Tamaki had said his goodbyes to Haruhi, although he didn't want to. And before Haruhi knew it, Tamaki had packed up the belongings he brought with him and was ready to return to Japan.

Haruhi sighed as the freezing weather made her feel worse. It was icy outside. So she shut the window and put on her father's old sweater and started studying at her desk that was placed across from her bed. Her side of the room was pretty plain, whereas Sofia's side was filled with posters and picture frames and decorations everywhere.

Throughout the plane journey home, the stewardesses kept on asking if Tamaki would like a drink, a blanket, or if he needed anything in particular, but he politely shook his head and turned on his Princely charm for them.

He soon drifted off to sleep in First Class and patiently waited to arrive in Japan. It was a long flight home, but he endured it.

"Milord, you're back!" the twins cried, almost to the point of hugging him.

"Our guest rate had dropped a bit since you were gone," Kyoya scowled at him.

"Sorry Oka-san," Tamaki scratched the back of his head.

Kyoya sighed, "How many times must I ask you not to call me that?"

"How was Haru-chan?" Hunny asked, holding his favorite teddy bear, 'Usa-chan', as usual.

"She was fine," Tamaki smiled, missing her already considering they were 5481 miles apart.


"Ne, milord?" Hikaru asked after the club had closed for the day.

"Hmm?" Tamaki was sat idly, looking at pictures of Haruhi, secretly fantasizing about her.

"It's been a week," Kaoru pointed out.

"Mhhmm," Tamaki hummed.

"Ugh! If you're not gonna do it, then I will," Hikaru had run out of patience and dialed Haruhi's phone number, unconcerned about the cost calling overseas.

"Hello?" An unfamiliar voice answered, which startled Hikaru.

"Oh, hello," Hikaru replied in English. "I'm looking for Fujioka, Haruhi."

"Is this her boyfriend!" The person on the other line squealed.

"Uh, yes, this is him," Hikaru smiled mischievously.

"I'm Sofia by the way; may I ask who I'm talking to?"

"Tamaki," Hikaru said in a low voice.

"Hikaru?" Kaoru whispered.

"Shhh," Hikaru signaled.

Kyoya took the phone away from Hikaru, "Hello, this is Otori Kyoya speaking."

"Kyoya-senpai!" Hikaru tried to snatch back the phone from Kyoya, but was intimidated by him.

"Oh, hi," Sofia said.

"Can you tell Haruhi that, I too, will be studying at your school for the remainder of the academic year?"

"Sure," Sofia answered formally.

"Thank you and have a nice day," Kyoya glared at Hikaru and Kaoru who meekly smiled at him.

"Well—there goes my plan!" Hikaru cried.

"What 'plan'!" Kaoru retorted.

"What do you mean? You're going there too?" Hunny asked as he eavesdropped in on their conversation.

"It seems that the Academy wants to send a boy representative to the school as well and they chose me, so I will be leaving in two days from now."

"But, but…" Hunny said. "Who's going to take care of business for us?"

"I'm sure Mori can handle things around," Kyoya said. "And keep an eye on these two."

"Ehh," Kaoru and Hikaru shrugged. "Milord!"

"Hmm!" Tamaki snapped back to his senses and closed his album of Haruhi.

"Seems like Kyoya's spending time with Haruhi after all," the twins said.

"What do you mean?" Tamaki asked in a serious tone.

"Do I have to repeat myself?" Kyoya sighed. "I'm the boy representative from the Academy for Fairview High School."

"So, so, that means, you, and Haruhi, so, you, and…" Tamaki tried connecting the dots and the penny finally dropped. He fell to his knees. "NOOOOOOOO!"

"I'll send your regards to her," Kyoya said.

"But why you?" Tamaki grabbed Kyoya's shoulder. "Why not me?"

"Because I'm from the Otori family," Kyoya said.

"He's got a point there," Hikaru and Kaoru nodded.

"Ne, Kyoya-senpai, try not to fall for our Haruhi, hmm?" Hikaru teased.

"I don't quite think that's even possible, she's not my type."

"You have a type?" Kaoru asked.

"Uh, that's not, uh, the point here," Kyoya blushed mildly.

"You have a type? Kyoya-senpai has a type!" Kaoru used this new information and teased him with it all afternoon.


"Oh, Haruhi!" Sofia said after Haruhi returned to their dorm. "Your Tamaki called."


"Yeah, but I didn't get to talk to him that much because some guy named Kyoya came on the phone and said he's coming over too."

"Kyoya-senpai said what!" Haruhi cried.

"Yeah, it seems that he's going to be the boy representative from your school," Sofia sat on her bed, playing with her hair.

"Wait, why did Tamaki call?" Haruhi was more focused on that.

"I dunno, you should call him back."

Haruhi bit her lower lip. "I'll do it tomorrow, it's late."

"If you say so," Sofia giggled.

But the truth was, Haruhi had never called Tamaki before, and now would she call him just for a chat? Would she have the guts to do it? And besides all of that, she's more worried about how much all of it would cost. And what would happen now that Kyoya's coming over?