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A gasp echoed throughout the demolished area as Sakura was slammed into a tree, she could feel the bark stabbing into her skin as the tree broke and splintered from the impact. She tried to move away but the figure in front of her prevented her from doing so. "Now, now my cherry blossom I don't like having to hurt you, just be obedient." the figure in front of her said, he was a tall man and with short spiked raven hair, he had long since taken off the orange swirling mask that covered his sharingan eyes. "Go to hell Madara!" Sakura yelled spitting in his face, anger and spite in her eyes as she stared him down. Madara growled at the woman in front of him but recovered quickly before an evil smirk appeared on his face. "Only if you will be there waiting for me." He said in a sickly sweet voice that was almost drown out by the piercing screams from behind him.

It was happening, what they had all feared for years, Madara and Sasuke Uchiha were taking out Konoha. The attack was expected but what they weren't expecting was an army behind the two Uchiha's. The sear number of the shinobi instated fear in the village and as the attack continued to rage on it seemed that their fears were realized. Sakura had been moving from one place to another healing all those who still had a chance, but no matter how many she healed there always seemed to be more and more bodies dropping to the ground. Now she was standing in front of a psychotic man with little to no chakra left in her. She was brought back from her thoughts when she heard Naruto cry out from a small distance away, he was currently fighting Sasuke and Madara had been preventing Sakura from getting to either of them. The two boys were both exhausted, but determination filled their eyes. One with the hope to save his best friends and village, and the other with nothing but revenge and hate.

The two boys stood there facing each other off before they started the hand signs for two very familiar jutsu's, blue lightning enveloped Sasuke's hand as the sound of birds could be heard, while wind gusted around Naruto before circulating into a ball in his hand.

Sakura's eyes widened at the realization at what was going to happen, this was the final blow and from the looks of it neither of them were going to come out alive. "No!" She screamed trying to run toward the two as they let their jutsu's power up. "Now don't be hasty blossom I can't have you going out their and dying. What use would you be to me then? I need you for when I recreate the world!" Madara said holding the poor girl against the tree, his arm digging into a deep wound on her abdomen. She was bleeding everywhere from many different wounds, some from small cuts and others that would become fatal soon. The two boys a few yards away began to charge at each other ready to inflict the final blow. Sakura thought quickly pushing the right amount of chakra into her knee before driving it up into Madara's stomach. The force was just enough to make him loosen his grip on her enough so that she could escape his grasp. And once she was free she ran, with all her might she ran pushing what ever chakra she had left into the soles of her feet so that she could increase her speed. The moment felt very nostalgic, Sakura running toward her two male team mates as they ran toward each other ready to kill. But the first time this happened Kakashi had been there to save her before she was hit by the two boys attacks, this time Kakashi was no where in sight. She knew that charging at the two and jumping in between them would do nothing but get herself killed, but what did she have left to live for. Kakashi was dead, Tsunade was dead, Ino, Hinata and most likely the rest of her friends were dead as well. Her parents had long since dead years ago, and the only two people she had left in the world were ready to kill each other right here and now.

So what reason did she have to not throw herself in between the attack to try and stop her brothers from killing each other? To live as a psychopaths person medic? Hell no! She was Sakura Haruno, apprentice of the fifth Hokage, top medic in the five great shinobi nations, she had had a full 20 years of life filled with happiness, sadness and pain... oh yes so much pain. She was ready for her time to end, so why not go out with a bang?

She was almost to the two boys as they got closer and closer to each other. Then within a split second she was in between them. Both boys had realized her presence too late as she predicted, Naruto's eyes were filled with surprise and pain knowing what was about to happen. While Sasuke's were blank but Sakura could have sworn she saw sadness briefly pass through his onyx orbs. She closed her eyes as the Chidori and Rasengan came closer, a warm smile spread across her lips "I'll see you two on the other side..." She whispered right as the two attacks hit her on either side.

A bone chilling scream erupted from her lips, she felt like her body was being ripped in half as her world started to fade to nothing but pure white abyss.

A soft gasp on a young girl echoed in Sakura's ears, but all she could see was white.

"Obito, Kakashi go tell the Hokage!" A deep masculine voice reverberated in her ear.

She could hear foot steps fading away before she felt the sensation of floating.

