They wandered through the wooded pathways, boards creaking underfoot as they search for a rare monster that had supposedly been spotted nearby. But the wood was large, and so far their search had yielded nothing but the normal monsters found by every traveler.

"What trail do we seek?" Ashe asked, stopping to look at Vaan who had his head buried in their map.

"Eh…The path of dappled sunlight and sparkling dewdrops." Vaan informed them.

There was a long pause so he glanced up and caught their skeptical expressions.


Penelo wrinkled her nose, "That is not what's called,"

"Is too!" Vaan argued, showing them the map, "Right here, it says 'path of dappled sunlight and sparkling dewdrops'."

Ashe pursed her lips, "It seems a rather…lengthy name,"

"Hey, I didn't name it," he complained, shrugging.

"Keep in mind the Moogles made up these maps," Penelo reminded him, hopping away to continue along the path.

Vaan scowled, "Hmm….maybe we should ignore it completely, then…"

Author's Note: Seriously, the names of the areas in this game! I always laugh when I think about the guy whose job it is to name these places...

You work on Final Fantasy games?! Cool! What do you do?

Name the walkways.


Ha, it would be kind of fun, though...

I have a few more of these but I need to finish them so I can get them posted! Maybe in the new year, everyone. Thanks for reading!