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It seemed as if time had slowed down to Carol as Rick lay Daryl on the bed, blood gushing from his wound. Gun fire could still be heard as the rest of the survivors fought the dead that was making their way towards the house. Lori, Beth and T-Dog had already gone, not knowing of Daryl. He was pale and unmoving s Hershel loomed over him, working his shirt off and revealing the scars that lay beneath the fabric that protected him night and day.

Carol felt the dry blood on her hands, watching as the walkers came closer and closer to the house, remembering how close to death she had just been. If it weren't for Rick, she would be dead by now. Andrea had saved her and she had turned right around and almost got herself killed again. Rick had saved her when she went down, he had shot off the walkers that had snagged their hands in her jacket pulling her back.

"Rick, they're getting closer!" Carol called to him as the herd shambled closer, the group picking them off one by one, yet more seemed to fill their places as they fell. She decided to keep watch, seeing as that was all she could do. Heart hammering in her chest, Carol looked to the window, watching as the cars wove around the field, Glenn hanging out the window as they fought to keep their home.

"We'll have to move him." Rick was telling Hershel, sweat and blood staining his clothes. His hands and face were splattered with blood, sweat gleaming on his face as he looked to Hershel for answers. Hershel shook his head, looking up with a grim look on his face.

"He's to unstable to move Rick." Carol felt her heart jump as she looked back them, her eyes falling on Daryl. Carol had never been as afraid for Daryl as she had been now. She knew he could fight walkers all day long, but now he looked as small and weak as the next person.

"Where is she!" Came the furious yell from downstairs. Carol jumped as Rose banged her way upstairs, appearing at the foot of stairs, her long hair disheveled, dirt covering her face, a cut running down the side of her face. She was panting wildly now, trembling with rage or fear, Carol didn't know.

"Where is that bi-" she stopped mid sentence as her eyes fell on her brother's form laying on the bed, his broken figure flashing before her eyes. Her hands flew to her mouth, a small moan escaping from her mouth.

"No!" she gasped, stumbling forward, her hair falling in her face as she rushed to her brother, ignoring everyone else, even Hershel as he tried to push her away.

"Oh my god, Daryl." she murmured, her hand on his cheek as she ran a finger over it. Carol watched her, her arms wrapped around herself. Rose actually looked like she could go five minutes without biting someones head off. Carol shook her head guiltily. There was no need to think like that about anyone, especially now.

"Where is she." Rose finally spoke after five minutes of silence, her green eyes piercing Carol, anger flaring in them. "Where is she." she repeated.

Carol frowned, looking down. She knew she didn't want to Lori now. Lori had shot Daryl on accident. It was dark that night, everything was happening so fast and Lori didn't know where Carl was either. He had gone looking for his father after Rick had gone with Shane with investigate Randall's escape.

Randall, the boy they had brought back, debated about, kept prisoner after he was left behind by his group at the old bar in town. The boy Daryl and Rose had intimidated together. The boy who had gotten out when Daryl and Rose had gone hunting, the time they were needed the most.

"She's...Gone." Carol's voice cracked under Rose's harsh glare, which grew harsher as she stood up, pulling her hair back from her eyes.

"Aren't you good for anything!" she snapped, her teeth bared now. "You don't hunt, you can't keep yourself safe and you can't even keep track of a simple human being for more than five minutes at a time! No wonder you're daughters dead, she's probably in a safer place anyways!"

Carol flinched, her words like a slap in the face. Rose was just inches from her, just as Daryl had been a few nights ago. Rose had particularly liked that. Carol drew herself up. She wasn't going to stand for this. Rose had been especially brutal towards her now after Carol had found her with Shane late one night.

He may have been a hot headed asshole, but something had definitely attracted Rose to him. Maybe it had been that she hadn't had sex in a while, or because Shane had been sweet to her that night. All she knew was the next moment, her and Shane were rolling around in the hay of the stable floor, his mouth hot on hers.

How Carol found them was embarrassing and she tried not to think of it as she stared Rose in the face, her harmful words sinking in. Carol had been taking a walk to clear her head. This was after Daryl had unleashed his rage and frustration on her. She had gone to the only place she could think of going to find some closure. To the animals. There were barn cats and of course the Horses.

Yet what she found was more than she had bargained for, especially after she learned about Lori and suspected Andrea. Finding Shane on top Rose was modifying, especially after the young woman hated her so much anyways.

Carol stared Rose in the eyes, seeing a strong resemblance to Daryl there. But Carol wasn't a afraid. She stared right back at Rose.

"Rose, I don't care what you do, say or think. Quiet frankly, I don't care about you. You don't have to like me and I don't have to like you but I'll be damned if I sit here and take this from you." Carol's voice grew louder as she spoke, cutting through the air like knives, her eyes boring into Rose's.

It was quiet afterword, Rose still looking into Carol's eyes before turning away to watch Hershel work on her brother. "Rick, Rick I need you." Hershel called to him, his hands bloody, the sheets Scarlett.

"He's collapsing and I need my bag!" Hershel called to Rick, his hands pressed firmly to the bullet wound. Gunshot could still be heard from where they stood. Rose and Carol both jumped, their heads turned towards the room. Carol glanced through the closed window, her breath coming in gasps.

More walkers trailed towards the house now, the others still battling against them.

"Rose, you need to get out there!" Rick called over to her as he tried to stanch Daryl's bleeding. Rose pulled her gun from her belt, taking the safety off, casting a smug look at Carol.

"On it Rick." she said seriously, her eyes flicking to Carol's a minute before she raced from the room and down the stairs, her gun going off just as she reached the porch.