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In the middle of meditating Jinbe felt a sudden disturbance in the air but thought nothing of it until he was magically thrown into a random portal. While drinking wine every so quietly Mihawk noticed a wormhole in the center of his tiled floor and then found someone pushed him inside of it. During an evil laugh Gecko Moria found his mirror turned the color purple and it sucked him into it. Crocodile and Doflamingo were watching TV at Croc's house when the picture frame behind them seemed to quickly swallow the two up. Boa was busy staring down a poor little beagle puppy that she kicked with her head thrown the wrong way when a hold opened up underneath her and sucked her down. Teech, with his mouth dropped and drooling on his pillow, didn't even seem to notice when his ceiling sucked him up like a crumb to a vacuum. Kuma, calmly sitting at his house, was gingerly reading his bible and sipping a bit of hot chocolate as his front door swung open and when it shut there was no Kuma sitting on the sofa. All of them seemed to vanish to a world completely unknown to them.

As quickly Moria found himself inside a portal he awoke to find himself outside on a patch of soft grass. On a patch of soft grass next to some of the weirdest looking creatures he's ever seen in his whole life. "WHAT THE HELL'S GOING ON HERE"! He ranted. The creatures began to stir themselves awake as he found that as he tried to get up using his arms he found that he had no arms, and he also didn't really have much of a body. "HOLY HELL I'M A PURPLE BALL"! Moria freaked. "Why the crap am I furry with long ears"? Mihawk questioned. "Hey I can fly," Doflamingo laughed. "Those fools said it would never be done; guess who's laughing now suckers"! They all looked up and saw Doflamingo, oh wait they heard his voice but saw a black looking bird animal.

After flying around for a couple more seconds he perched himself onto a tree limb, and before any of them could question any of this Boa freaked out like hell seeing what just in the name of hell she looked like. "I'M UGLY, I'M A UGLY FISH"! She roared. "DAMMIT I LOOK WORSE THAN JINBE AND HE IS A DAMN WHALE THIS TIME"! Boa and Jinbe, being the only fishy creatures, were placed in a small creek so that they could breathe due to being fish.

Right as one of them was about to question just in the name of hell was going on something else stopped that again. A pink floating animal came up to them and smiled seeing them all awake. "Friends let me explain why I've brought you eight here," It stated. "My name is Mew and this is the world of Pokémon that you're now in. I've brought you all here to teach you about peaceful fighting and leveled powers". And all the Warlords thought, "Fuck that shit".

"Now before I go on I must tell you what Pokémon I've made you so that you may learn more about Pokémon". Mew explained. "Mihawk you are a Riolu, Doflamingo is a Murkrow, Crocodile is a Sandile, Boa you're a Feebas, Kuma's a Teddiursa, Jinbe's a Wailmer, Teech you're a Munchlax, and Gecko you are a Gastly. Now that that's settled I'll go on. The only way for you eight to return home is to work together and learn together as a group. You'll all level up and eventually evolve into your next form, but some of you have only two forms while the rest have three. Either way you'll all go home when all of you have gotten to your last evolution stage, and after that I hope that I've taught the lot of you a great valuable lesson". Mew vanished after that last sentence of his and left the eight Warlords thinking the same thing once again, "What in the name of hell"!

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