Bright jade colored eyes began to flutter open before closing again to shield themselves for the bright florescent lights above. Sakura moaned out in pain as she felt the weight of her wounds hit her nerves, "This can't be heaven... It hurts to damn much to be heaven..." She whispered out as she tried again to open her eyes, letting them adjust to the bright lights this time. "Sensei I think shes waking up." A light feminine voice said echoing against the walls of the small room she was in. Sakura looked around, her vision was a bit blurry still but she could make out the all white walls, the secant of bleach and sterilization filled her nose. She turned to the side to see a tall lean man leaning against one of the white walls, "Naruto...?" She whispered but even as the words left her mouth she knew it wasn't her brother that was leaning against the wall, this man seemed to be a bit older and his hair was a little longer than Naruto's

Her eyes wondered the rest of the room as the blurriness was gone completely, there were three kids at the foot of the bed she was in, all about 12 or 13 years old. The first was a tall boy for his age, he had spiky deep brown hair and onyx eyes, the one next to him was a petite girl with short brown hair with rectangular marks on her cheeks. But when her eyes landed on the last child in the room she felt her heart stop, before it started to painfully pound against her chest. There standing in front of her was her sensei... 'Kakashi! But how is that possible he died...! Right before my eyes I felt his heart stop after I tried to save him... So how is he here! and why is he 13!' Sakura's head was in a rage of thoughts, she quickly sat up from her spot in the bed to see if maybe her eyes were tricking her her. "You shouldn't sit up so quickly your still injured!" A somewhat panicked deep voice echoed next to her but she paid no mind to it. Her body was telling her to lay back down and not move but she had to see if what she saw was really her sensei.

She stared straight at the silver hair boy and blinked many times to see if he would maybe dissapear but he stayed in place staring at her like she was crazy, it was really him... it was really Kakashi! She felt like her heart was going a mile a minute and she felt panic fill her body, nothing seemed to be making sense to her. Her supposed dead sensei was standing right in front of her in a 13 year old body. "What the fuck!" She creamed out pointing to the sliver haired boy, she couldn't stop the words from leaving her mouth, "What the fuck!" She screamed out again, everyone in the room seemed to freeze not knowing what to do. Sakura stared frantically for a few more minutes before an idea struck in her mind. 'Your fucking hysterical Madara!' she thought sarcastically, mentally hitting herself for not thinking of it earlier. "I don't know what your playing at but you better cut the shit and end this genjutsu you damn Uchiha!" Sakura screamed at no one in particular. She put her hands up before yelling out "Kai" to try and end the genjutsu that she thought she was under.

"You not under any genjutsu miss." A voice said next to her, Sakura turned to see the blonde haired man that looked so much like Naruto before realization hit her, she really wasn't in any kind of genjutsu. She looked at the four people in the room before the door to her room burst open and a petite brunette haired nurse came rushing in. she started talking to the blonde giving Sakura time to think. If she wasn't under any kind of genjutsu then what the hell was going on? Kakashi was alive and 13 years old for crying out loud that wasn't normal! Then it hit her like a tone of bricks, when she was hit by Sasuke and Naruto's attack she never felt her heart stop, all she could remember was a pulling sensation from her naval.

She quickly turned to the Tall blond and the nurse, "What is the date?" She said seeming very random to everyone in the room. She sat there for a few moments impatiently waiting for an answer, "Umm its May 26th..." The small brown haired girl said looking a bit shy as she looked at the ground and not at Sakura. "No that the year! What is the year?" She said getting a little irritated with how responsive these people were. "1902" the blonde man said pulling her attention back to him.

"Shit." she whispered realizing that her thought had been true, without waiting to hear what anyone else had to say she began ripping the IV's out of her arms along with all the other wires she was hooked up to. "Miss please don't do that you'll hurt yourself!" The nurse cried out in a panic not knowing what to do. Sakura figured she was new and she felt a little bad for giving her hell but this was a serious matter at hand. "I need to speak with the Hokage." she said not looking at anyone as she finished pulling out the last wire out, her antics were stopped when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Your still injured. you need to rest." It was the blonde haired Naruto look a like, his voice was very gentle yet held concern even after she had gone completely crazy two minutes ago. She sat there entranced for a moment about how much this man looked like her brother, but she soon recovered before lightly shrugging his hand away. She brought her hand up to her chest before it lit up with chakra with a light green hue to it. Everyone in the room gasped as she pored the chakra into her body letting it heal her wounds.

