A friend requested that I write a short romantic fic about Emily Fields and Santana Lopez at 1950's dinner party. I wrote it a few months ago, but here it is!

It was more than nice to have an escape from all the terror, the panic, the paranoia. At least, Emily thought it was a nice distraction, up until /she/ walked in, simply providing a whole new problem other than the war. Usually at these dinner parties, there weren't gorgeous women standing there, gazing at her in the same manner that her ex-husband would have on Friday nights.

No, the way she was looking at her was better than that. It excited her, sent a thrill through her. Made her /want/ her. So it wasn t surprising that eventually she made her way over to the hostess, Aria Montgomery, whispering to her softly to find out what she so desperately wanted to know.

"Who is that?" Emily asked softly, nodding to the dark haired Latina, dressed in all black, the collar of her dress a starched white in color, a glass in her left hand.

Aria looked up. "That's Santana Lopez... you know, from /that/ family. I'd stay away if I were you, she's peculiar. But a good friend."

Peculiar. That was a good way of describing it. Emily thought, making her way over. Besides, anyone looking at her like that in these times... Well, she was up for a little adventure.