12th August/ 13th August (Sunday night, Monday morning)

11:34 P.M.

I swear to GOD. I will never forgive you for this. Ever. Cry yourself to sleep, motherfucker.

11:35 P.M.

I am sorry?

11:37 P.M.

Sorry? Wait till I get home. I will KILL you.

11:40 P.M.

That sounds… aggressive. However, I believe you have the wrong number.

11:53 P.M.

Fuck. Shit, I am so sorry. That was meant for my brother. He got me this crappy phone that likes being touched and he ran my car into a pole and I hate him so much and I think I should stop talking now.

11:55 P.M.

You mean an iPhone? You should thank your brother. Also, no problem. As long as you're not a serial killer.

11:56 P.M.

Serial killer I am not. Opposite, actually. I make a living out catching them. Wait, are you a serial killer?

11:58 P.M.

I wouldn't tell you if I were.


Touché. Do you normally talk to people who accidently text you?

00:04 A.M

You amuse me. If I have to read one more bigoted idea of a 'religious person', I will shoot myself.

00:05 A.M.

You'll go to Hell for that, I hear.

00:06 A.M.

Better than whatever I have here.

00:07 A.M.

Oooh, Midnight woes. So you're a…writer?

00:07 A.M


00:08 A.M.

A priest?

00:09 A.M.

Ew, no.

00:10 A.M.

I mean, no. I am not my father.

00:12 A.M.

Aha! So you're father was a priest?

00:13 A.M.

Shouldn't you be sleeping? Or working?

00:14 A.M.

Paperwork. I would kill myself, except that'd be stupid.

00:17 A.M.

People who kill themselves aren't stupid.

00:19 A.M.

I know, life is stupid.

00:20 A.M.

Midnight woes?

00:23 A.M.

Oh, har har. I have to work now, stranger.

00:25 A.M.

Have a nice life, stranger.

15th August (Wednesday)

04:38 P.M.

Are you a teacher?

04:50 P.M.

Didn't they teacher you Stranger Danger in school?

04:51 P.M.

I graduated about 12 years ago, maybe they did.

04:52 P.M.

So, you're in your late 20-ies?

04:59 P.M.

…Sneaky. Reporter?

05:01 P.M.

Your last guess was closer.

05:02 P.M.

A… teacher? Scholar! In… Scriptures?

05:02 P.M.


05:03 P.M.

Honestly, Gabriel, I am not coming to the bar.

05:05 P.M.


05:07 P.M.

Firstly, stop capitalizing everything; it's not going to change my mind. Secondly, it's Wednesday. I have work tomorrow.

05:10 P.M.


05:11 P.M.

I'm sorry. My brother won't leave me alone. No, I am not a scholar. Please. I teach at a college.

05:12 P.M.

What did he want? So… you're a teacher.

05:14 P.M.

Teachers are for high school. I'm a professor. He wanted to get drunk at Harvelle's. He's an idiot.

05:15 P.M.

Same difference. Is he younger? Wait, Harvelle's? Like, Ellen Harvelle's Roadside Steak House?

05:16 P.M.


05:18 P.M.

We live in the same town. Awkward.

05:20 P.M.


17th August ( Friday)

07:39 A.M.

Wait, so let me get this straight. You were talking to a complete stranger comfortably, gender, name, age unknown and now you feel weird talking to him because you live in the same town?

07:40 A.M.

That's the gist of it.

7:41 A.M.

You are an idiot.

07:43 A.M.

Shut up. I don't even know why I told you. Good bye, I'm going to work.

07:47 A.M.

I have to be in court in half an hour, so listen well. Talk to him. Honestly, you're still strangers. So you live in the same town. That'll be great for when you decide to profess your undying love for him. Now stop acting like an angsty 16 year old. Jerk.

07:50 A.M.


18th August (Saturday)

01:59 A.M.

I need you like the flower needs the sun in winter.

02:01 A.M.

If it is winter, the flowers do not need sunlight. They are dead.

02:02 A.M.

Morbid. But I luurrvvv

Excuse my brother. He's a moose.

02:05 A.M.

I do not know what to make of this.

02:06 A.M.

Dean's throwing a hissy bitch fit because I'm talking to you. That's the name of guy you've been talking with. Dean. I'm Sam.

02:07 A.M.

The brother who ran his car into a pole, I assume?

02:08 A.M

Okay, not the best first impression. Would you like me better if I told you I'm a lawyer?

02:10 A.M.

You're obviously not like your brother when it comes to giving away information.

02:11 A.M.

Well, Dean's a litt-

Hey, stranger.

02:13 A.M.


02:21 A.M.

Stranger? Sorry for the late reply, had to knock out my brother.

02:22 A.M.


02:24 A.M.

What? Is that a code word or something?

02:25 A.M.

It's my name.

02:25 A.M.

Oh. OH!

02:26 A.M.


09:41 A.M.

You're welcome.

06:23 P.M.

Would you arrest me if I murdered someone?

06:23 P.M.

Yes. Who would that someone be?

06:24 P.M.

My brother.

06:25 P.M.

The one who wanted you to go to Havelle's?

06:27 P.M.

No, the one who calls me at work and gives me the annual "Come home, Castiel, or face my wrath." Speech.

06:28 P.M.

His wrath? That sounds… wrath?

06:29 P.M.

I need a drink.

06:30 P.M.

Look on the bright side; if it's annual, his wrath hasn't come yet.

06:31 P.M.

It will. And I will die.

06:31 P.M.

Then I'll arrest him.

06:32 P.M.

Then I'll be dead.

06:34 P.M.

Then I'll see your naked dead body in the morgue.

06:34 P.M.


06:35 P.M.

You know you love it.

The next time Castiel went with Gabriel to Harvelle's, when he pushed the bills forward, Jo pushed them back.

"On the house?"

"On Dean."

Castiel looked owlishly at the money.

20th August (Monday)

11:00 A.M.

You must be one hot dude.

11:01 A.M

I'm sorry? How do you know I'm male?

11:02 A.M.

Jo won't shut up about you and you're 'deep blue eyes'.

11:03 A.M.

I'm flattered. In a creepy way.

11:04 A.M.

Oh, dear lord. Please tell me that you have enough sense not to date her so I can tell her so she'll let me eat in peace.

11:05 A.M.

Oh, God. How old is she?

11:07 A.M.


11:07 A.M.

Tell her I am at least 10 years her senior. As a matter of fact, tell her I'm gay.

11:09 A.M.

Done and done. Are you?

11:10 A.M.


11:10 A.M.


11:11 A.M.

Does that bother you?

11:12 A.M.

Honestly, the only thing bothering me right now is the fact that there isn't enough cheese in my burger.

11:15 A.M.


11:20 A.M.

Jeez, Cas, no, I don't care if you're gay or whatever. Can I eat my burger with you angst-ing on the other side now?

11:21 A.M.

I don't 'angst'.