He forced himself to roll away from the warmth beside him and sit up, swinging his legs around and letting his feet land on the floor below. Frowning he picked up his blackberry from his nightstand and pushed up from the bed. Pulling up his contacts list he scrolled down to the name he had been looking for and pulled up a list of options.

He was walking into the kitchen when his phone lit up and vibrated in his hand.

This had better be good. You woke me from a dead sleep Samuel. What do you want?

He smiled a bit as his eyes rolled over the text. He could almost hear the other's voice ringing in his ears.

Yeah, right. You replied too fast. You haven't even gone to bed yet.

He hit the send button and placed the phone on the counter and set up the coffee pot. As he was measuring out the grinds the counter sounded as if it was farting to his left. He chuckled a bit and poured the grinds into the filter ready for brewing. Picking up his phone he read the next message.

Your point? Or do you have one?

He could hear the slight aggravation there. Frowning a bit he sighed and replied.

You're...still mad at me. I'll leave you alone. Sorry to bother you. Bye Dean.

He dropped the phone into the pocket of his sleep pants and decided against the coffee. He wanted a beer now. And since he wasn't going to be going back to sleep, why not? He got to the fridge and was standing back upright from retrieving his proffered drink when his pocket vibrated. Turning from the fridge he used the counter to pop the cap off his bottle while he checked his phone.

I'm not mad Sam. I'm in a bar. So what do you want?

Sam frowned. What did he want? He was getting to live normal. School. Friends. A girlfriend soon to be fiancé. But none of it felt right. Though this did. Drinking beer and talking to Dean. Who was probably drinking beer at the moment too. Shaking fingers lifted the glass bottle to his lips while the other set typed:

I...I just wanted to talk to someone familiar...But you're busy. I'll let you go.

He walked into the living room and dropped his long frame to the couch and let his phone fall in his lap and replaced it with the remote. He put the television on and dropped the volume way down. As he was watching a George Forman info-mercial his phone went off in his lap startling the shit out of him...Sort of...

What's wrong Sammy? o.O

Dean used letter emotes? Since when? Sam took a swig of his beer and sighed.

I'm sitting in the living room of an apartment I share with the girl I'm not sure I'm in love with anymore, drinking a beer at 2 AM. What do you think is wrong Dean?

He was pretty sure that would be sent as two texts as Dean most likely didn't have a blackberry. George Forman had turned into some beauty thing for chicks when he wasn't looking so he changed the channel. He was currently watching some bogus revival thing when Dean's text came through.

Sounds like you're lonely Sammy.

Sam shook his head and muttered, "No shit Sherlock. What was your first clue?" around the neck of his bottle as he replied.

I am. And it's getting hard Dean.

He hit send and sighed as he settled back into the couch.

What is?

He hadn't remembered lifting the phone to look at the message but hey, he didn't care.

Being the freak again and having to hide it. I need someone to talk to. But rule #1 is a bitch to work around.

He sighed and picked the remote up again as he drank more of his beer. The crappy revival was getting annoying and he wanted something at least semi-riveting. Finding cartoons he sighed and left it there. Adult Swim would work for now. Currently it was what looked like Inuyasha. His phone vibrated in his lap and he jumped again. That one had kinda felt good. He smirked a bit.

So...Sorry to sound so cruel...What do you want me to do? You wanted out Sammy.

Sam frowned a bit. He had a point. Pushing himself up off the couch he turned off the TV and made his way back upstairs as he typed out his next words. Only three words.

Come get me.

Hitting send he walked into the room he shared with Jess and silently grabbed his duffel. Packing his clothes was the easy part. It was the knives that would take a minute or two. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and smiled at what he read.

On my way. Be there in ten.

He felt that it should surprise him that Dean was so close. But it didn't. Instead he felt a slight warmth in his chest. Or maybe that was from the beer. He was sort of a light weight. Well, okay he wasn't quite that bad. But still...

Be waiting.

He settled his knives in his bag, under his clothes and grabbed the leather he used for his laptop. Going back downstairs he grabbed his computer from the kitchen table and slid it into the confines of his bag. He had pulled a shirt on and a pair of socks and was now sliding into his sneakers. Looking down at his phone he saw a new text alert.

So where are you? I'm outside.

Sam's eyes went wide. He hadn't even heard the growl of The Impala. But sure enough, in the parking lot of the apartment complex he resided in, leaning against the passenger side of Metallicar, arms folded across his chest and ankles, stood Dean in all his six foot hunter glory. That was one of the sexiest sights Sam had seen in a good while. Oh yeah. This felt right.

A light smile crossed his lips as he made his way over to Dean, who pushed off the car and opened the back passenger door for him.

"Thanks Dean." He mumbled as he placed his things in the back seat.

Stepping back he let Dean close the door and even let Dean crowd his space. He was a bit surprised when Dean enveloped him in a tight hug and buried his face in Sam's neck.

"You had but to ask and I would do it." He felt the other murmur into his neck.

Sam wrapped his arms around Dean in turn and hugged back. "I know that now." He acknowledged. "And again, I thank you." Dean nodded and pulled back from the hug just slightly.

Even in the dim light of the street lamp Sam could see how Dean's eyes were more emerald than hazel and nearly envied him that. But it was the look in those eyes that caught Sam's attention. The shorter seemed to be lost in some sort of thought.

Or was it...? Well, Jess always did comment on being able to get lost in his eyes. He just had never thought about it. He would shrug it off and laugh a bit. But Dean seemed to be doing just that.

"Dean?" He husked out a bit and was a bit shocked when Dean lifted up a bit and pressed tentative lips to his own.

After a couple seconds he started to respond to the kiss. He shivers when Dean's lips part beneath his. The only thing he can think is that this is what he's been wanting for ages as his tongue claims Dean's mouth and Dean's starts to chase his own.

The kiss starts to get a bit more heated before Dean breaks it, panting a bit, "Why don't we head out?" Sam can only nod as Dean opens the passenger door for Sam to fold himself into his side of the car.

He watched Dean make his way around to the driver's side and climb in. When the car was started Dean looked at him and wrapped a gentle hand around the back of Sam's neck and pulled him in. The taller reveled in the kiss that was just as mind numbing and glorius as the one moments ago. But it was the next words that had Sam's hazel eyes going wide and his heart hammering in his chest. "I love you Sammy."

Sam knew the smile on his face was a bit shy, but he had just heard the other say something he never thought he'd hear. Ever. "I love you too Dean." He purred out. He watched the smile light up Dean's face as the elder's fingers curled with his and they left Palo Alto behind