'So shes a medical ninja?' The blonde thought as he watched the woman in front of him heal her wounds at a rate that was much faster than the medics that worked at the hospital. Once she was done she flipped her legs over the edge of the bed before she stood up and started to walk toward the door, "Miss wait you haven't been discharged yet." The brunette nurse said in one last attempt to get the situation under control, but Sakura was in no mood to comply she had to get to the bottom of this. She walked down the halls with purpose before she felt another presence coming up behind her then start walking next to her.

She looked to her right to find the blonde that had been in her room earlier, "What are you doing?" she asked staring up at him with confusion, he had a bright smile on his face as he walked next to her. "I'm escorting you to the Hokage's office." he said like it like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "I don't need an escort I know where it is." Sakura said quickening her pace a little to see if he would fall behind. "The Hokage put me in charge of watching over you." The blonde said this time not looking at her as he matched her pace. Getting a little irritated Sakura speed up a little more but the blonde still matched her pace evenly. The blonde watched as Sakura kept increasing her speed, she had been stripped of her red tank top and tan med skirt because they were so bloody and torn. Leaving her in a black tub top across her chest that had one strap over that shoulder, her stomach was covered by fish netting, and she wore a pear of spandex black shorts. All in all she was quite the sight to see, long pink exotic hair that reached her mid calf, bright jade eyes that were framed by long thick black lashes. She was quite short and only reached his shoulder but she was very curvy, her chest was a bit abnormally large and her skin was creamy and pale. She was quite the exotic beauty and the blonde enjoyed the view as the rosette continued to speed up.

This continued until Sakura was in a full out sprint to the the Hokages office but to her dismay the blonde easily kept up with her, he turned to her giving her a cheeky smile. 'That bastards mocking me!' She thought irritated as she tried to increase her speed even more. They arrived at the Hokages office within minutes, Sakura stood there panting with her hands on her knees but the blonde male just stood there next to her completely unfazed. "What...The... Hell..." She said between gasps looking at him as he smiled down at her. "Tired?" He questioned cheekily Sakura was half tempted to punch him but decided against it. "Shut up." She hissed out as she composed herself.

The blonde knocked on the large double doors that lead to the Hokage's office, a soft 'come in' was heard from the other side as the blonde opened the door. Sakura's eyes widened, there sitting in the Hokage's chair was none other than Sarutobi, although he was younger than she remembered him being. A warm smile graced her face at seeing the face of her late beloved Hokage. "Ah Minato nice to see you." Sarutobi said smiling at the blonde as he gestured for the two to come inside and sit down. Once they were both sitting the Hokage spoke, "So you must be the woman Minato and his Genin team found in the woods." Sarutobi said a smile still on his face as Sakura nodded, "Yes Hokage-sama." Sakura said bowing her head a little to show respect. "What is your name?" Sarutobi asked looking into her eyes for the answer, "Sakura Haruno." Sakura responded momentarily sad that he didn't know who she was, but how could he?

"I found it quite strange to hear that you had a Konoha headband yet we have no record of you." Sarutobi said his smile wavering a little as he looked to the girl with questioning eyes. Sakura took a deep breath she didn't know how she was going to break this information to the Hokage or even if he would believe her but she had to try. "There is a reason for that sir." Sakura said slowly choosing her words carefully, Sarutobi nodded for her to continue. "I technically haven't been born yet in this time." Sakura said taking a deep breath looking at the two in the room to see what their reaction would be but all they did was stare at her blankly.

Sakura sighed knowing that she would have to elaborate. "Let me explain. I'm not from this time, I'm from the future. I know it sounds crazy, I still can't believe it myself but how else can I explain my sensei being 13 years old!" She said trying to find a point that would prove she wasn't crazy, she really wasn't in the mood to be sent to the nut house. There was a long period of silence and Sakura couldn't tell what was going through their minds as they sat and stared at her. She sat there quietly letting the information sink in. "Will you please explain what happened to you Sakura." Sarutobi said breaking the silence.

