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To Change the Tides

She was in Hell there was just no other option for the pain in her head, the banging coming out of nowhere was just confirmation. She groaned as the horrid sound became louder and louder. Too tired to even bother think of stopping the noise, Sakura hid her head under her pillow, before yelling, "Go away Naruto, it's too damn early for any sort of training!"

"First off, it's Minato, and second of all its seven thirty in the morning. You have to get up!" Minato said, continuing to knock on the door. Sakura bit the curse on her tongue and groaned into her pillow in protest, making no attempt to move from her bed.

Minato waited a total of sixty seconds before opening the door and throwing a kunai at the bed. Sakura's instincts kicked in as she sprang from the bed. "Come on Sakura." Sakura landed in a crouch before lifting her head to glare at Minato. Of course that lasted a total of two seconds as her headache returned with a vengeance. Bringing her hands up to hold her head, a string of curses made their way out of Sakura's mouth. "You bastard! Are you trying to fucking kill me?"

With a straight face that Sakura would have never been able to maintain Minato simply asked "You dodged didn't you?" and then left.

Minato made his way to the kitchen, he was going to need coffee if this was any indication of how his day was going to be. Sakura made her appearance ten minutes later dressed in a normal jounin uniform, a scowl etched onto her face, right as the coffee finished, "I hate you." She said glaring at Minato. He simply took a sip of his coffee.

"I'm not the one that made you drink your-self silly last night." Minato said, taking another sip.

Pouring herself some much needed coffee she sat down at the table, letting her hand glowed green in an attempt to sooth her hang over. The two housemates sat in silence before Minato decided to ruin it all. "Whose Naruto?" He questioned, making Sakura choke on her coffee and stop her healing session on her head. "What?" Sakura managed to choke out once she regained some of her composure. "Last night, and this morning you called me Naruto. Who is he?" Minato asked once again. Sakura's face became solemn, every ounce of emotion disappearing before her eyes softened. "Naruto was..." Sakura started but her sentence faded away into the air. The pain was still raw more than raw, it was an open wound that was inflamed and burning. "So he was your lover." Minato said giving an understanding smile as he looked at the rosette. Sakura almost choked on her coffee for the second time that day. "No, no, no! Naruto wasn't a lover!" Sakura said a little panicked, the thought of such a thing made her sick, he was basically her brother "He was a dear friend... like a brother... He was the closest thing I had to a family after my parents died, and I was the same to him..." Sakura said a sad smile spreading across her face. It was small but Minato caught it.

Sakura had been waiting with Minato, Rin and Kakashi for thirty minutes. Kakashi was in a full out annoyed mood and Rin's impatience was starting to show. Yes, Sakura hated waiting, but she was more than used to it, and by the way Minato and her two new students were acting something told her that this was going to be an everyday occurrence. In the meantime Sakura attempted to ease the pain in her head. Hangovers were hard to sooth with healing chakra, mostly for the fact that alcohol was a bitch and hated the human body, no matter how much humans loved it. After a few more minutes of waiting Obito made his entrance, "Sorry I'm late! There was this old lady who needed help with carrying some bags..." Obito started letting his sentence fade away. Sakura's eyes snapped open as the urge to smack him came forward but she decided against it. Instead her eyes narrowed as the source of Kakashi's excuses came to lifeā€¦ She was so going to beat that habit out of the both of them.

"So what are we doing today Sensei?" Rin asked looking up at Minato, completely ignoring Obito's excuses.

Minato gave her a small smile, "Actually Sakura will be the one taking over training exercises today." Minato gestured to the pinkette who had taken to nursing her hang over once again. The three gennin looked to their new appointed co-sensei.

"But Sakura-sensei doesn't look so good." Rin said slightly concerned with her new female sensei. True to what the brunette had said Sakura seemed a little pale, with bags lining under her eyes, and her hair was a bit of a mess from a lack of brushing.

"Well maybe she shouldn't drink the night before a training session." Kakashi said showing no sympathy for his new sensei. Sakura shot him a glare, 'You never mentioned you were a cocky little bastard when you were younger Kakashi!' she thought, adding another thing to the 'must beat out of Kakashi list'. "What I do off the clock is none of your damn business Kaka-chan." Sakura said, making sure the ending was said in a sweet tone. Obito blinked once before he burst out laughing, Rin's giggles accompanying the loud laughter. Sakura gave them a few minutes before bringing her fingers to her mouth and letting out an ear-piercing whistle.
"Okay... first things first, can any of you tell me the most important aspect of shinobi fundamental?" Sakura asked looking between the three gennin. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed Minato going to sit under a nearby tree.

