders, feeling comfortable around the two; Alan was sweet and Eric always made him laugh. "I love them."

"My present~!" Grell picked Ronald up and carried him into the living room before he placed him in front of a cardboard box. He grinned and gestured for him to open it.

Ronald tilted his head and did as he was told, and he was honestly surprised when a black and white furry creature jumped out at him. He fell over, looking down at what was now sitting on his lap, shocked to find a tiny kitten meowing up at him. It looked just like Kitty, but it was much, much smaller.

Ronald giggled and brought the baby animal into his arms, hugging it carefully as he smiled up at Grell. "Thank you, Grell. This is the best present ever."

Grell hugged the boy as William and their friends joined them in the living room, smiling at the scene; it was heart-warming to see the boy who had been afraid of everyone so happy at being given his own pet.

"You'll look after her, won't you?" William asked, kneeling next to the boy as he stroked the kitten's silky fur. "She's a lovely kitten."

Ronald smiled wider. "I-I'll take care of her, William. Can I name her Chocolate?"

Grell and Eric laughed merrily while Alan smiled and William nodded.

"Of course you can," William said gently. "She's yours."

Ronald stood up and placed the kitten on the ground before he charged at his elders and hugged all four of them tightly, burying his face into their stomachs as he smiled brighter than ever.

"Thank you all so much!" the child snuggled in closest to Grell, having always felt happiest around him.

The four adults smiled, sitting down with Ronald so that they could spend the day with him. All four of them could see the progress the boy was making, from being so scared of people who wouldn't even look at them so much as touch them, to the boy who was always smiling and loved being hugged.

They could all see that, even though there was room for improvement, Ronald would soon be happier than ever, his scars all but forgotten.