Okay, first day at work, don't screw it up. I reminded myself as the elevator dinged and the doors opened. I walked into the office, narrowly avoiding a collision with a mail cart and headed in the direction of Lisbon's office. She was my boss now.

I knocked on her door, waiting for permission to enter.

"Come in!" She called. Obliging, I opened the door and stepped inside, smiling at the dark haired woman behind the desk. "You must be Walker."

"That's me, just checking in."

"Okay, so I just want to warn you now, we have a very peculiar-"

"Lisbon I… Oh." Someone interrupted, with a silky voice. My head whipped around at the interruption.

"Jane, this is our new agent; Katherine Walker." Lisbon introduced with a sigh. I extended my hand to him, offering a friendly smile. "Walker this is our consultant, Patrick Jane."

"Call me Kat." I said as he took my offered hand and returned the smile.

"See Lisbon, you don't have to be as frosty as an ice cube to be professional." Jane stated as he let go of my hand. Once again Lisbon sighed.

"Jane, she's not working right now, do you honestly think she'd be all smiley and happy during interrogation?" She asked him tiredly. I stifled my grin, deciding not to point out how exactly I interrogated.

"She seems like the type to talk people around, not use threats." Jane replied, glancing at me as he spoke. I wasn't really paying attention to their conversation anymore though, since I had caught sight of the name Red John on her desk. That name filled me with dread.

"Walker! Walker are you alright?" I heard Lisbon's voice asked, the concern evident, but I was still looking at the file, at the name at the top.

"Lisbon… Close the Red John file." Jane ordered quietly. As she closed the file, hiding the document from sight I forced my eyes closed, ridding the wash of different emotions from my system. Not once had I acted like that before, maybe it was because of the small snippet of information that I had also seen on the page. This time it was a woman in her mid-30's, she was a mother.

"Walker, did you know her?" Lisbon asked gently. Finally opening my eyes I gave her a reassuring smile.

"Nope, I just really don't like Red John."

She gave me a look but nodded. "Since you're here Jane, you can show her around the place, just don't take her anywhere." Lisbon changed the subject, motioning to the door. Jane nodded and led the way out of the door. I followed him, listening as he talked, informing me about the need-to-know stuff.

"You'll meet the team later, we're working on a case at the moment so-"

"The team is scattered." I finished, sitting down on a couch, joined by Jane.

"So, how come you reacted like that to the Red John file?" Jane asked, breaking the comfortable silence. I shrugged, not wanting to look like a fool on the first day. When Jane realised that he wasn't getting anywhere with the subject he gave up, moving onto the next question.

"Where're you from?"

"How'd you know I'm not from America?" I asked him, now intrigued.

"You have a twang to your accent, mixing your American one; I can't quite place it though, because it's mixed." Jane explained with a knowing smile.

"That's pretty cool, and I'm from Dublin, we moved when I was 14."

"Ireland? That doesn't surprise me, what with your roguish clothes." Jane commented, the knowing smile still apparent.

"Dress pants are uncomfortable; I don't know why I don't like them." I shot back with a roll of my eyes. Still the knowing smirk was there. I was wearing black cargo pants.

"Jane, who's this?" A well-built guy asked, walking towards us, followed by a girl with coppery hair and a smaller guy.

"This is Kat." Was all Jane supplied.

"Katherine Walker, I'm guessing you're the rest of the team?" I said.

"Yeah, I'm Rigsby, this is Van Pelt and Cho." The first guy spoke, still looking confused.

"So you're the new girl?" Cho asked. With a grin I stood up and shook their hands before turning and nodding at Jane.

"If you wanna know anything about me ask him; since he seems to already have me figured out."

They laughed at my statement but we quieted down when Lisbon walked in.

"Any new leads?" She asked.

"Yeah, we have a suspect, the victim had a boyfriend and we have his address." Cho said.

"Right then, let's go." Lisbon said, leading the way out the door. I followed behind her and Cho, beside Rigsby.

"So where did you transfer from?"

"I wasn't transferred, I left to come back to CBI, but it was from NCIS." I replied as we all got into the elevator. I swallowed down the coils that were sneaking up on me, slowly wrapping themselves around my lungs, constricting my breathing and enlarging the fear that was also enclosing my heart. Sometimes this happened, not so much when I was on my own in the elevator, when I had room to move and feel the walls to assure myself that it wouldn't shrink on me.

