It is I, The Moonclaw! If you've read my other stories, you most likely know what to expect from this. If not, then let my explain!

My brother and I tend to replay games, and when we do, it usually leads too all sorts of jokes between the two of us that has, lately, ended up in the form of Fanfiction. This is one such fic.

It will follow the format of my Zelda L.O.L story; a collection of humorous scenes throughout the game with really no connection to each or...for any purpose, really.

This is in the humor section for a reason. It is rated to be safe and to match the game, obviously.

Also, there will be an author's note at the end of each chapter to explain where the idea came from, mostly. Or to rant. I like ranting, too.

And - I don't own this game, SURPRISE! - What else? Enjoy!

The oil rigs of the Ogir Yensa Sandsea seemed endless, and they were all in bad moods due to the mind numbing amount of Yensa trying to kill them and the heat of the desert.

An explosion went off and they all were knocked forward a few steps from the backlash of it.

Fran, Basch and Vaan turned to glare at Vossler, their guest on this trip, who was standing where a trap had been moments before.

He looked guilty.

They could have argued that he couldn't possibly know where the traps were, but that was false. They had used Libra so that all the traps were visible to prevent injury.

Vossler seemed to miss the giant red columns of warning that floated above the traps, and had been missing them for the entire length of their time together.

After a moment of glaring, they continued onward and Vaan felt the need to ask, "Are we there yet?"

Fran and Basch both shot him an un-amused look that was interrupted by another trap going off, this time pushing Vaan into the oil rig wall from the recoil.

Basch turned to look at the other man, one hand open with his palm up, "Vossler, what the hell?"

"Sorry, sorry," Vossler said, stepping backwards, nearly stepping on another trap.

Fran shoved him forward at the last second, shaking her head at his apparently stupidity.

Vaan frowned, "Either he needs to learn to watch where's he's going or he's doing it on purpose."

Author's note: Has anyone else noticed that Vosslet triggers every and all traps? I would say it was Guest characters, but Larsa didn't trigger any and Reddas only triggered one, so...Oh Vossler, truly, what the hell?