I wake up to the sounds of birds chirping outside of my window. It's early, I can tell, from the chill in the air and the ache in my head. I didn't like mornings, and I definitely do not like extremely early mornings, like today. Why am I up this early, might you ask? Well I sadly promised I'd help my best friend Dakota with a summer REC program. It involves early morning, running around playing tennis, with small children. I have a terrible feeling that I may end up hurt by the end of the afternoon, because I am awfully clumsy.

I remove the covers that were lying comfortably on top of me, and drag myself to the bathroom. I take a shower, and get dressed. I almost thought of wearing tennis like outfit, but I decided to stick with a baggy T-shirt and shorts. I'm hoping I won't have to do much of the whole tennis playing. I thought I could just stand back and watch, or walk the children to the bathrooms when necessary.

I walk downstairs and grab a waffle out of the freezer and stuff it in the toaster. I lean on the counter causally and yawn while I stare at the toaster, waiting impatiently for it to pop up. But when the clock on the microwave grabs my attention, I realize that I'm running late, and I need to go, now. I force the waffle to pop up now, and throw it in the garbage-a waste, I know- and grab a granola bar that's lying on the counter, probably my father's future snack, but hey, it's an emergency.

I walk at a fast pace towards the local tennis court. The sun is already starting to warm up for such an early hour and I'm regretting my decision to help out Dakota, but we agreed to devote our summer to each other, and she and her parents had an agreement to a future car if she volunteered at these summer programs. Therefore, I was automatically expected to help her out, so we could have our summer together.

It's only been a week since school got out, and we haven't spent a day apart since. I am spending the night at her house tonight, and I'm joining her family in there welcome dinner for her brother Austin. He goes to some private school in California, it's some talent school, he sings and dances and plays the guitar, and many other instruments. He usually lives there with his Aunt, but he's done with school now and he's coming home for good. I haven't seen him since he left, which was when I was 10, and he was 12. I don't really remember him much, but he and Dakota are close, and the three of us always hung out. So I can say I am sort of excited to see him, but it's not all I'm thinking about, except for right now…

When I make it to the court, Dakota is waiting for me, along with 15 other small children. They are in a line and taking turns hitting a tennis ball at the other end of the court; which I find a little odd, since they are hitting the ball at, nobody. But I'm not complaining, since it's better that no one is at the other end than me, they aren't hitting very well.

"About time you arrived." Dakota says.

I shrug, "At least I showed up." I say.

She hands me a tennis racket, "Show us your best serve." She says, and all the kids turn their focus on me, and wait anxiously for me to impress them. I shake my head, "I can't. I never play tennis; I don't do well in sports." I say and then drop the racket on accident, even though it helped me prove my case.

My best friend shakes her head at me impatiently and sends the kids over to pick up all the tennis balls.

After a while, it's time for the kids to leave. We wait for their parents to come and pick all of them up, and finally when the last little black haired girl's mother appears, apologizing for being so late, we're free people, and can leave.

"That was such a fun time." She says sarcastically. I laugh at her as we walk to her house. We have to help her mother set up Austin's room. It's funny because when he left, Dakota's dad made his room his own office, against his mother's wishes. Now she is very happy to make it back into Austin's room. We're going to go to the supermarket and pick up bed sheets and such.

When we get to the house, Mimi (Dakota's mom) makes us pancakes. All Mimi says is how this is Austin's favorite meal, and she can't wait for him to come home. I actually can't wait for him to get home, because then I can stop hearing about him. I sometimes wonder if he is actually as awesome as they all make him to be.

After we eat, we head to the store. Now, that is a drag and I will take teaching kid's tennis over it any day. I barely know Austin, but now I could be his best friend. His mother pointed out every single thing he likes. Oh, and I could probably underwear shop for him any day. Oh, and did you know that Austin is really into brunette girls? And he doesn't have a girlfriend, even though he goes to a famous performing art school? Well he is, he doesn't, and he does.

After long hours of unpacking his things from the basement, arranging and re arranging the furniture and making the bed, the day is finally over, even though it's really not, because Austin is just moments from arriving, and then hopefully I can go to sleep.

