Okay….here goes….first fanfic since 2004….Ever realized how life suddenly springs itself on you and simple pleasures like creating stories whether it's by the written (typed) word or through painting are somehow forced to take a backseat as it seems as if the muse has deserted you? Or maybe it's because I didn't find a series that actually inspired me enough to return to the world of writing until now….Whatever the case, I hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. I'm sorry the text & paragraphs are so jumbled...I'm back on training wheels here lol, so any tips on getting better spacing are greatly appreciated!


*Chapter 1*

'Inuyasha! OUSW-Mmmpphhh!' Kagome's voice was abruptly cut off by a clawed hand being placed over her mouth.

'Don't even fucking THINK about it bitch,' a low voice hissed in her ear. The silver haired hanyou narrowed his eyes at her and continued, 'If you don't want me to gag you for the rest of the night, I want you to give me your solemn promise that when I remove my hand, you will not use that fucking command and that we can fucking talk about why it is that you've gone fucking crazy on me without you fucking 'ouswari-ing' me into the fucking ninth circle of fucking hell.'

'Eeeep!' Kagome thought. Normally Inuyasha would yell at her and rant and rave, but this reaction from him, quiet and yes, deadly, had goosebumps rising on the back of her neck. 'Maybe things have gone a little too far this time….'

*Earlier that day*

'Oi, Kagome.'

'Hi Inuyasha! What are you doing here? Weren't you supposed to be at the lake fishing with Miroku & Shippo?' Kagome looked up from her magazine and smiled at the half demon in the tree above her.

'Keh,' he scoffed. 'I could have caught twenty fish in the time they're taking to catch even one. In fact,' he grinned, 'I DID catch twenty and left them with the monk & the runt to clean for dinner.' His slight grin widened and Kagome caught her breath at how carefree and appealing he looked at that moment. Inuyasha's keen hearing picked up the slight hitch in her breathing and he frowned at her. 'Something wrong?'

Kagome felt a blush coming on and she quickly looked down at her magazine to disguise it. 'Wrong?' she laughed lightly. 'Of course not…I was just wondering if you shouldn't have stayed and helped them clean the fish, that's all.'

Inuyasha stared down at the girl's head. 'Excuse me?'

'Well, it does seem as if you're leaving them with a lot of work, Inuyasha,' she pointed out.

'And it wasn't a lot of work to catch twenty fish, Ka-go-me?' he gritted out.

'You DID say that you caught the fish a lot faster than they could, Inu-ya-sha.'

'Just because I did it faster, didn't make it any easier, y'know.'

'Whatever,' she replied. Still pretending to focus on her magazine, she heard the rustle of the leaves as he stood up, poised to spring away. She let out a silent sigh as her hanyou leapt to a neighbouring tree and disappeared into the forest.

Dropping all feigned interest in the article, she rolled over onto her back and stared up at the sky. It was getting harder and harder to keep her emotions and feelings towards the golden-eyed man in check. She was so scared of the way she felt and constantly sniped and snapped at him in order to keep him at a safe distance from her.

'What am I going to do?' she wondered. 'How much longer can I take this torture for?'

She sighed and blinked back the tears burning in her eyes. Getting to her feet, she began gathering her belongings and stuffing them into her backpack. 'I need some time alone,' she whispered almost inaudibly. 'I think I should go back home for a while…nothing's ever going to change between him & i. Plus I have that huge Geometry exam next week and I haven't even begun studying for it across here because I don't even have all of the notes I need.' Deep down she knew that she was only using the test as an excuse for running away, that she would gladly miss a thousand tests to see Inuyasha look at her with even half of the love she felt for him, but she wasn't ready to admit the truth as yet…not even to herself.

Rummaging through the contents of her bag, she pulled out a notebook, pen and tape. She didn't want to take the chance of Inuyasha coming back while she was waiting for Miroku, Shippo, Sango or Kirara to return, but she also didn't want them to come back and worry when they found a deserted campsite. Quickly, she scribbled a note and stuck it to the tree she was standing under.

'Guys, I'm returning home for a bit. I have some important exams coming up and I can't study for them properly in this era since I need to get help from one of my friends due to the number of classes I've been missing. See you all soon, Kagome.'

After ensuring that she left enough snacks and other supplies to last for a few days, Kagome ran through the forest with a speed that would have made even Inuyasha blink twice, not pausing until she arrived at the Bone Eater's Well. She quickly hopped over the edge and plunged into the waiting darkness.

*Present time*

'It's eleven thirty already? I completely lost track of time!' Kagome exclaimed as she caught sight of the kitchen clock. She cast a guilty look at the tall brown haired boy sitting on the chair to her left. 'I'm so sorry Hojo. I've completely monopolized your Saturday night…and on something as gross as Geometry to make matters worse. If it's any consolation though, I think I'm pretty much sure that I've grasped everything that you've shown me. You're a very good teacher!'

Hojo straightened and stretched slightly. 'Think nothing of it. Higurashi. I'm more than happy to help you out. I know how important these exams are and you have been missing a lot of classes due to your illnesses. Besides,' his voice softened as he turned to face her fully, 'I'm sure that by now you know how I feel about you.'

Kagome's eyes widened. At that moment, she was suddenly reminded that when she had arrived home, she had found a note on the kitchen table letting her know that her entire family, including the cat Buyo, was out of town until the following weekend. Back then, she had grasped at the opportunity to have uninterrupted study time, but when she called her friends to get the missing notes, she was informed by their mothers that they were all spending the weekend at the beach. At wits end, she was frantically searching through her cell phone contacts, when she came across Hojo's name. Grasping at straws, she dialed his number and explained the situation to him. Without hesitation, he offered to come over and help her and she had gratefully accepted. He had arrived at two o'clock in the afternoon and they worked non-stop, only pausing to eat a quick dinner that Kagome had fixed.

'Uh-oh,' she thought, struck speechless by his comment.

Hojo took her silence to mean consent and he smiled as he placed a finger under her chin and tilted her face upwards. 'You said I was a good teacher, just now didn't you? Let's see if you can learn something else from me…..' His lips began descending slowly, giving Kagome sufficient time to stop him if she wanted to.

Kagome stared at him as his mouth came closer and closer to hers. She had been kissed only once before and that was by Inuyasha. That kiss in Kaguya's palace ran through her mind as if on fast forward, rough at first, the fangs of Inuyasha's youkai form cutting into her bottom lip, but as he reverted to his hanyou form, the kiss had gentled and the feeling of him reciprocating had been one of the most wonderful moments of her life. Too soon the kiss had ended…and later on, he had spoiled the entire experience by claiming that he didn't want to kiss her and that she was the one who had forced herself on him.

'Why am I thinking of Inuyasha at a time like this?' Kagome berated herself. 'It's not as if he cares about me anyway. In fact, right now, he's most likely running off to meet Kikyou somewhere. I need to begin thinking of KAGOME now and stop living my life as someone's substitute for the person who they really love.'

With that thought, Kagome finally closed her eyes as Hojo's lips covered her own.