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This is set right after Vash and Knives have their showdown.

Aftermath: Chapter 1

Vash believed in mankind. He also believed in his brother. Even though, through certain eyes—well pretty much through any being that had eyes, Knives was viewed as a homicidal egocentric maniac; that didn't change the fact that he was still Vash's twin brother. It also didn't stop Vash from believing his brother could change. He would be the one to change him, make him see the good in mankind. Change his mind about wanting them all dead. He repositioned Knives over his shoulders, this was one of the few times Vash was thankful that he was humanoid. Knives may look thin, but goodness he was solid.

As he carried the unconscious Knives over his shoulders, with the twin suns burning high over head and the sands burning underfoot, the humanoid typhoon was determined. He knew if he didn't take care of his brother he could never have a life of his own; a life without the guilt, the killings, the loneliness. The insurance girls crossed his mind, not for the first time on this journey. He could still hear Milly's cries echoing in his ears. He'd give anything to bring Wolfwood back. At the same time he wondered if he'd even want to come back, assuming his soul was at peace, would he really want to be alive again on Gunsmoke? Next he thought about Meryl, her feisty no nonsense attitude. It brought a smile to his lips. He could hear her voice telling him how he needed to take care of what he had to do, leave no loose ends. Every time she crossed his mind, it made him able to carry on across the desert just a little longer.

As far as his plans for Knives, he had come down to only one feasible option that didn't require killing him. Of course, that option had crossed his mind many times. One death could save the lives of millions. But he knew his brother would never do the same to him, he may kill the very people he had come to love and torment him for all the rest of his days, but never would Knives end his brother's life. With that lovely thought in mind, Vash had pondered on sending him back out into space. Knives might even meet higher life forms and forget all about wanting wipe out humankind. There were plenty of old SEED ship scraps that could be salvaged and welded into something of a spacecraft. Vash knew enough about old technology to get it off the ground and off of Gunsmoke. The only problem was that his brother did as well, and it wasn't a matter of if he returned. Vash knew it was a matter of when he returned, and he would be so cranky…Vash shuddered at the thought. So that narrowed it down to one last option.

Sand began to firm beneath his feet as rock took its place. The landscape gradually shifted from dunes of sand to steeples of delicately balanced smooth rocks looking as if a strong wind could topple them over. Sharper rocks jutted from the ground like fingers of god reaching for the sky. The suns were merciless, glaring down on the rocks causing a reddish brown haze to rise. If he didn't know any better, Vash would've thought this place to be uninhabited. But as he approached the largest finger- like rock, he could see the entrance to what looked like a cave. As he neared it, he could see that it wasn't a natural cave, but something that was hollowed out by man. Now at the entrance, Vash knew there was no turning back. He gulped and stared at the thick, multicolored drape at the doorway. It hung just a few inches above the ground, and tied to the bottom were turquoise beads, smooth grey stones and some kind of bones. They rattled as he pushed the drape aside.

"Hello…" Vash called out as he entered.

"Hello, Vash." A beautiful, sultry voice replied, "I've been waiting."

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