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Okay, this is my first Bloodlines fanfic. After reading the first chapter of The Indigo Spell I just had so many ideas, I had to write them down. This story takes place after the first chapter of The Indigo Spell. I briefly explain a little of what went down in it, but there aren't a lot of spoilers if your against that sort of thing. Just the basic gist of what happened. So, here you go. I hope you enjoy it :)

"Miss Melbourne," a voice said from behind my shoulder. I didn't turn to look at the woman speaking to me. I really didn't want to acknowledge her at all. But something told me ignoring her wasn't going to make all of this go away.

I took a deep breath, and immediately regretted it. The smell of incense assaulted me and I sort of felt like gagging. Instead, the polite, obedient girl inside of me said, "Yes, ma'am?"

Ms. Terwilliger came around the table to inspect my work. Herbs in glass jars littered the counter top and that horrible incense was burning in a small brass dish directly in front of me. Unfortunately, this particular spell called for the awful smelling smoke to be lit throughout the process, so there wasn't much I could do about it. Ms. Terwilliger eyed the silver dish full of herbs I had just finished grinding with a smug look on her face.

"Yes, that's good. Now," she spun around, looking for something. Her eyes settled on an old wooden box on one of the cluttered shelves. The first time I visited her house she'd told me that her magic room was messy but I'd be able to find everything I needed easily enough. It was true, everything was sorted, and easily identifiable, but still... The room could have used a good reorganization. Honestly, I'd rather be reorganizing all of her herbs and candles and weird witchy objects than trying to actually practice magic.

Ms. Terwilliger knew how much I hated magic, mostly because I'd let her know how I felt in no uncertain terms, but she was so adamant that I needed to learn. A few days ago she'd dragged me out of bed in the middle of the night to cast a spell. I'd been forced to agree because she said that only a virgin could cast this particular spell, and unfortunately for me, I happen to be the only virgin in Palm Springs capable of such a feat. Or so Ms. Terwilliger tells me.

The spell had gone well, unlike the last time I'd tried to cast one. I'd fainted from a sudden drop in blood sugar. But this time it had been much easier for me. I still wasn't sure to be thankful for that or not. I didn't like the idea of using magic at all, it wasn't right, but I had and I'd done it well enough that I'd managed to locate Ms. Terwiliger's sister. She was in a quaint little neighborhood in L.A., a fact that didn't exactly please Ms. Terwilliger.

Since then she's been forcing me to practice "my craft" for my own protection, she claims. And something about the look in her eyes tells me she really is concerned about my welfare, that I really do need protection. It's absolutely grueling and awful and wrong, but occasionally, I find myself enjoying the learning process. It's a puzzle, something for me to think about. And it's been a very good distraction lately.

The gang in Palm Springs hasn't been on the best footing these past couple weeks. Eddie and Angeline have been awkwardly trying to date, but it's difficult because everyone at school thinks they're cousins. They've borrowed my car a few times to try to go out away from school, but I think neither of them like being away from Jill for very long. Honestly, I don't like the idea of them being away from Jill for that long either. Not that Jill really wants either of them around, as of late, anyway.

Poor Jill. Not only is she the last Dragomir princess, forced into hiding for her own safety, but now she has to deal with the added problem of the boy she likes dating her roommate. Plus, ever since she broke up with Micah, her newly formed school friends haven't been all that friendly. She still hangs out with a few of them, but I've heard a few nasty comments around the dorm. I feel really bad about it, but there isn't much I can do, especially since Jill has been so hot and cold with me lately. Sometimes she'll be her normal self, if a little sad or moody, but then other times she acts like she hates me. It's all part of the spirit bond that formed between her and Adrian when he saved her life a few months ago, I know, but it's still hard to deal with sometimes.

Especially, because of Adrian. Sometimes, in her fits of fury, Jill will start channeling Adrian. That's when it's the hardest to deal with her, because when she starts talking about Adrian, it's impossible for me not to remember the kiss. It's hard enough for me to stop thinking about it normally, but when she starts defending him, or tells me how miserable I've made him... The guilt is almost overwhelming. So is the anger.