"Chakra control."

"Offensive Strategy."


Sakura sighed they had given the most common answers among gennin. "No, No, and close, the answer is a good defense." She finished giving them the correct answer. Obito, whose answer had been the complete opposite, gave her a questioning look, not quite understanding where his new sensei was coming from.
"Without a good defense you'll be dead before you even need to worry about your offense." Sakura said. There was no use in sugar coating it they were Shinobi and their lives were not meant to be long, and the ones who neglected the more important parts of their training were the ones that died first. She waited a few minutes to take in their reactions. Kakashi seemed to be unfazed, but Obito and Rin seemed a little shocked. "Rin can you tell me why evasion and defense are extremely important to a medic-nin?" Sakura asked looking at her new apprentice in the eye.

Rin looked away after a few seconds and Sakura gave the answer, "A medic is a crucial asset on their team. They can be the deciding factor between life and death for their teammates, because of this they're usually the first ones who are targeted. If you take out a medic you limit a team's survival to about fifty percent, if you're lucky. That's why their evasion and defensive skills should be the most advanced on their team." Sakura said reciting the words Tsunade had drilled into her on day one. An injured or dead medic might as well be a death warrant for their teammates. Rin stared at Sakura as her words sunk in. The young girl smiled up at her new sensei, it was a smile Sakura made sure to return. "So if any of you weren't able to guess, today's training exercise is going to be based on evasion and defense." Sakura said smiling at her team a glint of mischief in her eyes, ohhh Kami was she going to enjoy this.

"You have five seconds to scatter." Sakura said becoming serious, this was an intense work out and none of them were going to come out unscratched. But if all went well the three gennin would come out with an understanding of what she had been talking about. The gennin stared at her confusion in their eyes as she pulled gloves out of her back pouch and pulled them on. Kakashi and Rin shifted into defensive stances as Obito took their new sensei's warning to hear and took to the trees. Taking a second to pump chakra into her fist Sakura slammed her fist into the earth without warning the result came seconds later as the earth cracked and shifted from the force. Sakura stood behind the destruction no emotion on her face. Kakashi and Rin took to the same tree as Obito just barely making it out of the impact zone before being crushed.

There were a few moments of silence as the dust cleared to reveal the demolished training ground and the three stunned gennin. There was no emotion on Sakura's face, she was their enemy right now, and Sensei was just a side title at the moment. "Sakura..." Minato's voice echoed over the silence from behind her stopping Sakura for a moment from her attack on the children. "Remind me to never make you mad again..." He finished staring at the damage done by such a small women. He was surprised and impressed, he hadn't expected the petite woman to contain such strength. Sakura allowed a small smirk before her face went blank again. She then picked up a large chunk of earth and slammed her fist into it, she could hear the rustle of leaves as the gennin tried to escape. They could run but they couldn't hide.

The three had done pretty well with dodging whatever large object or weapons Sakura had aimed at them until about half way through. That's when the three began to tier and got a little sloppy, Sakura was grateful that none of them were really hurt; she had been determined to keep up the training exercise till the end. Luckily there weren't too many big injuries, a broken leg here, and a deep gash there, nothing Sakura couldn't repair. But after training from 8am to 5pm and healing all the gennin's injuries Sakura had been left with just a little more than half her chakra left.

Not that she needed chakra to shop. The fact that she had lost all of her earthly possessions hadn't hit Sakura until she had seen the standard jounin uniform that morning, the shudder that went through her spine might as well have come from an earthquake. So here Sakura was, in one of the more trendy boutiques that Konoha held. The shop varied from casual wear to evening dresses to effective kunoichi clothing. The shop owner, Kisa Sakai, was a retired chunnin kunoichi with a love of fashion and a brutally honest mouth to accompany it. No one walked out of the woman's store with something that would look horrid on them. Kisa lived to prevent crimes against fashion. Sakura couldn't count the number of times Ino had dragged her into the woman's store, nor could she remember all the hours they had spent looking at the clothes.

Sakura of course shopped for the necessities first; fish netting, black spandex shorts, tank tops, and the short heels she had taken to wearing like Tsunade, having taken to the workout outfit from yesterday. It was easy to move in and allowed her the grace needed to complete certain justsu.