Something light brushed my hand, a feathery touch and I glanced beside me to see Jane staring at me with an intense gaze. I didn't shift under his stare, fighting against the uncomfortable coiling inside me.

"Take deep breaths, relax, you made it up here, you can make it back down." He whispered soothingly, his voice so low I could barely hear it, meaning the others wouldn't; especially since they were talking.

The lift dinged and I couldn't get out fast enough, taking a deep breath as we headed for the SUVs. Jane and Lisbon headed to one, while I was about to go with the other three Lisbon called me over.

"Walker! You're riding with us!" She called to me, so I made my way over, sliding into the back seat. I watched as we drove through the town until we reached an apartment building. We made our way up to the third floor and knocked on a door. I stepped back while Lisbon did the talking. Then the sound of a loud clatter and heavy feet running away from the door reached my ears.

In a split second I knew he was running, going out the window, probably along the fire escape and down to the ground. So in less time that it took me to figure out what he was doing I was off back the way we came, sprinting down the stairs.

If he was fast he might make it to the ground a few seconds after I got out of the building, but from what I heard of his feet, I might have at least 40 seconds. About a minute later I was sprinting out of the building, drawing my gun as I ran, my thighs burning from the downwards motion I just put an abrupt stop to.

Just as I got to the ground I heard a cry of terror from above, and looked up to see a man, who I assumed to be the one that I had sprinted down three flights of stairs for, hanging by his hands from a fire escape, dangling on the second floor. Figures.

A few seconds later Jane and Lisbon appeared out a window, the one I assumed to be the same one used for this man's escape. Sorry, attempt of escape. When Jane caught sight of me he grinned down at me, waving slightly. I just rolled my eyes and turned my attention to Lisbon.

"Who's getting him?" I asked. A few minutes late Cho appeared by my side, looking up at the guy. Lisbon smirk at me, making me sigh at the realisation of what she meant.

"Would you give me a leg-up?" I asked Cho as we walked over to the fire escaped that was about a metre and a half above the ground. Did I mention that I sucked at climbing? He nodded and hoisted me up, not moving until my both my feet were firmly planted on the rungs.

With care I made my way up the ladder until I reached the man who was still dangling by his hands, now panicking. Making sure I had a secure footing I extended my hand to him. The man whimpered, his knuckles white.

"It's alright, I promise you I won't let you fall." I reassured him in my best attempt at sounding soothing, but I wasn't even sure how I'd pull him up. Eventually he came around and his hand went from the bar to my hand in the blink of an eye. The sudden extra weight almost made me topple over, but I stayed sure-footed.

"That's it, now I need you to swing your legs, and wrap them around the bar." I instructed calmly.

Slowly he began to move, straining my wrist painfully, but I hid this because I knew he would stop, start to panic again, and we'd both be done for. As soon as I hauled him up and he got his footing I let his hand go. Then he did the last thing I expected him to. He shoved me, hard.

With a surprised yelp I was sent spiralling to the ground. Closing my eyes in anticipation I waited for the impact, but none came. Instead I hit someone, the full force of my fall broken by this person, who I could only assume was Cho. We both tumbled to the ground from the force. Slowly we both sat up and I stood up first, shoving away the slight disorientation and offered my hand to Cho, which he accepted.

"Thanks." I muttered, just as the guy that pushed me got to the ground, and began to run. I sighed and took off after him, catching up before we even to the intersection. Tackling him to the ground and handcuffing him I pushed my knee into his back.

"You know it's not nice to push the person who just saved you off a ladder you know." I comment dryly.

"Yeah, about that, it was an accident." The guy replied somewhat sheepishly.

"No it wasn't, you had every intention of pushing her off as soon as she offered you her hand." Jane objected from behind us. My knee was pushed further into his back.

Cho came and hauled the man off the ground and I walked with Jane back to the SUV.

"I honestly thought I was a goner." I admitted as we walked.

"I didn't, I knew Cho would catch you, or at least try to." Jane replied confidently.

"You seem sure of yourself."

"I know Cho; therefore I know what he does in that kind of situation."

"Are you alright Walker?" Lisbon asked at the truck. I nodded in response, climbing into the back again.