Did you ever wish you could take back something that you did in your past?
If it wasn't for me I know what we had was definitely gonna last.
I admit that we say some things we don't mean when we're mad.
But I realized that I've been foolish, I never should have turned my back.

Cuz it's a cold world when you're out there all alone.
So many times that I wanted to just pick up the phone.
And tell you ooh baby, baby I missed your lovin' so.
I ain't holding back no more, your girl is coming home.

(Whitney and Akon)


I couldn't stand another moment without kissing him. He stood before me, apologizing for everything I'd done wrong. The feelings I'd labeled as puppy love in an effort to put Edward in my past came whirling back. Stronger than I'd remembered.

His arms circled my waist, crossing over each other and pulling me closer. He stepped forward a few steps, before my back was met with the cool brick wall. I didn't think about anyone passing by, what we must look like or how detrimental this kiss could be to my head. I thought with my body; my skin. It craved him.

His lips were soft, yet demanding. We both needed this. Each other.

One hand left my back and trailed down my leg before lifting just above the knee. I complied and let him pull it up until a very sensitive part of me was exposed to him. Even through my jeans, I could feel how aroused he was. Especially when he put his body flush against mine and bucked his hips, earning a gasp from me.

The fog was overtaking my head, though a small voice was speaking up in the midst of it. The voice was screaming at me to stop, take a breath and talk to him before I let him have me in the streets of Seattle.

Thankfully, I didn't need to give in to that voice. The loud noise of a throat clearing, however, cleared the fog for the both of us.

Jake stood, arms crossed with a smirk on his face.

"Just wanted to say bye, I gotta jet..." Jake said, still grinning and looking back and forth between Edward and I. I could tell without a mirror that my eyes probably still had tear streaks while my lips were full and my cheeks flushed. Edward was standing behind me, surely hiding the tent he'd built in his denim.

"Yeah, sure." I gave him a quick hug. "See you later, Jake."

"You know, when I get home to my wife, she's going to be expecting a call from you. Probably soon," he said with a wink then turned to leave.

"Nice to meet you!" He said over his shoulder to Edward, then disappeared around the corner.

I took my time turning to face Edward. I was terrified that Jake was the perverbial bucket of water, and that he'd come to his senses and bail.

"Friend?" He asked once we made eye contact again. I nodded. I knew what he was really asking.

"His wife is one of my closest friends here. She's pregnant now, or else she would have been giving me a run for my money on the table."

He nodded, visibly relieved.

I checked my phone for the time and noticed it was hours before the bar would close.

"Edward, would you come with me?"


"To a friends, she's working late and I want to go somewhere and talk."

He agreed.

The walk was short, but heavy with tension and questions that loomed between us. I chewed on my lip and kept my pace fast. I felt that once we were inside, it would be easier. The closer we got, the more I doubted the fleeting thought.

No matter where we went, even if we seperated now and never saw each other again, my heart and mind would still be weighed down with the conversation that needed to happen between us.

Alice lived in a small, but nice apartment downtown. I unlocked the door and let Edward in before I followed.

"Nice," he said after taking a moment to look around the living room.

"Not mine," I replied and locked the door again behind us. "If I have a few drinks, I usually stay here instead of driving home. I live a few miles out. This is Alice's place, the bartender?" He nodded. "Something to drink?" I asked, already halfway to the kitchen. My fleeting thought earlier was gone entirely now. Being in private with him was much harder than on the still busy streets of the city.

"Sure," he replied, following me into the kitchen.

I grabbed two bottles of water from Alice's fridge and turned to hand him one. My hands shook when he took the water from me, a small detail not unnoticed by him.

"Bella..." he started, but I shook my head to stop him.

"Let me?" I asked.

He agreed and motioned for me to go ahead.

"Edward, I fucked up. Monumentally, completely, utterly fucked up." I spoke fast, not giving him the oppurtunity to speak between my breaths. "I left you behind with some stupid notion that I didn't need you in my life. I was so determined to not be like my mother. Not that there's anything wrong with her, but the hometown life with the picket fences wasn't what I wanted."

