A Sweet Vampire

By: Dazzy Dizzie

Disclaimer: Joker/Clover/Heart no Kuni noAlice

Summary: Alice Liddell is now a vampire. A very strong, powerful vampire who comes from a bloodline of Noble vampires. Yup, she's one powerful vampire friend to have! When she falls into the Rabbit Hole leading her into a Dream World other wise known as Wonderland, and meets up with her Role Holder friends. It is unknown to them that another Role Holder, the last Role Holder is lurking around the corner. What unfortunate events will happen to Wonderland this time?

* . * . *

- Human Alice Fell Into a Rabbit Hole; Vampire Alice Was Pushed Into One -

* . * . *



It's been two hundred years since Alice's memories returned and was able to leave Wonderland. It's been two hundred years since she's last been there. And after two hundred years, her memories of Wonderland have slowly evanesced.

It's a sad thought, really.

And if you think that this is a story about Alice's descendants, or a reincarnation of the girl, think again. It's also been two hundred and three years since Alice was turned into a vampire … like the rest of her family.

Yet in Wonderland, it's only been two long years.

Surprisingly the residents, especially the role holders took her departure rather well. No one would have thought that they would be acting as if she wasn't there to begin with.

Well, they didn't, actually.

She came up in their conversations, thoughts, and of course memories. They would laugh while swapping stories, and tease the girl even though she wasn't there.

Even Peter was taking it well. He would often blush and smile at the thought of his Alice and sometimes he even giggled like a school girl - and then he'd shoot anyone who witnessed that.

But Wonderland's game was still going. And there was one role holder that hasn't made his/her presence known. Not yet, anyways.


Alice Liddell remembered the day she was turned into a vampire like it was yesterday.

It was her eighteenth birthday, a special day to her. A day that was supposed to be filled with laughter and cheer. A day that was suppose to celebrate her becoming a young woman.

Instead, it was day for her to become a vampire.


"Miss Liddell," a maid who often made small talk with Alice bowed to her. "Your father would like to see in his office."

A small smile graced Alice's lips.

Her father wanted to see her? It shouldn't have surprised her, but it did. After all, it is her eighteenth birthday. Surely he couldn't forget about that.

As Alice made her way to her father's study, all the servants bowed to her and wished her a Happy Birthday as she passed by them. She would murmur her thanks and send smiles their way; grateful for having such caring servants.

She knocked on her father's door twice before his deep voice commanded her to come inside.

"I have been told that you wanted to see me, Father." Alice said once she was inside the room.

She saw her father standing in front of the floor to ceiling windows, his arms behind him. She only saw his back.

"Yes, that is true." her father said, his voice serious.

Alice has never heard her father's voice lighten up ever since her mother died. He took his work more seriously and informed everyone that he is to not be disturbed at unless there was an emergency, like someone dying. That was the example he had used.

"What do you want to talk to me about?" Alice asked tentatively. She was afraid of saying the wrong words, cutting the conversation short. This was the first conversation they have had for years.

Her father was silent. She felt her heart beating against her chest and swore that everyone in the mansion could hear it. After an awkward silence - or at least that's how it felt to Alice - her father finally spoke.

"It is your eighteenth birthday, yes?"

Alice beamed.

So her father did remember! That was good sign, right?

"Yes, yes it is." Alice said happily.

But this time when her father spoke, there was a strain to his voice. It had confused Alice at the time, but years after she knew better.

"I don't want to ask you a question leading up to the subject I'm about to approach you with, so I'll just come right out a say it." Her father sighed. His next choice of words was what kept Alice on edge. It had changed her life for good. Is it for better or worse? Alicedidn't know. And she still does not know even to this day.

It was those four little words that had not only changed Alice's life, but herself in general.

"You are a Vampire."


At the time she thought that her father was joking.

A little fib really to get a good laugh, a chuckle, even a smile, really. But when her father didn't laugh with her, she knew that something was up.

Alice sighed and leaned back, her back was pressed against the damp, long grass. Her blue-green eyes were watching the fluffy cottony clouds slowly moving across the vast blue sky. Her arms were behind her head as a make shift pillow.

"This is rather boring," Alice muttered to herself.

She has been out in the big, spacious garden for nearly two hours; and it was barely turning twelve.

"Yes, boring indeed." Alice continued to talk to herself.

What else was there to do? You would think being a vampire would be much more fun; except it wasn't. After the first fifty years of training Alice recieved a daily schedule, with nothing remotely close as fun or exciting to do.

Yup, Alice was right. She lived a boring vampire life.

Maybe, I'll just doze off for a minute, Alice thought. It's got to be better than doing this.

Her eyes fluttered close and she switched her position so she was now lying down on her side - much like she did two hundred and three years ago when she was merely a fifteen year old girl.

Alice yawned.

Such a boring life, she thought. Such a boring schedule. Such a boring - what was that?

Alice opened her eyes and slowly sat up. She had heard something with her vampire ears. Something was rustling in the plants nearby. What was it?

"Hello?" Alice called out.

No answer.

Hmm, must have been my imagination.

Then again, the rustling sound appeared. This time it was louder, and at the corner of her eye, she saw movement in the flower bed.

"Who is it?"Alice asked as she stood up and walked over to the flower bed; her voice was filled with venom. If it was an enemy, she had to be vicious. A predator, not a pray. "Who's out there? I'm warning you, I - oh."

Oh,' was right.

It was only a squirrel.

Silly me, she thought with a smile.

Alice turned her heels and stumbled backwards. Her thin eyebrows furrowed together in confusion.

Why was there a crater in the middle of her garden?

"Um …" Alice trailed off. "What is this?"

She knew what it was, and she knew that there was no one else in the garden to talk to her.

Alice bended forward, her arms behind her, and she peered into the giant, deep hole. It looked dark in there, and she began to wonder when it had appeared. It was possible that there might have been an underground hole and that the ground above it had collapsed, but she hadn't heard anything and the ground always felt hard and sturdy.

She would certainly have a talk with the gardener about this.

"What the hell?" Alice muttered under her breath.

Again, she heard the rustling sound coming from behind her. But she didn't bother turning around. She dismissed the sound as the squirrel, until she heard a thumping sound coming from behind her.

Squirrels don't make thumping sounds, do they?

Alice straightened her back and was about to turn her heels when she felt something or someone give her back a shove.

"Wh - whoa!"

Alice stuck out her arms at her sides but she was already losing her balance, and within a matter of seconds, she fell into the hole.

I'm going to kick 'whoever pushed me into this hole' ass! Alice thought bitterly as she fell deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.


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