A/N I am working on wrapping up "Black Raven", but this story idea just won't leave me alone, and I can't stand having two different stories floating around in my head - gets too confusing. So I thought I'd start putting at least some of it down on paper, get a load off :-)

It's a small preview, a prologue (a teaser, if you will). I am very anxious to hear your thoughts. Does it sound interesting? Should I keep going? Let me know.

A/N2: not mine, unfortunately, not mine...

From his vantage point on the second floor of an abandoned warehouse building he watched the frantic whirlpool of commotion below, a cold disdainful smile twitching at the corners of his mouth. "Sheep. Stupid, ignorant sheep," he sneered silently, as the police predictably cordoned off the area in front of the bank, moving everyone so perfectly, so ridiculously close to where he was... hiding, waiting. Not long now.

The two punks he hired to hold up the bank did their job beautifully. Even managed to shoot some unfortunate idiot who got in their way. Perfect. That got the HPD here in record time. And now that the "robbers" made their demands, 5-0 will not be long in coming. And then... then he shall have his revenge.

He licked his lips in nervous anticipation, his dark expressionless eyes narrowing slightly, as he spotted two new cars speeding down the road toward the scene - a silver Camaro and a red Cruze. "Main course."

He watched as the four members of Hawaii's elite task force jumped out of their vehicles, hurriedly putting on their vests and running off to join the other cops behind the yellow tape. He watched as their leader nodded to whatever the cop in charge told them of the situation and motioned to his team to spread out. Right on cue a series of shots came from the direction of the bank, a few bullets zinging off the hood of the closest HPD vehicle, forcing the cops and 5-0 to pull back, diving for cover.

The dull eyes lit up with unkind fire, raking over the tall dark-haired form that crouched behind a pile of crates. Such a great angle, so perfectly out of sight for his entire team, and yet so perfectly visible and open before him. He couldn't have asked for a better opportunity. His small face tightened, the thin lips pulling apart slightly in a small predatory smile. "Perfect, just perfect."

Turning his face slightly to a man crouching beside him - a high-powered sniper rifle grasped tightly in his hands - he uttered quietly, "It is time."

"Si, senor." The man nodded, aligning his scope.

"Remember, I need him breathing," he reminded curtly.

"Si, senor."

A split second later the gun thumped quietly, discharging its deadly load, and he watched with morbid glee as the crouching figure jerked suddenly, twisting sideways from an invisible blow, before falling backwards into the crates.

"Go pick him up," he ordered quietly. "Make sure no one sees you."

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