He tried to speak, but I stopped him. I knew what he wanted to say. "I know, you didn't want that either...I just, God I don't know!" I slammed my water on the counter and brought my hands to my face. I could feel the heat from my cheeks on my hands from the few beers I'd had earlier burning through my system.

"Bella, please stop," Edward half whispered, and grasped both of my wrists and gently brought my hands down.

"The only thing I care about is how long it took us to get back here. This is a sign, don't you see?"

He brought my palm up and kissed it softly.

"Bella, are you seeing anyone?" I laughed and shook my head. "Good," he responded, and this time he was the one to initiate the kiss. Our bodies demanded each other, and we were both done with denying them.

I pulled away from the kiss for a moment, long enough to ask him to follow me into the spare bedroom, or, as Alice had nicknamed it, Bella's drunk tank.

He held my hand tight while I navigated us there, and when I shut and locked the door behind us, we attacked. I peeled his shirt from him, and peppered kissed down his throat, across his collarbone, then down the center of his chest.

"Bella...fuck." He brought a quick breath in with his teeth when I reached his jeans. I ran a finger just underneath the seam, then paused at the snap to undo it.

The fog was back, and the little voice was silent in need. Every part of me wanted him, and I had no plans on stopping now. The conversation be damned; I was sorry, he was sorry, we were doing this right now. Whatever came afterwards, we'd deal with it then.

I grasped his pants in both hands at his hips and shimmied them down. His black boxer briefs were strained in arousal. When I got his pants down to his knees, I couldn't help but lean forward and graze my mouth over his covered cock. He tensed and leaned forward to grab my arms and pull me up to his level.

He stepped out of his shoes and pants, while I ridded myself of my own clothes.

There was a moment, when we both stood in our underwear, eyes wide, skin hot and flushed and breathing erratic, when our eyes met. Without words, we knew what this meant. We were saying what we wanted to hours before but didn't have the courage, or the words.

I nodded slightly. He mirrored my gesture and smiled wide. I knew we'd both come to the same conclusion.

Our time was now.

I stepped back against the bed, and sat on the edge. He stepped forward, but not too close. I reached behind my back and undid my bra, letting it fall free and releasing me. His eyes raked over me, and he groaned from deep in his chest.

I laid back, keeping myself only barely propped up on my bent elbows. He reached forward and pulled my panties off, then stood and removed his own underwear.

He had always been a little larger than average, something I never forgot when I dated other men after him. But seeing him again, ten years after, I had a whole new appreciation for him. His body was toned and cut, every ounce of the tiny amount of baby fat from his teen years was long gone.

He came to me, gently laying on top of me. His legs between mine, and held his weight on an elbow.

"I loved you so damn much Bella. You've never left my mind," he whispered when he dipped down and brushed his lips against my ear. Then, in one quick movement, he was inside of me.

My body acclimated quickly, and I couldn't help but cling to him. His mouth moved from my ear to my neck and found purchase there, rocking into me while he nibbled and sucked on my sensitive flesh.

I ran my hands up and down his back, feeling the movement of muscles with every thrust. I used my nails to trace the contours of him, and wrapped one leg around his waist to slow him down. I had no wishes for this night to end any time soon.

He put an arm around my waist and shifted us, flipping over so I was on top, now in charge of our pace.

His eyes closed and his head tipped back into the pillow. I laid on top of him, so our skin was touching in every possible place, then slowly rocked back and forth.

"I loved you too Edward," I whispered back to him. The past tense bothered neither of us. Because in order for it to be in present tense, we needed to label what we had back then.
I leaned forward, pressing my torso flush against his. My arms went up, above his shoulders, and met behind his head, grabbing a handful of hair to anchor myself. With my knees bent on either side of him, I was able to set a pace that hit every sensitive spot inside of me.

His hands gripped my waist, guiding my motions, bringing me to the edge.

I came clutching him, holding myself against his chest. With a few jerks of my waist, he found his own release.

Neither of us moved. Our skin was slick with sweat, our bodies fit together like the last two pieces of a puzzle that had been lost.

"I'm not letting you go this time, Bella." He spoke finally, and ran a hand up my back.

"I have no intentions of running," I whispered before rolling to his side, finding my perfect nook to snuggle into, and falling asleep.

The End

(For Now)

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