The MC plays Spike Brothers only because they're the cards I'm most familiar with. The story is written in first person only because it's easiest to write a genderless main character that way.

...I have a penchant for writing unlikeable characters.

The field was set up in my favor, with the Vanguard occupied by one of my favorite cards, General Seifried. Behind him, Dudley Dan was prepared to boost. To his left, Wonder Boy had been moved to the back row in favor of an MVP Black Panther. To the right sat Juggernaut Maximum, all on his lonesome.

But not for long.

"I'll use Juggernaut Maximum's ability and attack!"

I removed a card from the Soul and placed it on top of the Drop Zone, informing my opponent of my card's new +5000 power bonus, despite not having a Rear Guard to boost it. The attack went through, since apparently the poor loser hadn't had anything in his hand to Guard with since turn one, and he let out an exaggerated cry of dismay.

There was no point in resting Juggernaut Maximum at this point, since his ability sent him straight back to my deck anyway. I shuffled even as I called my next attack, though I had to pause for a moment to put the units to Rest properly.

"Boosted by Wonder Boy, Treasured Black Panther attacks for 18,000!"

There was another exaggerated grunt as the dark-haired boy opposite me let another card flop down into the Damage Zone. He was up to five damage already, and it was proving to be a very short and unexciting battle.

I sighed a little bit; I had been hoping the level of the players in this city was a little bit higher. I hadn't even had a chance to pull off a combo, but it was time to put the final nail in this guy's coffin and boost General Seifried for the last attack.

"As long as General Seifried is boosted by a Spike Brothers when he attacks, he gets an additional +3,000 power," I announced, checking the card quickly beforehand to make sure that was right. "Combined with his own power, and Dudley Dan's, he's up to 17,000 already."

More, if I could get a Drive Trigger. Even though it wasn't necessary, I wanted to see one.

Since I knew the guy across from me couldn't block the attack, and was too busy over-reacting to even thinking about Guarding, I went ahead and drew my Drive Triggers. Two, because my Vanguard was a Grade 3.

"I give all effects to General Seifried!" I declared loudly.

That cut him off for a moment, long enough to stare in disbelief at the cards I was showing to him. Highspeed Brakki was useless in this situation, but the first card I had drawn was a Silence Joker, a Grade 0 with a Critical Trigger that would let me finish the battle with seven damage instead of six.

I wasn't really paying attention as he screamed something about luck while checking for Damage Triggers, because I already knew the outcome of the battle.

Seven damage, not six. Not bad at all.

I didn't really listen to anything he said after the match either, just calmly collected my cards, because even though it was still early, if I could defeat anyone who claimed to be the shop's strongest player that easily, the rest certainly weren't worth my time. There weren't a lot of people around anyway.

Only splitting this up into two parts to attempt making reading more bearable. Part two is a little over four times longer than this one though, so it's not like this helps much.