A/N: Hey guys, this is really an experiment ^^ It's been in my head, and I kinda thought that this was how, if daryl had a sister, that she would act. This characters has nothing to do with my other fic Stolen Into The Night, so don't worry those that are reading it ^^

Daryl moved silently through the undergrowth, looking for some game to shoot. Winter was settling in quickly, bringing bone aching chills by night. Everybody had moved into the house a while ago, after Rick killed Randall and lay his body next to Dale's grave. There was a rustle and Daryl jumped, pointing his crossbow at the bush that just moved. He sighed and turned back around, looking at the ground for tracks.

"Musta' been a Racoon." He muttered, looking around, then back at the ground.

"You mistake me for a Racoon, brother?" Daryl whirled around, his crossbow up again and ready to shoot. There standing in front of him, was his sister Rose Dixon, her hunting knife out and ready to strike, a playful smirk on her face. She was wearing long jeans, her black tank top visible from underneath her leather jacket. Her boots poked out from under her jeans and were strapped tightly to her feet. She tossed her long, rich dark brown hair from her eyes. It hung to just above the waist in long ringletts.

That's right, she always liked having her hair long, even when she was young girl. It's not like she had a choice, pop wouldn't cut her hair anyways.

She to had a crossbow, which hung loosely on her back. It was slightly smaller then Daryl's, but did the same amount of damage.

"Oh, my big brother ain't happy to see me." She laughed, straightening up and putting the knife away. She looked so much older now and had an air of badassery around her as she walked. The last time he had seen her, she was ten and he was fifteen, being kicked out of the house by pop. She was begging him not to go, begging him not to leave her alone with their father, but he had no choice. That was good fifteen years ago now that you mention it. Damn, it had been a while, hadn't it?

"Did you think that only you and Merle could survive this?" She made a face, striding over to him. She didn't walk, she strode wherever she went. She must have built up a wall of confidence when Daryl left or something like that.

"I wasn' expectin' to see ya again." He said gruffly.

"Right, so what your sayin' is ya thought I was dead like the rest of the world." She said, looking into his eyes. Her eyes were a dark blue, dark and cold.

"But I've news for you brother, I'm very much alive." Daryl never thought about seeing her again, maybe because he went away, far away from where he came from. He was never going to go back and see his damn father and he didn't know where his mother went. She was probrably dead anyways.

"Speakin' of Merle, where is his dumbass?" Daryl stopped a moment. How the hell was he supposed to break it to her that he wasn't with him?

"I don't know Rose." Daryl said, looking her in the eyes. He didn't know how she was going to react. Merle had always been on pop's good side, so he got to stay after Daryl got kicked out of the house. Merle was there for Rose, and she seemed eager to see him.

"As in, your on a hunt and you don't know, or you really don't know because he's not with you?" Rose's voice changed. She talked to him in a firmer voice that was on the edge of anger.

"He was handcuffed to a roof in Atlanta." Daryl told her, walking away. Rose followed him, a look of rage on her face.

"You left out brother handcuffed to a roof!" Huh. funny, he said those same words to Rick when he told him. Her eyes were on fire nowm glaring into his. Daryl was annoyed now. Who the hell was this bitch, coming up here after not seeing him for fifteen years and yelling at him?

"I was on a hunt alone, waht did you expect me to do Rose? Poof my way there and save him? I ain't a damn fairy." Daryl snapped. Damn, siblings were fucking annoying. Rose narrowed her eyes. "So Merle decided to go to the city, full of walkers, alone? He's not that much of a dumbass and I'm not stupid, Daryl. Who was he with."

Daryl sighed and thought again. He couldn't lead her to the group, but she had a right to know what happened to their brother.

"There's another group I'm stayin' with. He was causin' trouble." He told her and he kept walking.

Rose sneered at him. "So you need others." She laughed. "And your what, their errand boy? Their hunter." She laughed louder. Daryl turned away from her again. Stupid bitch didn't know what she was talkin about.

"So, you'd turn away from your own kin for a bunch of strangers." She threw the words at his back like razor sharp knives. Daryl turned on his heel, raising his crossbow to her chest.

"Listen lady, I haven't seen you in fifteen years. What the hell do you expect me to do." Daryl growled, but Rose just laughed, her fingers dancing on his crossbow.

"It'll take more then that to get me to leave." She told him, stepping out of his line of fire.

"Now, why don't you take me to this group of yer's, I wanna meet whoever handcuffed Merle to the roof of a building."

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