"You can't seriously believe her old man!" Minato said looking at the Hokage like he was crazy, he just couldn't believe this girls story, time travel was impossible everyone knew that. "Calm down Minato. Believe it or not there have been instances before where shinobi have traveled through time. Of course it is very rare, I can only think of one other occurrence but that was far before my time so most people have never heard of it." Sarutobi said trying to calm the blonde with his words as he looked toward the rosette who had a look of disbelieve on her face. She had had a hard enough time believing her theory herself and it seemed almost impossible for anyone else to. But she was thankful that Sarutobi had heard of another instance of this happening and believed her. "I do not wish to give too much of the future away but it happened in the middle of my two team mates fight. They were charging at each other with Chidori and Rasengan, and I ran between the two of them and got caught in the cross fire of the two jutsu's. At first I thought my body was being ripped in half but then I felt this pulling sensation in my stomach, the next thing I know I'm waking up in Konoha hospital with my former sensei at the foot of my bed in a 13 year old body." She said explaining the shortened version of what had happened that day, she couldn't tell them what was going to happen, that there was going to be an all out blood bath with Konoha at its center.

Although who was she to know the rules of time travel? Sakura's thoughts were wondering as silence over took the room once again. After a few minutes she decided that it would be best not to reveal to many events that will happen in the future. "It seems that when the two jutsu's collided a rift was made that sent you back in time." Sarutobi said mussing to himself as he scratched his chin in thought. Sakura looked up at the old man, it made sense... Well as much sense as time travel could make and she was fine with going with that answer.

"So is there any way to send her back to her time?" Minato said in a serious tone speaking for the first time in a while. Sakura nodded wanting to know that same thing, although she didn't know if she wanted to be sent back to her time... Her time was like hell on earth.

"I'm afraid not, like I said before these are rare occurrences but in the times that is has happened no one has found a way to send that person back to their own time." Sarutobi said a distant look on his face as he looked out the large window in his office, "I'm sorry to say you are stuck in this time miss Haruno." The old man finished his thoughts as he looked at the two in front of him, but something confused him. The way Sakura reacted to his statement was far from what he expected, she didn't seem sad or disappointing, in fact she seemed... relieved. But he decided not to press her on that fact and instead tried to think of the next action to take in this situation. "How would you like to proceed with this situation miss Haruno?" The Hokage asked looking the girl in the eyes.

This question caught Sakura off guard, what did she want to do? 'I can't go back to my time... that much is obvious. Not that it is too much of a loss who would want to live such a terrible word plagued with so much death and destruction...' The rosette thought she really needed to contemplate this, she was in the past back before she was even born, it was around the time of the third shinobi war. Kakashi as a child, Sarutobi was still alive and the Uchiha clan was still thriving...

'Of course! this is a time where while we are still at war the true build up to the destruction of Konoha hasn't begun yet. Itachi hasn't been forced to kill the Uchiha clan, which means Madara hasn't gotten his claws into the Uchiha's minds yet!' Sakura thought her mind was racing with all this information. She had found out maybe a year before Madara attack the village that he was the reason for the Uchiha's rebellion against Konoha. Which inevitable lead up to Itachi having to kill his clan to keep the village safe, which lead to Sasuke's feelings of hate which then lead to his chain of revenge. Which went from his brother to the village that had forced his brother to kill his family. Which all lead up to Madara tricking Sasuke into join force's with him, doubling his strength to build the army they needed to take down Konoha and the rest of the five great nations! Everything seemed to just build up, it was like a ripple in water. One disturbance caused the many ripples after it!

Sakura's mind was zooming and if she hadn't already been sitting she would have fallen from how dizzy her head was. At that moment she knew what she wanted to do, "Hokage-sama, the future that I came from is very bleak, I can not tell you the events that are to come but I can tell you that they are less than ideal for this village." Sakura started looking at the Hokage as the look on his face changed to one of worry. "What I want to do is continue to serves to my village as Medical ninja but I would also like to try and change the events that lead up to the hell the future becomes." Sakura said looking at the Hokage for permission, of course she could subtly help change events to alter the future but she wanted the Hokage's approval.