How dare he think he's the only one suffering! Doesn't he understand that he was the one who ruined everything? Because of him, the easy friendship we had been building the last couple of months came crashing down all around us, destroying everything in its wake. It's unfair! But then I see his green eyes flash in my direction and the guilt hits again. He avoids me as much as possible now, and when he can't he just sits silently and watches—

"Sydney!" Ms. Terwilliger said firmly, bringing me back to the present. I must have gotten lost in my thoughts. Something that's been happening more and more often lately. "Have you heard a word I've said?"

"I'm sorry, ma'am." I shook all thoughts of Adrian away for the time being, determined to concentrate on the simple oak box she'd placed before me.

She sighed, but launched into her explanation once again. "You must place the mixture into this box and trap some of the smoke in with it. Take it with you and place it in your bedroom, by your bed. It should help keep anyone from being able to sense where your staying."

"That seems simple enough," I said, lifting the silver dish to dump the herbs into the box.

"I've told you," she said. "The more prep time the less mental skill is needed. Although, you did have to concentrate while mixing the herbs, so it wasn't totally devoid of mental power."

"So, I shouldn't be completely drained after this spell?" I asked. Besides firmly believing witchcraft is wrong, the worst part of all this is how exhausted and enervated I feel afterwards. Ms. Terwilliger always supplies lots of orange juice and crackers for me and tells me to rest. I feel like all I ever do anymore is eat carbs and sugar and then pass out. I'm going to end up putting on weight if I don't get a handle on this soon. Between Ms. Terwilliger's magic boot camp and school work I barely have time to exercise as it is.

At least things have calmed down a bit on the Alchemist front. Ever since the Warriors of Light left town there haven't been anymore attacks or strange occurrences which I'm thankful for. Having to worry about my friends being decapitated every time they leave their houses can get a little taxing. Everything has seemingly gone back to normal, aside from all the infighting in our little "family", but the Alchemists don't care about things like that. In fact, they'd question why I would care about something like that.

Ms. Terwilliger took the finished box from me and examined it. "When you get back to your dorm, say the incantation over the box and place it by your bed. Don't remove it from that spot. Not even to dust it!" She gave me a look like she thought I might argue. I didn't. After everything that's happened in the past few weeks, a little dust doesn't even cause a blip on my radar. Not when the alternative is being ambushed at school by my history teacher's crazy witch sister.

"Ms. Terwilliger?" I asked hesitantly. She didn't answer my question the last few dozen times I've asked, but I had to try again. I needed to know. "What do you think your sister is doing in L.A.?"

Ms. Terwilliger took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I might have thought she was irritated that I'd asked yet again, but then she shook her head and looked toward her feet. She was wearing leather sandals, and had painted her toes a vivid cerulean blue. "I wish I knew, Sydney. I've told you, I haven't seen her in years, but I know her. She's too close to Palm Springs for it to be a coincidence. She's after something, and when she sets her mind on something she'll do anything to get it." Ms. Terwilliger looked up at me then. "Your skill is improving everyday, but it's not enough. I've shown you ways to shield yourself, and it's been helpful, but you need to learn offensive spells as well."

I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. After being attacked by Trey and the Warriors in the alley with Sonya, all I wanted was to learn how to protect myself. But now, hearing her tell me I needed to learn to fight using magic, I wanted nothing to do with it.

She must have noticed my reaction. "Sydney," she said gently, like you would to a frightened animal to keep them from darting away, "my sister, Genevieve... she'll take what she wants. And what she wants is power. It's what she's always wanted. And, my dear, you have power. If she finds you and you can't defend yourself... well. It would be best that it didn't come to that."

Why would her sister want my power? How could I have that much power that someone would want it in the first place? It didn't seem feasible to me. Ms. Terwilliger was a thousand times more powerful than me, and if her sister was even half that powerful there was no reason for her to want me. But I suspected that Ms. Terwilliger was right. Her sister would come after me if she had a chance, and I didn't want to be helpless when it happened.

Ms. Terwilliger shot me a look like she was trying to decipher what I was thinking. After a few seconds she said, "Tomorrow? Training. Bright and early."

I felt for the small gold cross around my neck. I had a bad feeling about this. The Alchemists weren't going to like this if they found out. But, it wasn't my fault I was born with some sort of strange human affinity for magic, and if I could use it to protect myself why shouldn't I?

I nodded to Ms. Terwilliger. "Okay. Tomorrow."