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The next morning, it's a repeat of yesterday morning. We both got up early to get ready for another fun filled morning of Tennis. But at least this time I got to eat breakfast. Mimi works at an office about an hour away as a receptionist, and Mike works at a factory in town, so none of them are home. But when we go downstairs, Austin is cooking breakfast. I don't know why, but I suddenly feel embarrassed at my messy morning hair when he looks at me. I want to run away, and go back upstairs, but I think that'd be suspicious.

When he looks away I try to flatten it a little, until Dakota looks at me weird, so I stop, "What are you two up to this early?" Austin asks, "Tennis, summer program." Dakota says threw bites of scrambled ?

Austin laughs, "Okay, what are mom and dad bribing you with?" He asks, while breaking open more eggs.

She rolls her eyes, "Nothing, I'm just a mature adult now." She says.

I can't help but giggle, and she gives me a dirty look. Austin smiles at my response, and tries not to laugh too, "No, I'm an adult, I'm 18. Your 16, you're a kid."

I don't know why, but hearing him says that made me sick to my stomach. She's just a kid, which means I am too, not that it matters, I'm not interested in him or anything. I don't know what my problem is.

"I am not a child." She whines.

Austin shakes his head, "Right, so what is it?"

Dakota doesn't say anything, but she gets up and throws her egg away and goes upstairs to get dressed I assume. So that means it's just me, sitting at the counter trying to eat, while Austin's standing in front of the stove.

"It's a car." I tell him.

His eyes go big, "Wow really?" He asks. I nod.

"Figures it's something big to get her out of bed in the morning." He says, "But what I'm wondering is, what she has over you to make you do it."

I shrug, "Nothing really. We promised to hang out like all summer, and I guess she assumed that meant I had to be included in all her activities." I say.

"That's not cool. You need to be doing fun summer stuff, not dealing with little kids." He says.

I shrug again, but don't say anything, "Maybe sometime"- he starts but Dakota yells for me upstairs. He looks at me and rolls his eyes, "Have fun." And with that I head upstairs, where Dakota is standing in her room.

"What?" I ask her.

"I was just getting you away from my stupid annoying brother." She says.

I sigh quietly; he's not annoying, or stupid. He's hot and sort of amazing and… "You think he's annoying too, right?" She asks.

"Sure." I say.

"Good, because one of my friends used to have a crush on him when he came up another summer, and it was so annoying. I hate when my friends like my brother, it's totally against girl code." She says, in a pissed off tone of voice, "Girl code?" I ask.

She nods, "Yes. Now we need to go, so get dressed." She says and shoos me to get my clothes.

I can't help thinking about what she said while I was getting dressed, about girl code, and how angry it makes her when her friends like her brother. I don't understand that, at all really. But oh well, it's not like I have to worry about that.

When we're both ready, we head downstairs to leave, but Austin blocks the door, "Need a ride?" He asks. He smiles at me and winks; why does he keep doing that? "No thank you." Dakota says and walks out the door.

I stop next to him, "Thanks though." I tell him.

When I'm walking out he grabs my arm lightly, "We should hang out sometime." He says with his million dollar smile, and I can't help but feel a shiver run through me, why, I don't know, "Ally hurry!" Dakota yells. I smile at him apologetically and run out side.


The morning goes by fast, and I managed to not hurt myself and I'm proud of that, I mean that's two whole mornings of clumsy-free Ally. But that might also be because I haven't picked up a tennis racket again.

We wait yet again for the parents to come get them and then we head back to Dakota's. I'm spending two weeks here, since my dad's on a business trip for the store he owns, Sonic Boom, it's a music store and he usually makes me run it, but he figured since I'm doing the summer program and it is summer he'd just close the shop up. He's gone for so long because it's this big convention, and he just won't miss it for the world.

When we get back to the house, she tells me she's going to take a nap and that I can fend for myself. So I go downstairs to get a drink. I open the fridge and it's full of soda, juice, tea, everything. I lean in and stare at them all, trying to decide what I want, and the cool air from the fridge feels amazing, the Moon's do not have air conditioning, or a pool

I pick up a can of lemonade when, "Cooling yourself off," Says a voice behind me. It startles me and I drop the lemonade, causing it to burst open and fly all over my feet. I hold in a scream and I hear laughing. I turn around and it was Austin, he's sitting on the counter that is just a couple feet behind me…

"Sorry, Dawson." He says, but there is still laughter in his voice.