"Sakura if the future is as bad as you say it is then I would be happy to approve your want to change the future events that are going to happen. But I will tell you that tampering with the past to change the future is very risky, it is impossible to determine what will be the outcome." Sarutobi said looking at the young woman it was quite the burden to put on such a young girl and yet she wanted to willing take it. Sakura nodded understanding that this was risky but honestly she couldn't think of anything that was worse that the future she had come from. "Then I approve of your request but I will advise you to tread lightly with this Sakura." The Hokage said Sakura nodded once again if there was any chance at a different future then she was happy to take it. "As for your serves the the village, what was your rank before coming here?" the hokage asked the smile present on his face once again as he looked at her.

"I had recently advanced to ANBU rank, but had yet to go on any missions as such, so the title of jonin would fit as well." Sakura said contemplating she had just risen to ANBU rank a week before Madara attacked the village, so she was never sent on a mission as an ANBU before she ended up here. Sarutobi sat there thinking about what to do, normally when a new shinobi entered the village they would be forced to the rank of genin and would either quickly rise in rank or steadily rise. But Sakura's case was different and it didn't seem quite right to make the young woman start as a genin. "I can give you the title jonin but nothing higher. I have little to no doubt about your story Sakura but given the circumstances I can not allow you to take the rank of ANBU." Sarutobi said explaining his reasoning to the young girl so that she knew he was treating her fairly.

Sakura nodded in understanding, to be quite honest she was just happy that she wasn't forced into the rank of genin. "Now where to place you? All of my jonin are already on set teams or have a genin team of their own." Sarutobi said mostly to himself, since they were at the brink of a war no one was sent out on solo missions and to help with who to send on missions all shinobi were set into teams and were only sent on missions on and with that team, thus preventing as many casualties as possible. Sarutobi looked toward Minato who had been quite for a long time now when and idea hit him, "Sakura you said you were a medical ninja right?" The old man asked looking back toward the rosette who nodded in response, making the old mans smile widen.

In this day and age medical ninja were very hard to come by, even after Tsunade had presented the fact that a medic on each team would prevent more casualties, it just took too long to train a ninja in the art of medicine and with a war on the way shinobi were more apt to hon their shinobi skills than try to learn medical ninjutsu. "How would you feel about being a jonin-sensei?" Sarutobi asked but even without saying anything he knew her answer. The look on her face said it all as her eyes brightened at the idea. Sakura had always wanted to be a Jonin-sensei of course she had wanted to serve her time as ANBU first and then step down when she was older but she still loved the idea.

"I would love to." She said trying to contain her excitement, she had always wanted to influence new shinobi like her sensei had for her and now she was being given the chance. "Minato isn't Rin learning medical ninjutsu?" Sarutobi asked turning toward the quite blonde who nodded slightly suspicious as to where this was all going, the old man had a glint in his eye that said he was up to something. "Sakura I'm going to assign you to Minato's team as a co-jonin-sensei, so that you can help teach Rin Medical jutsu as well as help teach Obito and Kakashi." The Hokage said looking between the two to see if either of them had a complaint, and surprisingly neither of them did. He was almost sure Minato would complain. "That actually is a good idea old man Rin's been struggling with her Medical jutsu." Minato admitted, the young girl showed potential but he had no clue when it came to the art of medical ninjutsu so he couldn't help her.

"If she's struggling now then she wont be when I'm done with her." Sakura said confidently she didn't mean for it to come off as arrogant but she truly was great at what she did, she had surpassed Tsunade years ago and she was still improving now.

"A little cocky aren't we." Minato said in a teasing way, he knew the girl didn't mean to come off as arrogant but he just wanted to mess with her for the hell of it. He felt like he could get her pretty riled up if he tried and that severed to be an interesting thing to test out sometime. "They didn't call me the top medic in all five great shinobi nations for nothing." Sakura said proudly, she wasn't going to fall for his ploy especially not when she was speaking the truth. Both men seemed shocked at her statement like they weren't expecting her to say such a thing.

"Is that so?" Sarutobi asked looking at the girl wanting for her to elaborate, there were many great healers in the five great nations, Tsunade being one of the top and yet this girl claimed she was the top in all the nations. "That's right, I was trained by Tsunade herself and surpassed her in strength and healing abilities a few years ago, she said I was a healing prodigy." Sakura said pridefully, Tsunade had always boosted her about her talents and it only got worse when she surpassed her and still kept improving it. This seemed to shock the two even more, but what she said answered a lot of questions. Tsunade was one of the best now in this time and to be trained by her in the future when she has most likely improved and yet this girl still surpassed her, that was a true accomplishment even Minato had to admit he was impressed with what she said.

