This is a short drabble/ possibly the beginning of something (not sure yet) of Shun/Hades. Please let me know what you think.
This just hit me the other day so I had to write it down.
I don't own Saint Seiya in anyway.

'Something amiss.'

Sitting on the window sill Shun looked out across the manor's expansive garden, or perhaps private forrest would be a better desciption. With all the dark omens hanging in the air lately he half expected, half hoped Seiya would come charging out of the woods with a small hoarde of enemies on his tail.

Shun had never gave anyone the impression that he liked or enjoyed violence in any form, he would rather not partake in such things yet fate had decided otherwise. However he would acknowledge that sparring with another saint, someone strong he still did not want to hurt anyone, or a full on fight would help allieviate the wretched tension in his body.

There was definately something amiss. Not exactly wrong, but he was unable to tell whether it is good or bad because this something was so ellusive he could not pin it down. Shaka had told him even without the Virgo Cloth, Virgo Saints were always close to the Gods. Whether they chose to be or not.

The young greenet did feel distinctly watched and with a very over-protective brother he was used to it. These unseen eyes were different, calmer, older, he could feel that they watched him as intensely as Ikki but for completely different reasons.

'Damn it all!' He thought frowning as the so far unidentifiable presence crept a little closer. 'Why can't my Andromeda chains help me divine who this is?'

Now he thought about it there was only one presence the Andromeda Chains could not fully grasp.


A soft chuckle caressed his ear as the Lord of the Underworld fully materialised behind him. "Of all mortals you are my favourite for a reason."

Shun jumped out of habit more than fear and in doing so Hades took the opportunity to capture the boy in his arms pulling the greenet fast against his broad chest. Catching Shun's chin he tilted his face so he could look into the eyes he had wanted to see since the end of the last Holy War.

"I have missed you Shun."

The truth be told Shun had missed the constant presence of the God since their separation but had forced that to the very back of his mind. "I-I... you shouldn't... If Athene or Zeus finds you here... What do you want?"


"Wha" Shun's question was cut off by Hades' warm lips pressing gently against his own growing more insistent with each passing second.

Having never denied, in his heart at least, that he is attracted to Hades but he had always rationalised that it must be the link that allowed Hades to take over his body. He assumed it made it easier for the possession spell if the vessel liked the God. At the same time it was never enough, he wanted to be closer and never could duty for any Saint overrode all else.

Now it would seem that he was alone in this strange state of being and as the backs of his knees found the edge of his bed Shun was completly convinced that Hades, feared and revered Lord of the Underworld felt the same way.