Dakota finishes up vacuuming and joins me downstairs. I'm standing awkwardly beside her parents while they watch the door. Mimi fixes herself in the mirror about eighteen times, and Mike (Austin's father) yawns about twenty times. Dakota sits down on the couch and sighs, and that's when the footsteps at the door are heard.

When the door opens, I can't help but me shocked at what I see. It's Austin, that's for sure. He has the same familiar platinum blonde hair, and dark, puppy dog eyes. But he's so tall and built well. And you can just tell in his features he's matured. Which that would be obvious, since the last time I saw him was when he was 12, so technically he should have matured, and what am I even talking about?

He sets his bags down gracefully and hugs his mother. His smile on his face is sincere, and breathtaking. I can't believe how tall he's gotten; he must be over 6 foot. He has a black v-neck shirt on and a leather jacket to cover it. His ripped jeans go well with the rest, and his hair is extra shaggy. He hugs his father next and then Dakota.

When he turns to me, he does a sort of double take, and then smiles, "Ally Dawson?" He asks. I know what you're thinking, he must visit, this can't be the first time his family is seeing him in 7 years. He has visited yes; but never when I was around, so I'm the only one who hasn't seen him this long.

I nod, "Austin Moon?" I ask, trying to sound surprised.

"It really has been a while." He says, and he looks me up and down. Is he really checking me out?

"Ahem." Dakota interrupts.

"Just bring your bags to your stupid room I've been stuck in all day." She says.

Austin laughs and gets her in a head lock, "I've missed you little sis." He says.

She squirms out of his grip and pats her hair back to a normal place, "Yeah whatever. Can I go to sleep now?" She says, eyeing her mother.

Now, don't judge her so quickly. She is happy to have Austin back, but when she's tired-or like right now- over tired, she gets quite angry.

"No you cannot. We're having dinner in a moment." Mike says.

She groans, and Mimi goes into the kitchen to finish making dinner. After still standing there awkwardly, listening to Austin brag about his grades, Mimi calls us in for dinner. I follow Dakota to the table and sit down next to her. She grabs as much lasagna and she can and starts eating. I grab a decent amount and begin to eat.

Austin grabs some too and then is flooded with questions from his parents. Dakota and I don't say or ask anything. We eat quietly and listen to all the stories about his school, and music, and… girls.

Apparently even though he's single, he gets around. He mentioned at least 10 different girls, and I know it doesn't mean he's doing things with them or something, but he makes himself sound like a bit of a player. I don't really care to know about it, or anything… I just don't care.

After we're excused from the table, Dakota and I go upstairs to her room. She goes out to the hallway to the bathroom, and takes a shower and get's into her PJ's. When she's done, she comes into the room and pretty much crashes. She lies down on her bed and is passed out in about 4 minutes. I decide to get ready for bed too, so I go into the bathroom and get changed. When I'm done, I open the door and walk into the hallway, and Austin's leaning against the wall, with a towel in his hand.

"Hi there." He says with a smile. His leather jackets off, obviously, we're inside! And his v-neck t-shirt really shows off how muscular he is, and damn it, he's so attractive…

"Hi." I say, and try to stare at the floor or the wall or anything that's not him.

"It really has been a while." He says.

"Yes, just about 7 years." I say.

He giggles, "You remembered." And I can't help but feel embarrassed that I did.

"Well, yeah I guess." I say.

"How's your life been?" He asks me.

"Obviously boring compared to yours." I say.

He switches from leaning on his back, to his shoulder, "What's that supposed to mean?" He asks a smirk on his face.

"I don't know, just your stories of your school and everything." I say.

"Oh, well I guess. I'll miss that, but I'm happy to be home." He says and winks at me. He then walks into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

It's funny, he's about to take a shower, yet he smelt like a fresh summer breeze. I sigh and walk into Dakota's room. I lie down on the bed that pulls of out hers. I stare up at the dark ceiling, trying to stop my thoughts about my best friend's brother, Austin, the forbidden boy, the older boy, the extremely hot one.