Sarutobi stared at the young girl that had accomplished such a feat, he never would have imagined that someone would surpass Tsunade especially not such a young woman. "Then your coming here is fortunate for us, especially with the village on the brink of war." Sarutobi said smiling at the young girl, her healing abilities would surly help them out a great deal later on and with medic ninja being so hard to find it truly was fortunate for her to appear in Konoha. "Now I'm sure that you are tired and need some rest." Sarutobi said when Minato brought the girl to the hospital she was completely bloody and beaten and although she looked to be completely healed now he imagined that she was extremely tired from all the events that had taken place.

"Yes, but I'm afraid that I don't have a place to stay. I'm sure that someone is currently living in my old apartment." Sakura said stretching a little she really was exhausted but she was healed so there was no reason for her to stay in the hospital but she didn't have any place to stay. "Ah yes." Sarutobi said a look of thought coming across his face before a grin spread across his lips. 'Why is he doing that face that Tsunade does when shes up to something...?' Sakura thought warily, every time Tsunade had that kind of look on her face it meant she was up to something and whether it was good or bad was a mystery. "You can stay with Minato." The old man said not even bothering to ask the blonde.

"She can what?" Minato asked surprised at what the Hokage had just said, "You live in that big house all by your self, so you have the room why not?" The Hokage said, it was true he lived in a very big house for someone that lived alone. He lived in the house that his parents had left him and he certainly did have the room It was just the fact that the old man had volunteered him not only to be her new team mate but also her place to live. "There aren't any houses or apartments vacant in the village and no new construction has begun." The hokage said reasoning that Sakura had no choice but to live with someone. Minato visibly slumped in his seat knowing that the Hokage was right, and he truly did have more then enough room for her so it wouldn't be any inconvenience. "Ok." He said agreeing with Sarutobi's arrangement, there was no point in fighting with the old man.

"Good now why don't you take Sakura so she can get settled in." Sarutobi said, Sakura just stared at him blankly, she was surprised that the Hokage just dropped her off with the man in the room and further more the man agreed to it! "Come on." Minato said standing up motioning for the girl to stand as well, Sakura looked between the two men. "That's all right, that's really not necessary." Sakura said standing and putting her hands up for emphasis. She had no clue who this man was, she had just met him hours ago and now she was being told to live with him? Although she doubted the Hokage would let her live with someone that was crazy or anything... or would he...?

"No I insist, what kind of man would I be if I just let a woman sleep on the streets when I have a perfectly good vacant bedroom." Minato said smiling warmly at her, Sakura thought about it for a moment, he seemed nice enough and the Hokage trusted him, so it should be okay right? she nodded her head in agreement before walking to the blonde that was going to be her new housemate and team mate. As they got to the door Sakura turned around and bowed to the third Hokage, "Thank you Hokage-sama." She said sweetly, a warm smile gracing her face before she and Minato left.

The two walked down the street in silence, it wasn't a completely awkward silence but it wasn't exactly a peaceful silence either, there was a lot of people getting ready to end the day. It was maybe around 6:30 and Sakura could feel the effects of the days events coming down on her before plaguing her mind. She was stuck in this time, and there was no way to get back home. There was no way to see Naruto or Sasuke... if they were even still alive. The thought of them being dead made her heartache and her eyes burn but she kept her composure, she wasn't going to throw away years and years of shinobi training in the middle of the street. In a way the fact that she could not return to her time calmed her, there was nothing but death and pain in her time. And in this time she had the chance to change that all, the chance to give everyone she cared about a new life. Along with them she was given the chance to start over. To start a life without all the pain and heartache.

"Ne Sakura?" Minato's voice pulled her away from her thoughts she looked up at him to let him know she was listening, "Is the future really as bad as you say it is?" The blonde asked looking down at the rosette, worry in his eyes. She could tell that what she had said had bothered him and most likely he had been contemplating it from the moment she had said anything. "Not if I can help it..." Sakura said in a soft voice that was filled with confidence. At that very moment she decided that she was going to change the future and make it one worth looking forward to, one where people could smile. And if she happened to find happiness as well along the way then the gods were smiling upon her...

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