"Too much black can be a bit depressing dear, and in our line of work we are treated to more than our fair share of sadness." Sakura looked over her shoulder to meet the eyes of a much younger Kisa Sakai. In Sakura's time the woman had aged fairly well, having allowed her hair to turn its natural gray with age stating that what you saw was what you got, her green eyes were much the same still bright and keen, and her figure Kami bless the woman had stayed in tip top shape. However this Kisa Sakai was in her prime. Her hair was a wavy dark brown and her little black dress matched with purple pumps was flawless, her skin tanned just the right amount.

"Red would be best, it would complement your hair enough without clashing, give you just a pop of color . . . plus you won't see the blood without squinting." Kisa said turning away from Sakura to dig through a pile bright colored cloth. With a flourish and grace that somebody who hadn't spent her life being a perfection of grace would have never been able to pull off Kisa presented a long red sash. "Tie it like an obi and you'll kick ass and look good." With a wink Kisa left Sakura to help another one of her patrons. Sakura was glad to see that some things didn't change. Glancing up at the next floor of the store, where casual clothes were kept, Sakura blew a strand of hair out of her eyes and trudged upstairs. Taking time to pick out a few sundresses, a few pairs of pajamas, a bathrobe and some other everyday clothes, Sakura proceeded to the cash register; fully ready to go home and take a nap.

As the woman behind the counter rang Sakura up, she listened to the conversation going on behind her by two older women.

"I know I'm so proud of her, she passed her final exam yesterday and tomorrow is her team picture, so I'm picking this up as a little surprise."

Sakura paused as she took her bags from the cashier. Team picture. Switching her bags to one hand Sakura threw down the money, yelled "Keep the change," and dashed out of the store. Once onto the streets Sakura took to the roof tops pushing her legs to go faster. Reaching her destination Sakura dropped back to the street and dashed through the double doors of the hospital and ran straight to the front desk. Her heart about to jump out of her chest Sakura gripped the counter as the receptionist looked up at her, more than a little startled.

"Are you . . ."

Sakura didn't let her finish "My name is Sakura Haruno I was brought in several days ago due to injury, I was in room nine hundred thirty four. You took my clothes because they were messed up so badly but I need them back." Sakura all but yelled. The receptionist stared at her for a moment before seeing the pleading in the girl's eyes. Setting down her pen and closing the folder she had been working on the receptionist stood "I'll see what I can do."
Sakura thanked her as she walked off and went to take a seat on one of the provided couches. Setting her bags by her feet, Sakura settled in for a wait. Leaning her head back Sakura closed her eyes, allowing hair to fall in front of them. A few minutes later the seat next to her depressed, opening her eyes a smidge Sakura glanced to the side. "Hokage-sama." She acknowledged.

The third gave her a smile "Sakura-san." Closing her eyes again, they sat in silence until the receptionist returned. "You're lucky Ms. Haruno, they were about to throw it out today." The woman said a smile on her face as Sakura thanked her for the bag and hurriedly opened it. Pulling out her old and torn bloody shorts, she fished through the pockets for a moment before her eyes lit up; she pulled out an old team picture. It was torn at some of the edges and was faded but was intact. Looking over her shoulder Sarutobi found a picture of a 12 year old Sakura, a broad smile on her face, surrounded by three men, it seemed the picture was of her old gennin team.

Sakura stared at the picture, Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi but her figure within the picture had become somewhat transparent. Glancing at the Hokage Sakura weighed her words carefully, but before she was able to say something a group of medics burst in through the hospital entrance. Sakura was about to jump into action when she remembered, she didn't work here in this time, and she had no authority to start demanding the clueless looking nurses on what to do, but when had that ever stopped her . . . much to Garra's amusement that one time in Suna. As more and more ninja piled in and the injuries seemed to be getting worse as each new shinobi came in, Sakura made a decision.

Jumping into the fray Sakura began barking out orders as she began to pump chakra into the worst patient, a man about 25 years old, who had a gaping hole in his abdomen as well as several deep gash's. The nurses and several medics paused, staring at her. "What the hell are you waiting for, do you want them to die?" she asked as she moved him on to a gurney. That was all it took for the nurses to be prompted into action. Sakura began to bark out orders and they were followed to the tee as she rushed the first one into surgery. With one last order to the nurses to keep the others alive till she got there, while making sure to arrange the men cases on the severity of their injuries she disappeared behind two white doors to work on her patient.

The Hokage watched on as the young woman took charge and the nurses and medics followed her instructions. Silently he thanked god for sending her to them. She was going to help turn the tides.

