Guys…I have done a horrible, horrible thing.

I tried to resist, really I did. I wanted to keep this story as Goku and family based, but it failed miserably. Vegeta's charm is too great to resist! I'm sorry!

So basically, what I'm trying to say, is that I'm turning this little set of drabbles into a story. A small story, and not a very important one, but a story. I got this idea in my head and I absolutely CANNOT picture it outside of the Simplest Memories universe, so…yeah. Rearranging chapters and fixing ages shall commence. The memories that you've seen so far will be added to randomly throughout the story, eventually leading to the plot, but they are important glimpses of Goku and Vegeta's life.

Chapter 1: PB & J's

"YEOW! Dad! Kakarot pulled my hair!"

"Goku, don't pull your brother's hair."

"OUCH! Dad, Raditz hit me!"

"Raditz, don't hit your brother."

"OW! DAD!"

"Goku, get off your brother's tail."

Bardock Son sighed as he finished making the last of the sandwiches. There, he thought, satisfied, that ought to hold the little monsters over for a while…I think. Balancing one plate on his head, he picked up the other two platters stacked full with PB&Js. After making sure that they wouldn't fall, Bardock made his way to the living room. He gave a defeated huff as he noticed that the couch was broken in two (again) and went to sit the plates down. Before he could, two dark shapes zipped from down the hallway and ran in circles around his legs.



"Boys!" Bardock scolded.

They ignored him. Raditz almost crashed when Goku took a short-cut underneath his father's legs, but quickly regained his footing. He was after his brother again in a split second; unfortunately, he used Bardock's knee for leverage, almost knocking him off balance. "Get BACK here, Kakarot!"

"BOYS!" Bardock yelled.

They froze immediately, which resulted in Raditz having one foot stuck in midair and Goku looking as if he was about to fall over, his chubby arms stretched out as if trying to grab something far away. Any other time, Bardock would have laughed at their funny positions (which distinctly reminded him of the Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner cartoon), but right now, he was trying to balance a plate on his head.

"Boys," he said sternly, "Do you see what Daddy's trying to do?"

Raditz stood up straight and twiddled his index fingers. "Um, get food?"

"That's right. Now, haven't I told you not to run in the house?"

Raditz pretended to draw in the carpet with his big toe. "Yes, sir."

"Kakarot?" the tall man asked.

Goku swallowed. His daddy only called him Kakarot when he was either in serious trouble or about to be. "Yes, Daddy."

"Good. Now come help me with these plates."


The boys each ran to take a plate from his hands, running to the coffee table greedily. Bardock removed the last one from his head and sat it on the table, already chewing by the time he'd sat on the couch. He chuckled as he watched his sons scarf down their food, only pausing to belch as loudly as possible.

Bardock had never really planned on being a father. In his opinion, Raditz had been enough, but when Kakarot came, and looking just like him, no less…well, Bardock figured there was room for one more.

He surely didn't plan on ever being a single father, either. His mate had died shortly after Kakarot Goku Son was born, leaving her slightly less-than-capable husband alone with two little boys. Even now, with Kakarot being 4 and Raditz at age 10, he still missed her, and he still didn't really know what he was doing.


He blinked from his daydreaming when he felt his tank top being tugged on. He looked down to find Goku staring up at him with big, innocent eyes. "Hm?" he answered.

"Didn't you get any apple juice?"

Bardock patted his son on the head and stood up. "Just a second, okay?"


Scratching the back of his neck, the tall Saiyan stood up and headed back into the kitchen. At 6'5, he had to bend down a ways before he could stick his head in the little refrigerator, which held way more food than should be possible. He rummaged around in the food for a minute until he found the apple juice, which they always seemed to be running out of via Kakarot, and poured the kids glassfuls.

As mentioned, Bardock was tall, with spiky black hair, tan skin, and dark eyes. He had a naturally muscular build, pearly white teeth with sharp canines, and an X shaped scar on his cheek. He always wore a red bandana to keep his bangs out of his eyes, and currently wore an amber-colored tank and baggy jean shorts.

His eldest son, Raditz, had spikey, waist-length hair that slightly resembled his mother's, with dark eyes and tan features that seemed to be a fair mix of both of his parents. He was tall for his age, slightly skinny, and as a result, very fast. As today was Saturday, and Raditz did not have to go to school, he romped around the house in a white tank, white socks with grey toes, and his boxers.

Kakarot favored Bardock more than his mother. With hair that was almost identical to the spikey crown of his sire's, the child had large, soft brown eyes and a big, beaming smile. Secretly thinking his brother was cool, Kakarot wore a pair of Raditz's basketball shorts that were too small for the older boy, but no shirt, which revealed a tummy that was still pudgy with baby fat.

"Here," Bardock said, handing them their juice.

Raditz took his and immediately began slurping, but Goku looked at him adoringly and said, "Thanks, Daddy!" After giving his father a beaming smile, tail waving happily, he began downing his favorite drink.

Bardock sighed again and ruffled the child's hair, propping his feet up on the coffee table and flipping channels, his tail thumping softly on the couch.

So, we are still beginning with memories of the Son family. Most memories will be set in the Son house, because it's convenient and cute.