Sitting on a stool in a dive of a bar in Palo Alto was Dean James Winchester. He had been watching Sam all day. Just like John usually did. He had been praying like hell that Sam would maybe, just maybe, pick up his phone for once and call. Either him or Dad. If he called John then at least John would update Dean later. But no. Sam had been with a cute little blonde all day. They laughed and talked the day through. They must be on a break or something, because neither had gone to the school campus. Dean was lifting his beer to his lips when his phone went off in his pocket.

Hey Dean.

Well, what have we here? He double checked the number and then looked at the time. What was Sam doin up so late?

This had better be good. You woke me from a dead sleep Samuel. What do you want?

He typed in his reply and hit enter. Sure he lied. It was part of the job. But it was Sam. So...His phone went off as he took a final swig on his current beer.

Yeah, right. You replied too fast. You haven't even gone to bed yet.

Leave it to Sam to know these things. "Bitch." He muttered under his breath with a half smirk.

Your point? Or do you have one?

He wondered how Sam would take that one as he sent it off and called for another beer. The bar keep was placing it in front of him when he got Sam's next message.

You're...still mad at me. I'll leave you alone. Sorry to bother you. Bye Dean.

Dean frowned a bit around the neck of his bottle as he read that. Sam thought he was mad...A little hurt and upset, sure. But that was because his brother had walked out on them. On him...

I'm not mad Sam. I'm in a bar. So what do you want.

He hit send and let his hand holding the phone fall to his lap and waited for a reply. When it came through the vibration rolled through his jean clad thigh making him jump slightly.

I...I just wanted to talk to someone familiar...But you're busy. I'll let you go.

Dean cocked his head to the side a bit as he read. Well, sounded like someone couldn't sleep...

What's wrong Sammy? o.O

He took a swig on his second beer and felt his phone go off. Lifting it to look he saw an incomplete message.

I'm sitting in the living room of anapartmentI share with the girl I'm not sure I'm in love with anymore,

"Crazy kid and his damned blackberry..." He read the half he got as he waited for the second half of the message to show. As his eyes landed on the comma the second part came through.

drinking a beer at 2 AM. What do you think is wrong Dean?

"Ah. I see what's wrong here." He commented to the air as he typed in his own reply.

Sounds like you're lonely Sammy.

He hit the send button and found himself hoping that Sam was indeed lonely. Then he would know how Dean felt. But the next message had Dean frowning deeply.

I am. And it's getting hard Dean.

Getting hard? What's getting hard? Sam didn't sound good...

What is?

He vaguely remembered hitting send as he sipped his beer in thought. Sam's reply came in as he was pulling the bottle away from his lips to order another.

Being the freak again and having to hide it. I need someone to talk to. But rule #1 is a bitch to work around.

Ah yes. Rule numero uno. Don't tell anyone what we do. Or something to that effect. Either way, you didn't discuss the job at all. With anyone. Not even the one you date. Dean gave a sigh, sucked to be Sam right now...That didn't stop him from replying with,

So...Sorry to sound so cruel...What do you want me to do? You wanted out Sammy.

What he didn't expect would be the next three words that he got as he was putting the bottle of his thrid beer to his lips.

Come get me.

That was it. That was all he needed as he was slapping a few bucks on the bar to pay for his beers and out the door in a few seconds flat. As he pulled open the car door he sent off his reply.

On my way. Be there in ten.

As he started up his car he wondered a bit if it would alarm Sam that he was so close. But that thought was wiped away as Sam's next message came through.

Be waiting.

With a howl of laughter, Dean peeled out of the parking lot and grinned a bit, caressing the car's dashboard. "Let's go baby. We're bringing Sammy home." With that he gave Metallicar some gas and roared along the road to where he had left Sam and his girl earlier that day. And true to his word, it was ten minutes later when he pulled into the very quiet parking lot of his brother's apartment complex.
Stepping out of his precious car he closed his door and walked around to the passenger side and leaned against the car. Pulling his phone out he hit the reply button to send the next message.

So where are you? I'm outside.

He had dropped his phone into his pocket and crossed his arms over his chest and settled into a relaxed position when Sam walked out. He was wearing a white tee-shirt, a pair of gray drawstring sleep pants, and sneakers. He looked as if he had just rolled out of bed. And Dean guessed that he had. Didn't he look sexy? All sleep mussed and scholarly. He had a large camo print duffle slung over one shoulder and a brown leather, carrying what Dean assumed was a laptop, over the other.
He watched that shy smile cross Sam's lips as he shoved away from Metallicar and pulled open that back passenger door.

Sam mumbled a "Thanks Dean." as he dropped his stuff in the back seat.

When Sam stepped back he shut the door and was a bit surprised when Sam didn't back away from him as he pulled him into a tight hug. With his face pressed into Sam's neck he whispered, "You had but to ask and I would do it."

Dean liked when Sam's arms folded around him to hug in return. "I know that now." He heard Sam say, "And again, I thank you."

Dean gave a nod into Sam's neck before he pulled back just slightly. He looked up at the taller, his arms still kind of wrapped around his brother's torso. As he looked at Sam he felt his heart swell and skip a beat or two.

This was it. Sam was back. He got his brother back.

And more. He hoped.

In the light of the street lamps he saw how Sam's eyes held bits of blue, green, and a brown that was more gold than brown. He could look into those eyes for hours.

Sam's voice when he said the elder's name sound rough, as if he had been drinking an entire bottle of whiskey. And the sound was pure addiction to Dean. He shifted up nervously and lightly pressed his lips to Sam's.

What surprised him even more than Sam letting him hug him was Sam kissing him back. And even more he's surprised as his own lips part and Sam's tongue darts in to sweep around his mouth. Moaning into the kiss his own tongue follows Sam's in a game of cat and mouse.

Dean breaks the kiss after a few heated minutes and pants out, "Why don't we head out?" He watches Sam nod and opens the car door for him.

With Sam in the car he jogged around to his side and climbed in as well. Cranking the engine he turned to see Sam watching him and quickly pulled him into a kiss just as deep and as searing as the prior. When he pulled away he locked bright emerald eyes with deep rich hazel, "I love you Sammy."

Dean watched the other's signature shy flirty smile spread across his face and his head dip down a bit.

Yeah, Baby Brother was all his.

"I love you too Dean." It came out as what Dean could only describe as a purr. With a smile on his lips he took Sam's hand in his own and left Stanford and Palo Alto in their dust.