I shake my head at him, but a smile creeps upon my lips, I don't think I can get mad at him.

I walk over to the paper towels and grab a bunch. I walk back over and start cleaning up the lemonade, "You could help you know, it is your fault." I tell him, "Is not!" He says in a whiny two year old voice.

"And I'm the child." I say. He grabbed some towels and is kneeling down next to me to help, but he stops moving and looks at me.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"You told Dakota she was just a child, because she's sixteen, well so am I." I say.

"Oh, I just said that, because well, I mean Dakota's my kid sister. It's different with you. You aren't a kid to me." He says seriously, looking at my face, in my eyes.

"Then what am I?" I ask him.

He shrugs, "Your Ally." He says with an innocent smile. He's so cute, it really should be illegal, I'm serious on this.

"Oh, is that so?" I ask him.

He nods, "Yes. Yes you are." He says.

"Well thank you for telling me." I say sarcastically with a smile.

He laughs and picks up the towel and throws them away, and then he helps me stand up from my crouching position. I throw away the bottle and then lean against the counter, watching Austin open the fridge and grabbing two more cans of lemonade.

He hands me one and I carefully opening, sipping its cold substance, I've been even thirstier since it dropped all over my feet. For a few minutes, we both stand there in silence drinking. Austin's cell phone rings and he answers, "Hello?" he says.

Suddenly his face lights up, "Hey babe!" he says happily into the phone, "When are you coming? That's awesome!" he says, and with that, I walk out of the room.

I sit down on the recliner and turn on the T.V, each move of mine has anger behind it, and I find myself throwing the remote at the couch when I found something to watch. Why am I so pissed off? I don't know why, I have no reason to be. He has a girlfriend, it's all good, and it's chill.

A few minutes later Austin walks into the room and sits down on the couch. I don't say anything to him; I only focus on the T.V. I'm watching some odd music video, and I really am not paying attention to it even though I'm staring at it.

Austin clears his throat, maybe trying to get my attention, but I ignore it. After a few minutes, he speaks up, "So." He says.

I turn my head to him, "Yes?" I ask, "I don't know, you're not talking." He says.

I shrug, "What's your point?" I ask.

"Well, I remember when we were little, I couldn't get you to shut up, but now, you don't say much." He says.

"Well, I grew up." I say.

"Isn't that the truth." He says, and I give him an odd look.

"So, was that your girlfriend on the phone?" I ask, it just sort of slipped out, and I kind of regret asking it.

His face turns into a smile, a cocky, evil looking smile, "Why do you care?" He asks.

"I don't. I was curious." I say.

"Fine, I won't question you. Yeah, it's my girlfriend. I met her at school last year and we've been dating since. She's coming to stay with us for two weeks." He says.

I can't help cringing and a really strange feeling boils up inside me, "Cool." I say harshly and get up and walk out of the room; like I want to see those two all over each other around here for two weeks, while I have to stay here too, gross.

I walk upstairs to Dakota's room and she's just waking up, "What's up?" She asks.

"Austin's girlfriends staying here for the next two weeks, did you hear about that?" I ask her.

She does a gagging gesture, "Gross." She says.

"That's what I thought." I reply.

"Let's go to the pool." She suggests.

I don't really want to, but I want to get out of the house, "Okay, I'll grab my bathing suit." I tell her.

When I finish getting ready, I follow her downstairs and she tells Austin where we're going, and I'm kind of glad she isn't close to Austin like when they were kids, because she most likely would have invited him to go with us. But he's probably going to be waiting around all day for his girlfriend.

I want to know why this bothers me so much, I know I don't like him; he's an idiot in my opinion. I wonder how many times he's cheated on her or something, or how many other girls he tells that they aren't a little kid anymore, and that it's different, and then answer his phone call from his girlfriend…

"Are you going to get in?" Dakota say's interrupting my day dream, well more of a thought. I sigh as I see she's in the pool already; I take off my cover dress and jump in. I stay down in the deep spot, holding my breath, looking threw the crystal clear water. I can't help to think how clear the water is, unlike my mind.