Episode 6.1 – Mistakes

You all know the disclaimer by now – I don't own the show or the rights to the show, but this is still my creation. All of the original characters are owned by Channel Nine, but any new original characters are mine. This is Episode One, and continues on from the end of Season Five.

Chapter One-

"What do you mean 'we're being called back'?" Asked Lieutenant Kate McGregor as she stood in Commander Maxine White's office.

"I mean that your entire crew is being reactivated, and you're being put on active duty. The Samaru Islands are back in political turmoil again, and we need you to patrol the waters. We've had a lot of refugee boats come out of there." Kate nodded.

"Do we have a CO?" She asked. Maxine stood up, and nodded her head.


Lieutenant Nikki Caetano stood on the dock, next to the HMAS Hammersley. She'd been gone for a few years; had taken leave the year Josh had died, instead pursing her own interests. She'd missed the time being with her fellow shipmates, and now she was going to have the chance to return to her beloved ship. She saw Kate marching along the dock, and saluted her as she was in range.

"XO. It's been a while," she said, smiling.

"It's not XO anymore Nav. Boss isn't coming back; he's still stationed on the HMAS Melbourne with Spider, so NAVCOM gave me a promotion. I hear you've got some news as well," said Kate, smiling back at Nikki. She nodded.

"I've been promoted to XO. There were concerns voiced by Commander Kellar in regards to two female personnel being in charge of the Hammersley, but Commander White persuaded him that we would return the ship in the best condition." Kate laughed as she walked up the gang plank.

"And here's two lovely ladies I haven't seen in a while," commented a voice. Kate recognised it instantly.

"Buffer. It's good to see you again!" She exclaimed. He saluted her.

"It's been a while ma'am. Permission to come aboard?" She laughed; he was already standing on the boat.

"Granted. Who else is back?" Asked Kate.

"RO is still here, as always. Petty Officer Dylan Mulholland has transferred to the HMAS Kingston. Bomber's back as Chief Medic, and you won't believe whose back in the galley," commented Peter Tomaszewski. Kate looked at him.

"Don't look at me like that Boss. Go and see," said Buffer. Kate grinned at him and headed down the stairs; she could smell something familiar cooking in the galley, something she thought she recognised. She stopped in front of the galley, and the individual inside stepped forward and saluted.

"Ma'am, it's good to be back on the Hammersley," said Toby Jones.

"Chefo?" Chefo's face lit up.

"Indeed. Heard you've all missed my cooking," he commented, returning to the meal he was preparing.

"Well, Bomber and Bird were good, but you always topped my list," replied Kate.

"Thanks CO." Kate continued down the corridor until she hit the door of her new room; CO Cabin. She remembered nights of knocking on Mike's door when he was here, and she somehow found herself wishing that he was her CO again. She scolded herself for thinking such a thing as she realised their current relationship couldn't be so public if he was her CO. Nikki was just down the corridor from her.

"It feels… weird, doesn't it," said Nikki, staring at her door.

"I know. You're the XO, yet I've always known you as Nav. Do you know who's replacing you?" Asked Kate.

"Apparently Commander White's son Ryan has been posted here, and he's quite good with the navigation systems. I'll see how he goes. Did we find out who's replacing Charge?" She asked.

"No-one's going to replace Charge except Charge," replied a gruff voice.

"Charge!" He embraced Nikki lightly.

"Congratulations to your promotions. Who's the new divisional officer? I'm supposed to report into them," said Charge.

"That would be me," answered Leo Korsav-Meyer.

"No way is 2Dads my divisional officer!" Exclaimed Charge. 2Dads nodded.

"XO isn't going to be doing it, and Ryan's barely capable of one job, let alone two, so I've been given the position as well as electrical technician." 2Dads grinned like an idiot, and Charge smacked him around the back of the head.

"Quit your smiling. I've got engines to check," said Charge, disappearing.

"And we've got to leave port if we have a hope of making Samaru," replied Kate.

"After you CO," said Nikki, trailing Kate up the stairs. They entered the bridge where Bomber was sitting, and she turned to see Kate smiling at her.

"Commander has the ship," she called. Kate sat in the chair; her first command post, and she was on her beloved Hammersley.

"Right. Ryan, set us on a course to Samaru," said Nikki.

"Aye ma'am." He gave the orders to the rest of the crew, and they found themselves leaving port. RO burst onto the bridge.

"Ma'am, I'm so sorry, I appear to have overslept," he said breathlessly, sitting at his station. Charge shook his head, and continued looking at his console.

"It's okay RO. Don't let it happen again though," said Kate sternly.

"Yes ma'am." He wiped his forehead, the sweat beading there. He'd run from his quarters after he realised how much he'd overslept by. It was quiet for an hour, people catching up, monitoring systems, watching as the sun set. Then the dreaded call.

"Mayday, mayday, mayday! This is the Silent Star calling for any assistance, I repeat, this is the Silent Star calling for any assistance." Nikki grabbed the radio.

"Silent Star this is the Hammersley. What is the nature of your emergency?" Asked Nikki.

"We've got a leak, and we're taking on water. Our pumps can't keep up with it. Please, we need your help!" Radioed the individual. Nikki glanced at Charge, and he nodded.

"Sir, we need your co-ordinates."