A.N.-I haven't written any ouran for a while so please bear with me. I'm glad you guys enjoyed Our Growing Love and Our Love is Still Growing. So I made another sequel, and I hope you guys enjoy it as well. Arigatou.

Haruhi's Apartment

"Hai, Hai, I understand," Haruhi's father had just gotten off the phone with the principal. "Haruhi, darling!"

"What!" Haruhi coldly answered.

"Watcha doing?" her dad peeked into her room.

"Studying," Haruhi was surrounded by a mountain of books and notebooks as well as pencils and erasers.

"Ah, well I wanted to talk to you for a while," her dad tried to be his normal self but Haruhi caught on and put down her pencil and turned her attention to her dad.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Well, I just talked to your principal and they have this wonderful uh…offer," Haruhi's father cleared his throat.

"Just get on with it," Haruhi sighed.

"Okay, okay, well they offered to assist you with your studies further,"


"Well…they offered for you to represent their school in America, a student exchange,"

"For how long?"

"The remaining months of school,"

"What do you think about this, Otosan," Haruhi asked.

Her father was taken aback with her question. "Well, I want you to experience new things." He gave her a sincere smile.

Haruhi nodded. But that means I'll be leaving everyone then.

"Think about your own future, my love," her father said before leaving Haruhi with her own thoughts. Haruhi quickly shifted in study mode again and knocked down the mountain of homework and tests she had to study for.

Lunch time

"Haru~Hi," the Hitachiin brothers chimed in.

"Hmm?" Haruhi was eating her usual plain lunch box.

"What's the matter Haru-chan?" Hunny asked. "You seem kinda down."

"I'm just overly tired, that's all," Haruhi petted Hunny's head.

"Tired!" Tamaki exclaimed.

"Don't think you can just barge in this conversation," Hikaru pushed Tamaki's face away from Haruhi.

"Why, my love?" Tamaki kneeled down and took Haruhi's hand and kissed it.

"Don't call me that," Haruhi shivered as she took her other hand away from Tamaki. They're so alike in different ways.

Tamaki was back to his corner, 'crying' his eyes out.

"But seriously, what's wrong?" Kaoru asked.

"I don't know if I did that well on the last exam we took," Haruhi lied. She couldn't bring up the school exchange with them just yet.

"You? Worrying about an exam? I doubt that," Kyouya smirked at Haruhi.

Ugh, always knowing when I'm lying. Haruhi thought. "I do worry, you know,"

"Rrrrrrr feisty," Hikaru and Kaoru said in unison.

"Fujioka, Haruhi, to the principal's office," the overhead.

"Well, seems like they need me in there," Haruhi ignored Tamaki and went straight to the principal's office.

"Otosan," Haruhi was shocked to find her father in a worn-out suit, sitting across from the principal himself.

"Please, come in,"

Haruhi closed the door carefully and sat beside her father.

"Have you thought about our offer, Ms. Fujioka?"

"I have," Haruhi answered rather coldly. "I'm glad to take your offer and make the school proud."

Her father couldn't help but smile at the thought that his own daughter was going to travel across the world.