Sakura stumbled out of the ER, her legs feeling like jelly, she had to lean against the wall to prevent herself from falling to the ground. She was exhausted, her chakra was almost completely drained and she felt like a dead women walking. She didn't know how many hours she had spent in the ER, but she knew that it had been long and strenuous. There had been 12 patients in critical condition with 5 who had lesser injuries. Then there was the fact that there were only four medic's that were semi adequate at using healing chakra in the hospital, the more experienced one going home after some forty eight hour shifts. Out of all the people that had come in she only lost one. It had been one of the lesser wounded patients, one of his wounds had been inflicted with a poisoned weapon and oversight that had not been inspected.

"War is a horrible thing." Sakura turned towards the voice, to find the Hokage, "Most of our best medics are out on the field, those remaining few pull up to seventy two hours shifts but they have to rest at some point." Sakura nodded in understanding as she slumped to the floor. She knew what he was asking. She had worked hours upon hours at the hospital in her time, heading quite a few departments. After today she knew that she'd be needed. "You saved a lot of lives today."
Leaning her head back against the wall, Sakura closed her eyes as she made a decision. "Put me on call. Tell them to send a runner to get me if they need me."

"Thank you."

Sakura's eyes opened as they took on a distant look. "I've seen war before Hokage-sama. I'm used to managing hospitals whether they are on a field or in a safe zone. I've saved lives and I've lost lives it's something you can't help as a medic. You just have to keep moving on, if you dwell on it you'll make mistakes and you can't afford those." Sakura stood up "I'm going to go home now and pass put for the next few days."

"Sakura," the Hokage called, stopping her in her tracks, forcing her to turn around. The man stepped aside to reveal her bags, "I'll have these delivered to your home but I thought you'd want this." Sakura's eyes honed in on the piece of paper in his hand. She smiled a small smile as she took it, making sure to tuck it in her vest before continuing on her way. "Go home and rest Sakura."

Sakura nodded finding the idea to be heavenly; she honestly didn't know how she was standing right now. Without another thought Sakura began walking towards the exit. Stumbling and using the wall to keep her steady, she finally made it out the door.

"I was wondering if you were ever going to come out." A soft masculine voice echoed in the rosette's ears. Sakura looked up to see Minato leaning against a nearby tree, a soft smile on his face "It was getting late so I went to the Hokage and he said you were at the hospital. But once I got here they said you were in surgery." Minato said. "How late is it?" Sakura questioned, starting to feel a little dizzy, as the corners of her eyes began to go hazy. She wouldn't be able to stand much longer.
"It's 1am" The blonde said looking at Sakura with a bit of worry. Sakura's eyes were starting to glaze over. "Really..." She half asked half said as she became light then she began to fall.

The next thing she knew she was staring up at Minato's concerned face, feeling almost weightless. She hadn't even felt herself fall but at some point Sakura had lost the ability to stand and Minato had caught her, scooping her up into his arms he cradled her. "You worked yourself too hard." Minato said. He hadn't come out and chastised her but it was there, you just had to read between the lines, something in what felt like a near dead state Sakura was still able to do. Sakura slowly blinked at him, his face blurring around the edges, "Those people needed me." She said, Minato gave her a questioning look, he knew she had been healing but was it really necessary for her to over work herself this much?

"17 shinobi were rushed to the hospital while I was there... 12 critical... 5 with lesser injuries... I lost one... But If I hadn't been there at least half of them would have died." Sakura said slowly, her voice soft as she told the blonde what had happened. Minato just barely caught the hint of sadness cross her face when she said she had lost one of the men. After a few minutes of silence Minato started to walk toward the house they shared, "You should be more careful next time." he said softly, his tone wasn't condescending or mocking, it was filled with concern.

Sakura let her head rest on his chest, finding she had no strength the stop the oncoming sleep her body was forcing her into. "Thank you... "she whispered appreciating the heat his body was emitting.

"Don't think anything of it. Sleep now Sakura." And with those words, for once Sakura did as she was told and allowed herself to fall into a deep slumber. Allowing her mind to go to a world where she was back with her boys, where there was no war, back to a time when she had been truly happy. Yes sometimes a good long sleep was just what the doctor ordered.

Minato carried her home, and laid her on her bed, pulling her shoes off and pulling the covers over her body. As he shut off the lights and left the room Minato couldn't help but feel a pattern was being established.

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